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they call it the Eternal City and they’re rising. Everywhere we turn, there’s a fountain, a church, or a square to gaze on. it is indeed as beautiful as you imagined. it the biggest and most picturesque image of Rome.

the fighting they would begin around noon with women fighting midgets and then primetime event would be the gladiators fight and the Emperor watch from over there.   this is Fontana di Trevi probably the most iconic place in Rome and it took about 30 years to complete.   every person who comes here rocks a coin. it’s about 80,000 euros in every month and the big winner is the Red Cross.

one cannot come to Rome and miss ground-zero Catholicism Vatican City.   with six million visitors a year, this is the sixth most visited Museum in the world. the Vatican museums are filled with artwork from all the ages of humankind, from ancient Greek statues to contemporary art with a Sistine Chapel being the superstar of the museum. catholic tradition says that st. peter’s basilica is the burial site of st. peter, one of the Christ’s disciples and the first pope. st. Peter’s tomb is supposed to be right under the other.

one of the most beautiful Renaissance sculptures Michelangelo’s pietà is housed here. Michelangelo carved it when he was only 23 years old. it is the only scheduled Michelangelo ever signed carving his name on.  we are on top of some vintage church in Vatican and we’re about even though the panoramic view will be worth the three hundred and twenty steps climb. think twice before you start as the spiral staircase gets progressively narrow and you can’t turn back as it’s a one-way climb.

after you’ve visited Saint Peter’s Square you shouldn’t miss Castel Sant’Angelo which is within walking distance. this is piazza di spagna we’re right at the steps of the Fontana Delabar kata   there is the Spanish Embassy that give the name to this place the Spanish square a few tourists notice that John Keats Memorial House is on the right of the Spanish Steps the famous English poet arrived here hoping that the seaside there will cure his illness but only lived here for the last month’s of his life   people like Candace typically they’re copying every day   so well preserved because the century AD Portugal as the church is very second the first king of that part is very rapid and Renaissance [Applause]     imagine that two thousand years ago here was a huge racing track for chariots now it is a charming square and the perfect place for you to experience the Italians favorite activity the Dolce Far Niente   the fountain of the four rivers represents the four major rivers of the four continents known at the time the Ganges for Asia the Nile for Africa Rio de la Plata representing America and the Danube for Europe   ponte fabricio right here is all the trees in Rome it was built in 62 before Christ and it’s over 2,000 years old it’s an existing bank of the Tiber River leaving easel activates as you cross the bridge you stumble upon the charming neighborhood of trois seven   it comes to life in evening as tourists and locals alike fill the narrow streets in search of the perfect dinner or perhaps just taking the pasta job   this here used to be a pool about 2000 years ago and imagine that a few Emperor’s swim over here and they had also a library and they had entertainers it was a country club of the Roman age you know the Baths of Diocletian facing piazza della repubblica is basilica santa maria degli Angeli a de martini the church was built in the 16th century when Michelangelo Buonarroti transformed part of the ruins of the baths in a church   after antiquity and then the Renaissance and Baroque the third glorious period of Italian people was the end of they were reunited under vittorio emanuele ii his monument is here and there’s also the monument of the Unknown Soldier the Italians are not quite fond of the altar of the fatherland calling the building the typewriter or the wedding right next to the square there’s Emperor’s regions forum with a majestic 38 meters high

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good morning world how are you doing right now I am in Rome Italy I’m here with the lovely Carrie rod my beautiful girl so Marco and I just wrapped our shoot up in the Shetland Islands he’s headed over to the Basque Country to go on a foodie adventure and I am here in Italy with Carrie she’s been here trying to figure out her Italian citizenship for the last couple of weeks travelling around with her mom so good it was so neat to come back here and see family my family lives in NOLA which is southern Italy and it was so cool to just reconnect with everybody in I don’t know traveling with your mom and your 30s is fun and we had a really good time you’re not 30 yet though you’re 29 but I’m just rounding up we don’t have a lot of time here in Rome unfortunately we only have today because tomorrow we’re gonna be renting a car and we’re gonna be road tripping up through Tuscany trying to hit all of the hot springs there’s a bunch of hot springs up there and then we’re gonna head up to Venice and try to catch the tail end of Carnival so it’s gonna be fun it’s gonna be really mellow we’re gonna keep these vlogs pretty straightforward but we have some exploring to do so let’s go explore Valley   [Applause]   running water everyone the more we never stopped and we forget we control Colosseum couple of quick facts I’m not gonna go in there it’s extremely crowded it’s one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world but it was built by the Emperor’s in the Flavian dynasty so in the first century AD the Colosseum was erected it was built over Emperor Nero’s kind of Palace you know it’s been like the blueprint for sports stadiums ever since it’s kind of the quintessential arena it was used for lots of stuff but probably most famously for gladiatorial battles lots of time against animals but sometimes on special occasions people first people so if you have seen the movie Gladiator you kind of understand what it’s all about there’s a saying bread and circus is what keeps the people happy you don’t want to have revolts you don’t have revolution you keep the population well-fed you keep them entertained and blood sport back then was the best way to do that [Applause]   [Applause]   there’s lots of hustlers in Rome there’s tons of pickpockets be aware be alert but everybody speaking to us in Spanish I don’t know if I look a Spaniard but is near Spaniard when oh no [Applause]   flashlight that is we’ve now running with the walls breaking or   well while it might not look like much today this was the suitable muscle on the circus maximus the chariot racing arena where an her would have been competing if you’ve seen that movie then you know what I’m talking about if you haven’t it’s a classic you should check it out they believed that this arena could have held around 250,000 people and what’s even crazier is that it’s been around since the 6th or 7th century BC was believed to have been built by the fifth king of Rome there were supposedly seven kings of Rome before Rome became a republic it was a monarchy and after it was a republic it was an empire but there’s just way too much history to take in here Rome is basically a giant open-air museum gotta use your imagination maybe 2,000 years ago 250,000 people were sitting here snacking on foie gras and watching the chariot races just like a day at the Del Mar fair easy   [Applause]   [Applause]   that back there is Constantine’s arch now Constantine made the Roman Empire Christian and that is kind of like what he went into the history books for he’s the first Christian emperor of Rome and when Rome became Christianized everything changed right now this whole area that we’re in is kind of the heart of ancient Rome over there is the forum the forum was where when new laws were made somebody would go up to the rostra and announce it to the public but it’s pretty cool like just walking around here even though it’s super crowded even though there’s tons of tourists it really does kind of take you back to letting you imagine what it would have been like it’s so crazy to look at the Colosseum and imagine what it was like I don’t know if I would want to be sitting there watching what happens there was so much blood but it’s cool to imagine so you would wanna see       something that’s very easy to overlook but is super important there’s free public fountains all over the city one of the most lasting elements of Roman culture are the aqueducts and the aqueducts are almost everywhere in the Roman world there’s still ruins of these amazing aqueducts some of which that span hundreds of miles they were built at a slope ever so slightly that the water would flow naturally from very far away into the city feed the backs that the Rome in the leaf would wash in and the fountains that all of the regular people would drink from and it’s pretty crazy they still have a lot of those fountains flowing and the water a snacks   know some stuff what a bummer you gotta know you were gonna what you want drink pina colada I got it found a chill little Plaza nice and quiet nobody here subdued selling paninis and beers so we got a Anini and about Oney it’s like 2:00 in the afternoon supposed to rain in about an hour so we’re gonna try to squeeze in as much as we can and tell them so it’s like 3:00 in the afternoon which is very late to be eating lunch in Italy most of the restaurants closed but we found this cute little spot called the vino steely at food and wine it’s low wine bar it’s totally packed right now so we’re eating at the bar but we’ve ordered like a beef ragu pasta compared to salad two glasses of vino   well that place wasn’t really see on Sam magnifico super super good what we’re gonna do as the Italians do and head back to the Airbnb right here and have a little snooze II this could be the world’s smallest elevator how are you gonna fit your back if you have claustrophobia yep no I can’t even turn around I have a bag I guess I’ll just close it maybe I just need under ammo   every key in Italy so far has looked like this which i think is so cool because it feels so old-school but this actually isn’t the right key do you want to use it anyway that’s so in the gate welcome to our little humble home and nap time   [Applause]   that was a nice little nap and the first thing that I said when we laid down the bed way I’m ready for my pasta but first we are going to take this bottle of Prosecco to the Colosseum and just sit while the Sun sets that was like a last minute choice and I’m glad we’re doing it   alright ladies and gentlemen that was 24 hours in Rome in all honesty it was more like six hours running around Rome but we did the most that we could in this day I think we did I think we did pretty good I mean do it in a day you have to have more than one day in Rome totally at least three but like they said rome wasn’t built in a day and it sure as hell wasn’t explored in one so if you enjoyed this video you know what to do give it a big thumbs up share with your friends subscribe turn on notifications make sure you subscribe to Carrie’s channel and stay tuned because we’re going to be heading tomorrow up to Tuscany for hot springs hilltop villages wine so we’re gonna finish this bottle of Prosecco finish the sunset in the meantime remember to stay curious keep exploring and we will see you on the road peace Joe but uh nothing

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these sections in the city I always found a really hilarious I’d like to say beautiful burners on them but you never actually   a mixture of stuff and then aiding and hoping anyway I’ll take you around     it was like 45 degrees super sweaty and today it’s funny phrasing anyway we are now walking into Piazza Navona and we have come here specifically because our Moen hairdresser named his salon after this Piazza so Rocco you better be watching we’re on our way am I just kind of falling urban think [Applause] this is a very official to Oprah I don’t have you know   yeah we just stopped in for like I wonder if you can guess where we are now it doesn’t matter how many times I say this until super excited and amazed every time I do so we’re getting afro wonder around and then depending on what time it closes we’ll see if we can go the wait time to get a ticket what’s actually that fun really I think the Colosseum was at half an hour but considering that it’s only for another hour and we really went to wait so we might come back on our last day so but sorry yeah now we’re just gonna sit in the Sun and chill   so we’ve done so much walking today we just walked all the way back to our hotel from the Coliseum I’m still trying to find a couple of places that I still lost and it went this is really like super famous size but we’re really nice straight so we’ll hopefully wander down some of them tomorrow but yeah we are have had such an awesome day we’ve seen so many so many of their like iconic sides but our feet are so tired so we think we’re gonna have a bit of a chill in our hotel room and then head out for dinner and get some pasta in an hour or so I really   so guess where we’re going today so we’ve got we got ourselves like free book tickets to the Vatican the audio guide and I thought I think nearly two hours before our time slot is to go in so we just gotta have a wonder around this area and maybe get some lunch so we can enjoy the Vatican without being angry but yeah I’m pretty excited I’ve actually been before with my mom and it’s I’m not Catholic but it’s amazing now that’s the one if ever I saw a line it’s really sunny so we just got out of the Sistine so sunny so we just got out of the Sistine Chapel which was amazing I like it’s always super impressive even if you’ve seen it a couple of times before but yeah so now we are just chilling in the Sun and the gun is at the Vatican and then we’re gonna head home and Gary gets lunch somewhere I just thought I would mention so if you want to skip like the few our cue to get me in you should always book your tickets online and then they give you like a time that you can come in so ounces 1 p.m. so you kind of just half an hour 15 minutes before jump in and you can kind of skip the line and walk straight in and everything cuz you I think for Europe booking fee which is definitely better than like four hours of queues so unless for us even worth four years we’re on the chairs trail below it so we’ve made it into the pants in and just like a warning that’s always really big flying out of the front but it doesn’t take very long when there’s a lot of free curves then ever all kind of comes in pretty quickly and this is one of my favorite buildings in my room it’s amazing it’s so big and so beautiful and then when you think that it’s just nearly 2,000 years old then it’s even more amazing so it’s actually the refill like the freezer version which is nearly 2,000 years old and Emperor Hadrian rebuilt it because the original one by a creeper actually burned down but it still all says like constructed and built by a group of so like any is on offer yeah this is a super cool building and it’s there it’s free and the only nothing is free in Rome so I would definitely recommend coming up on our way back we ended up with a giant bag lingerie I don’t even know how it happened we went in morning guys it was our last day and we were up to a very slow so so they’re all sorted now but yeah so now we’re just hoping for a puppy are they gonna move might be jumping and wandering days and we gonna go first off I think yes that’s tough to our mom’s favorability and but yeah mom shout out the mom they’re doing this to just be I don’t think really nice I think potato we just as delicious lunch with really really really service at no left and now we’ve decided instead of him you copy their beginning at a coffee and said opposite mum’s favorite building another shout out didn’t realize you [Laughter]   so we decided to get a fancy I was gonna set the lunch so that we can continue to shop very tired and without going we think we’re in France actually not really booked at all we just walked and walked off to walk they went into a million shops and actually had a pretty unsuccessful shopping day like it was fun but we didn’t fight that much but they did buy an awesome pair of boots and I think I’ll probably do a whole and if I do I’ll link it up here everything that I got in Italy anyway we’re just getting to dinner now and I’m really hungry

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as soon as that we got out of the airport there’s a bus stall and we got tickets for five years straight through our station maybe it’s the so cool [Music] the process goes directly to termini station just like the Central Station this is what you need when you go to Rome connect just open his booklet and it has a card this is called the Roma pass and it’s about for 72 hours gives you unlimited access to any subway and bus station you can also get two free entrance in any museums in your own Plus cut the lines the long lines is right now it’s somewhere here in your speak season so I have you recommend for you guys to get this it also comes with a city map and a guide to plus 39 euros are you exciting [Music] I am more excited of the food pasta pizza and of course gelato starving can’t wait to eat [Music] and [Music] Henrik’s carrying my luggage one hour later now that we have checked a time eat dinner and our host recommended that restaurant said it’s good and cheap are you hungry I always see the live way before I [Music] always see the end baby for I’ve been shining and things going on is over everyone told me this morning I’m not feeling well well since yesterday so we had to take a nap for a few more hours to energize ourselves and get ready start today before we tour around Rome so let’s go [Music] so we have arrived here at the famous Spanish step but it’s being renovated so disappointing well you can still see the steps but there’s a freaking fence in front of it [Music] so just a few blocks from the Spanish Steps is the Trevi Fountain but before we head over to the Trevi Fountain we have to get to July so from the peak Larry how’s the water they said if they’re three if you want to get married dual line you love in one if you want to go back so why did you just there one because you took all the money we don’t have more times usually there’s just a lot of people here it’s so hard to take contribute picture everybody take photo like be Henry a nice view struggle is weakened real picture so one dude just asking me how my little beckon Chinese woman to you there’s a difference between Malaysia and Filipinos Chinese Koreans Japanese it’s not just me home yeah we are almost there at the Coliseum and we are trying to look for the pylon Dean and entrance because as I’ve seen from other blogs and blogs that it has the shortest cube by the way if ever a chance you get to a supermarket go buy a what this cost less than one year of some of the food stalls and restaurants one bottle of this cost around four years to 10 euros it’s so hot right now but I didn’t put any sunscreen on the line is insane all right so since the line for the Coliseum is pretty long you’re going to try out the one in palentine hill I don’t know how to pronounce it right you have to show the Roma hospital [Music] requires a lot of walking and a lot of stairs better make sure to wear comfy shoes so Heinrichs gonna fill up his water bottle with water using the fountain right here so Henrik just washed his face on that fountain I wish I could do the same but it’s gone so nice amazing well you guys this view is really really amazing can you believe that this has been doing so nice it’s been pretty awesome so far it was like walking in a different era they actually preserved it do you even realize how many hurricanes how many earthquakes how many dictators has already passed but it’s still alive and standing the walls still solid look at the statues even if its head is missing it’s still there [Music] hey guys it’s not that interesting all the Kiki stuff I’m having then I’m the one who I just showed him to know just joined of love always mean we stopped I’m not just a pretty face I’m also Kiki oh yes propylene pretty fascia yeah about whole genome okay yeah we’re in the Colosseum ancient gladiator arena arena for all kind of things in the startx even had boat races here but it could fill up the water and then they have their boat fight but it was only for 100 years there’s a lot of things that broke them down so like the fall spectators for stuff like this so in here was like more like the terms then crooks I’m up but I have tickets and they hyperspace and they can come in and out ten minutes like we see it nowadays they even have like lips I like yeah exactly like we see modern stadiums nowadays just 2,000 years ago so this is an example of what the Colosseum looked like before some people are drinking some people are cheering so quiet day so you’ve seen some of the statues that I showed you earlier the Palatine Hill some of them are beheaded some people stole it

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room a giant Museum City stage room is all about the museums and the churches there’s just no way get around that if you’re going to Rome thinking that you’re going to find some authentic Italian experience that’s not the place to experience Italian culture they’re good in the back the bad I’ll get that out of the way it’s this shopping is not good the shopping is that the idea of customer service is Rome tell me what you want and give me your money and then go away there’s a not not much more to it than that don’t go to Rome to go shopping the taxicab drivers are Oran I mean if you don’t want to get the only way not to get screwed is to have your phone in Maps mode have your map open on your phone GPS on and following the route that you want to take in the driver’s seat of the taxi cab otherwise you’re gonna get screwed if they think that you don’t know how much the ride is supposed to be or how long it’s supposed to get to there they will drive you in the circles and hope that you’re just not gonna notice that the fare is all of a sudden 30 years so the good the food in Rome in hit-or-miss in the same vicinity you can go to you know 20 feet from each other you can find a halfway decent restaurant which will serve authentic ish Italian food and then 20 feet away you can find a restaurant that serves the worst food you’ve ever had on the planet and they’re charging you 20 euros for the best thing to do for food when in Rome’s is go to a grocery store the grocery store has deals there that’s the place to go in Rome if you want really good food for a fraction of the price of what you would get in the restaurant I mean that’s true in most places but in Rome it’s even more so because you know a plate of olives in a bad restaurant is gonna they’re gonna charge you 12 euros and the olives are gonna be horrible but then if you go to a grocery store you have some of the most amazing olives you know really good delicious Italian olives I picked up a big container of olives at the grocery store for was 4 euros and some change the same grocery store I picked up a 7 year old bottle of Prosecco that was some of the best per second of her having a life you know took that and some other snacks back to the hotel room had an amazing meal in my hotel room the gelato that was the one thing I found in that was rather consistently good was the gelato everywhere was amazing I found this place that was rather close to my hotel which was not really I mean still in from you know it’s close to the Vatican City but it was not in a touristy place the guys who ran it were actually really nice they were willing to answer any questions I had and they were really cool with me taking pictures because not everybody is [Music] I’m not gonna lie I have fun being a cheesy tourist in Rome the Vatican the Vatican Vatican City is I’m particularly religious I did enjoy vatican city simply from the perspective of one who appreciates art I did enjoy vatican city a great deal there are works of art here that you will not find anywhere else and they are on a level that is beyond compare I did see the Sistine Chapel the Sistine Chapel was from what I saw and from the limited time that I was there because it was just having wall-to-wall tours I mean you couldn’t I mean you could barely move any time I had what I wanted to get anywhere I was just you know like see the excuse me excuse me sorry sorry excuse me excuse me you know that’s that’s the kind of that’s what you’re gonna be dealing with in Rome in general I mean they have also ancient art too it’s not just concentration of Renaissance art but I mean it’s just so much art they have ancient statues you know Caesars of emperors they have Hercules Heracles they have so many they have Julius Caesar they have so many figures from the past they have a statue of Athena definitely go through the Vatican Museum it is worth every penny st. Peter’s Basilica I is an absolute must see it’s really really on a scale that you can’t really imagine and so you’re actually there so much so that I had a really hard time photographing it so a lot of the photos I have that are obscene peter’s basillica are merged photos where I took multiple photos and I have a merge them together to make one cohesive image but the artwork in st. Peter’s Basilica is on par with any museum that you’ll ever see I mean there’s Bernini is the how there’s Botticelli that you know it’s just every major Renaissance painter has has something that they’ve contributed to here Michelangelo obviously from the perspective art and design community the st. Peter’s Basilica is a masterpiece of architecture design and sculpture OH st. Peter’s Basilica climbing the stairs to the Coppola is to the top that’s the st. Peter’s Basilica the very top of the Coppola is you know I think it was worth it it was a fun experience you know you’re climbing stairs after stairs after stairs after stairs after stairs then more stairs and then when you get out and you think okay well this is it huh no there’s more stairs and oh wait wait you guess what more stairs you you decline it’s a workout it really is I mean I’m I should advocate for the st. Peter’s Basilica stair climb it’s really it’s it’s a hard workout yeah but the views at the top from the Coppola our problem is probably the I would say maybe the second best you’ll ever you’ll see at Rome yeah this the best views in Rome that I saw while I was there we’re from the altar of the fatherland around the back of the the altar which is designed by Michelangelo so in itself is a masterpiece so you should definitely go see it it’s just north of the forum so I mean if you’re in if you’re visiting the Colosseum it just makes sense to go from the Colosseum walking through the forum up to the altar of the fatherland and you know up to the Basilica the Santa Maria in Audra Whaley yeah and go up to the roof of the altar of the fatherland and there you have probably the best views in Rome the Colosseum the Roman Colosseum pay for the tour it is really really worth it they explain so much about it they tell you what’s going on you get to see a lot of the things that you know if you just went in the average on the average ticket it would be fun it wouldn’t you know you wouldn’t be able to see it you don’t feel well you won’t be able to go down on the actual floor of the Colosseum unless you see unless you take the tour so it’s definitely worth it and the tour guide is actually the tour guide I had was very knowledgeable and very helpful he also had some very good suggestions about what to do afterwards the Roman Forum I think is probably the highlight of my trip to Rome because you really I mean it’s not mmm you know a lot of the things that you are going to go pay to see in Rome a lot of the museums everything you know there they’ve been touched up you know they’ve been fixed over the centuries you know a lot of the statues that you know a lot of the Greek statues that they say are thousands of years old well you know they were repaired two or three times by various artists over the centuries you know it’s not truly old it’s not truly ancient yeah the Roman Forum is the closest that you’re going to get to the actual ruins of Rome everything else has been built up on top of obviously most of the current structures in Rome cannibalized the previous structures in the world I was really really excited about going to the Pantheon I mean it’s really the only structure that has survived it’s been there for 2,000 years and it’s still standing the dome is the original dome that was there 2,000 years ago and I got to say I was overwhelmed I really wish I would have seen it with the original Roman statues in it it would have been interesting surprising I am surprised that I didn’t get in trouble for this because I was just you know I was trying to get a good picture of the trevi fountain but there’s too many tourists around it and so what I ended up doing is I ended up going to the second floor of the heat United Colors of Benetton across the street and opening up a window and taking some pictures there and I got a halfway decent picture of the of the trevi fountain within walking distance from plaza de espana and the charging fountain is the National Gallery of Art in Barberini Palace to me I think it’s probably the what what second-best museum I went to in Rome it has the largest collection of Caravaggio that I’ve seen anywhere and it’s not as can drive of course the people always to take as many photos as you could possibly want there are statues the you know carvings and marble there that are just as good if not better than the Bernie knees at the morgue easy my number one Museum choice in Rome is Palazzo Massimo la therm a National Museum of classical Roman art here you can get a better feel for what classical Roman life was like because most of the other places have been turned into churches they have a really great collection of sculpture really a huge collection of sculpture and that is my experience in Rome

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hi guys hi friends today we’re going to be talking to you about what areas we recommended to stay when you eat wrong Romans are very very busy touristic city so keep that in mind like if you want to find like a quiet place probably during the day it’s not going to be as quiet because of the many tourists that they have but if you are looking for a quiet area I would recommend it to stay in the Vatican area because the night it’s going to be quieter than the other ones it’s still close enough so the other attractions of course you close to Vatican and it’s very close to trust a bit you can go out at night and then go back to your hotel and be very quiet and relaxing apart from the crowd so it’s very very convenient if you want to stay in the center of the city where everything happens and you can go back and forth to your hotel very easily you should stay nearly panteon Campo de Fiori or Piazza Navona it’s close to everything but it’s very crowded too so keep that in mind if you’re more into nightlife then I would definitely recommend you stay at rest a grey area it’s very nice like I said there are a lot of bars a lot of restaurants it’s a very very nice area where all the Romans go so you hang out with tourists and locals it’s very cool if you’re travelling from one city to another by train then I would definitely recommend you stay in determining area because that’s where the train station is so you’re still like very conveniently located like close to all the attractions but you’re very close to the train station so all these areas that I just mentioned okay so all these areas that I just mentioned I’m very safe but be careful because in Rome there are a lot of big pocketing so you always have to watch your things and you know put everything inside cuz be aware they all that they are all around any time of the day and watch how even for kids because they do a lot of those we know if you like the video and if you did don’t forget to like it and also don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and also don’t forget that your smile is the last Passport

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I’ll show you how to see Rome in one day. this suggested Rome on a date in a race starts at 7:30 a.m. Vatican and ends by 5:00 p.m. at the Colosseum. there’s a lot to see in Eternal City. so we’ve created the perfect route to get you from point A to Z. Rome is located in the region of La Co south of Tuscany where you can find Florence and north of Campania, where you can find Naples and the Amalfi Coast. there are two major airports in Rome, if you’re staying near a metro station, definitely take it to get to the Vatican. from Termini train station, you can get the a or redline and take it six stops to metro stop Ottaviano. so it’s 8 a.m. right now, we’re going to the Sistine Chapel.

we did a privilege entrance Express tour. it’s like two and a half hours, so we should be done by about 10:00 a.m. okay, after the tour we’re gonna go up to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica on our own, then we’re gonna head in the historical center. Do you want to do Rome in a day? you got to get up early and you got to get going, there’s a lot to see and you want to get it done before the crowds arrive. if you want to do things right, purchase a tour of the Vatican Museums, this way you will see all the most important masterpieces here. amazing stories about the artists and not get lost in this massive complex. while Nevada commune to see the Sistine Chapel Rafal looms and st. Peter’s Basilica, I recommend climbing up to top of the dome for an amazing view. so at the end of the dome climb yak at the climate that looks at all I got was climbing a rope. this incredible photo will be a great topic of conversation with you. travel opinions over great local dinner.

Time to hop on the metro line, a red line towards the Spanish Steps which is just three stops away. a whole five-minute ride craving the 18th century, the Spanish Steps are locating one of Rome’s most desirable neighborhoods. they are directly in front of the acondo key which is a world-renowned Street for the highest of high-end brands. if you hate your money shop on Via Condotti.

if you want to enjoy a longer lunch we suggest a sit-down stop at ginger. it’s great but if you plan on finishing your date 5 p.m. you’ll sadly need to cut out the panthéon m Piazza Navona from this itinerary. more information we found on our blog for the sit-down lunch itinerary, a short walk in the Spanish Steps you’ll find Rome’s famous fountain. now might be a hot day and you could be tempted to create that dolce vita scene with Anita Ekberg wading through the fountain. we’ll follow trevi fountain is a pop culture icon as well as arguably the world’s most beautiful and recognizable fountain. it was built in the 18th century and if it wasn’t so crowded night and day it’d be Rome’s the most romantic sight. the story goes that you need to throw one, two, or three coins in the fountain. it’s not just about throwing here now let’s see how far I can get it. okay, one at least like 20 feet probably.

walk and you’ll find yourself faced with the oldest and most impressive building in Rome. the Pantheon! Cool! the Pantheon is one of Rome’s greatest structures. this structure dates back to the second century AD. it was commissioned by the great Emperor Hadrian and the architect is unknown. regardless the building is an incredible shape it is often argued among scholars that the dome is probably the best-preserved structure from antiquity. it is still the largest solid poured concrete dome on earth. this structure features the tombs of Italian icons like King Victor Emmanuel and Raphael. the focus is on the Oculus or the hole in the dome, even rain can get in. it’s pretty awesome! do not come to Rome and miss the Pantheon. so how many minutes walk you think it’s been between the Pantheon in Piazza Navona? actually six minutes or even better.

learning near this Piazza used to be like a circus. like Circus Maximus, but yeah he had a circus here and it’s actually still shaped like the original circus. you can see the buildings are all built on the foundation of the stands, and the center instead of having like horse races they had like athletic matches like wrestling matches and all kinds of Olympic style sports. pretty cool! Piazza is pretty, incredible! today you’ll see some incredible fountains, in the center the fountain of the four rivers by John Lorenzo Bernini, in front of it the Church of st. Agnes and agony. it’s also an incredible work of art by Beto Meany.

and reality after six minutes from Navona you’ll be in Largo Argentina. you may not have heard about this place before, so I would save this route for the true. I got to see everything. in sight people, Largo Argentina is most commonly referred to as a place where Julius Caesar was murdered. although this is a myth it was not far from the truth he was murdered just a few blocks away. steps from the theatre Pompeii today you can see ruins of four of Rome’s oldest temples. which date back as far as the fourth and fifth century BC. you also see a ton of cats as it is a modern day cat sanctuary.

after Largo Argentina, on your way to the Colosseum, you’ll be in Piazza Venezia. where you can find the Victoriano and Trajan’s column. trade-ins column is an incredible structure. depicting trade-ins conquest and victory over Dacia it is by far the most impressive feat of architecture area featuring an internal staircase that allows people to go to the top. in a time of the Romans, the Victor Emmanuel monument is one of the most visible buildings in the city of Rome. and it’s the city’s was inaugurated in 1911 to commemorate victor Emmanuel ii the first king who unified Italy since 1921. the monument holds a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and has the eternal flame of Rome. which is guarded by two soldiers. this eternal flame goes back from ancient Roman legend. if you have more time, we recommend climbing the cap line Hill. visiting the cap line museum and heading over the top of victory Emmanuel building. it’s a beautiful view but if you’re limited to a day you may have skipped it.

you’ll be able to see our next and last destination from Piazza Venezia. you guessed it, the Colosseum, a great place to end your walking route through. Rome is the Colosseum. the history of this structure goes back 2,000 years. it has inspired so many different cultures and eras of mankind. it provided bread wine and blood. ancient Romans shelter to the people. the Middle Ages inspiration and materials to artists a renaissance and one of the world’s most beloved tourist attractions. starting with the grand tour of Europe to present-day air and rail travel. the key to planning a visit the Colosseum is skipping the line! you can do that in two ways one buy your ticket online or in advance, or to buy a tour. if you do do a tour, try to schedule between 8 a.m. and 9:30 or after 2 p.m. this way you can do the Vatican in the morning and the Colosseum the afternoon. Colosseum tours vary each day. for those planning a solo visit, we’ll meet you inside. the tour guide was told me that gladiators, look more like Danny DeVito than Arnold Schwarzenegger because you know anything later you’re gonna think like muscular six-pack abs all buff but in reality, they were kind of chubby men. ok, a little bit of fact because they said that the fat was like insulation from the sword. you know to protect them. it makes sense, although the film’s don’t portray it that way. if you’re making good time, I recommend going over the Palestine on your ticket for the Coliseum, includes entrance there and it’s an awesome sight so check it out

Italy Travel Guide : Things To See in Rome

basically the Colosseum was like a huge arena back in the day you know where they would hold executions and like gladiator you know fights then like you know mock sea battles and all that you know things that we probably wouldn’t enjoy now things we’d probably have protests about but um you know they did it back here also we’re in Italy during a heatwave so story of my life Sun follows me everywhere yes Italians and tourists I am vlogging I’m so everyone’s been like stressing me out and saying Ellie if you go to Italy you have to eat you have to eat gelato you have to do this you have to do that I was like guys relax okay I will figure it out and I don’t need to be eaten cheese or gelato okay so right now we’re at a place near the Colosseum a restaurant that serves pizza and all that dress and they had a whole list with um pizza without cheese   we are in an area called tres de Verde Bank Tyson anyways it’s book my friend who lists used to live in Rome told us this is like the poppin area for where Tings happen you know you do you have fun and all this stuff being out I’m saying so we’re here hopefully we’ll make friends maybe we’ve all we had no idea but it’s very beautiful     [Applause] last night we stayed up till 2:30 a.m. and then today woke up at noon we’re jet-lagged okay anyways we’re in st. Peter’s Square right now there are massive amounts of people here and there’s a line going from all the way over there to all the way over there but just is crazy and it is so hot oh my gosh anyways so we are here today and I just wanted to show you a little bit of st. Peter’s Square cuz it’s really unbelievable   it’s hot   we are leaving Rome today and we are off to be a Melfi coast I feel like we did Rome you know I feel like three sufficient days here was good and now we’ll regret the ovo because this is kind of like my car the trip like Scott likes his you know history he likes seeing you know the museums and the big places of course I love seeing that too but I’m all about like nature and water and scenic things so my god it’s gonna be a little bit of a truck there we’ve got to take public transportation but you know what it’s all part of the experience I don’t know what Byron by beautiful Rome

Visit Rome : Rome Sightseeing

while on day one let’s go visit the piazza navona and the pantheon you were taking a little orientation walk this is our first day we’ve just arrived and heading to one of the great spots in the city the Piazza Navona with its picture postcard perfect Sun Tanya’s a church by Bora Meany and the stunning fountain of the four rivers by Bernini two artists that you will encounter several more times in Rome Bernini and Bora Meany as they were the greatest of baroque architects and sculptors this centrally located Piazza is considered one of the most beautiful and lively outdoor spaces in the world and you will probably return here several times for it is interesting night and day originally built as a racetrack by the ancient roman emperor Domitian it still retains the original oval shape that gives it a unique appearance climb with restaurants and palaces the Piazza Navona is enclosed by faded pastel facades all around that produce our rich feeling of antiquity well you probably don’t want to have a meal sitting here at the Piazza Navona because these restaurants are notoriously touristic it’s not a bad place though to just sit and have a drink or certainly hang out in the center you’ll notice lots of artists have set up their easels they can do a quick sketch of you maybe you’d like caricature of yourself make yourself look kind of goofy it could be done in a pastel or in a charcoal black and white you can talk with the artist and negotiate the price and discuss the style or perhaps just a straightforward portrait to make yourself look better than a photograph and there are many other kinds of arts that you can purchase here there’s watercolours there’s oil paintings and the wonderful thing is these are original works of art and you’re buying it directly from the artist there is no middleman involved often when we’re traveling we want to shop and buy something special well what could be more special than an original painting of the city that you’re visiting especially when it’s a city as beautiful as Rome this neighborhood just behind the Piazza Navona keeps going you can wander for another couple hours in that direction you know we often run into these furniture restoration fellows and back into our little alleys carrying on with our walk which leads us to the Castel Sant’Angelo with a nice view across the Tiber River looking to st. Peter’s pump the sant angelo the beautiful bridge of the angels crossing the Tiber and lined with Bernie’s divine marble statues of angels the bridge is foundations of an ancient Roman bridge and it’s a good place to do a little shopping they’ve always got the sidewalk merchants there well now we’re going to amble along some of the wonderful back lanes in the historic center of Rome passing by the pantheon the great nearly 2,000 year old temple to all the gods we’ll have another look at the Pantheon later for now we’re just admiring it briefly and then walking along through more of these terrific bag lanes you’ll find some street entertainment some musicians playing glasses perhaps or fiddles or accordions here’s a cheap meal sit down at a bench outside of pizzeria eat a slice or SiC at a nice restaurant at a sidewalk location take your pick there’s so many choices here while walking through these little back streets is certainly one of the great joys of visiting Rome and just two block over from the Pantheon you’ll come across this ancient looking temple actually the columns date back to the time of the Emperor Hadrian were in the Piazza de piedra this was the stock exchange in the nineteenth century and now it’s an occasional art gallery while continuing our amble along these very pleasant little pedestrian lanes we’re about to cross over the busy Via del Corso and just on the other side you come across this row of kiosks selling all manner of tourist souvenirs there’s prints and posters postcards books little bits of sculpture and some fine art and all kinds of wonderful things to take a browse at now we’re continuing up the Via del Corso this is the main shopping street of the city and it’s a little odd you have to watch out for the shopping here notice the pedestrians just crossing right amidst the cars there’s no crosswalks there but everybody just does it so follow the locals and along the Corso you can walk in the street carefully or up on the sidewalk and then turning into some of these wonderful nearby shopping lanes there’s in particular the Via del Croce this is a perfect Street pedestrian oriented there’s sidewalk restaurants bicycles going by locals are hanging out you can go into a wine bar or cafe and there’s various shops along the way here and it’s in a terrific part of town that’s generally called spun yeah we’re near the Spanish Steps and this via della Croce has got everything and it leads right over to the Piazza dysphonia and the Magnificent Spanish Steps what a staircase this is another one of the great gathering spots of Rome there are a handful of these places in the city there’s piazza navona there’s company Fiore and certainly the Spanish Steps one of the great places to hang out and do some people watching will come back here later on in the program and show you a little bit more of it but for now we’re continuing our walk along these lovely little back streets returning over to the Corso as it’s getting dark it’s about 8:30 9 o’clock now some shops are still open along the Corso since it’s the busiest shopping street of the city but most of the shops have closed now and people are heading for the restaurants or maybe into this Galleria a newly reopened and refurbished brand structure or over to the trevi fountain this is the other great gathering spot of the city and nighttime daytime there are hundreds if not thousands of people here at Trevi all the time it’s one of the truly greatest fountains in the world it looks like natural bedrock but of course it was all sculpted by the artist Nicholas Alvey and here’s some young lovers they think they’ve got a little secluded niche there but there’s so many hundreds of people out nobody seems to care anyway everybody wants to get their photographs at the Trevi and throw their coins in the fountain one coin for a wish and a second coin for a return to Rome that’s the ritual here at Trevi meanwhile this couple thinks they’re in the dark but Oh hundreds of people could be watching the show if anybody care to but public passion is part of everyday life in this romantic city the steps here at trevi make a great little amphitheater for watching the show checking out the people getting their pictures taken and your camera off to a trusted stranger perhaps and they’ll snap it for you and then we continue our walk along more of these lovely pedestrian streets all emanating out from the center here passing again that shopping kiosk and for the sidewalk restaurants well now we’re back over at piazza di pietro with those old columns from the days of Hadrian just passing through passing the Pantheon again this is a evening wander we’re just ambling around rattling around on these little pedestrian streets in the heart of Rome you might consider having dinner in front of the Pantheon at night there are about five restaurants and some of them really do seem to cater to the locals so I’m sure you could find some decent food and a wonderful atmosphere here sitting in the piazza della rotunda in the evening what could be better than this a building that’s 2,000 years old and perfect condition or keep walking the alleys are inviting they’re very safe quite a few shops stay open late beyond the normal 8 p.m. closing time now we’re walking along Via dei jus Benari this is a wonderful little shopping Lane mostly the shops here do closed down about 8:00 p.m. so you want to pay attention to the timing if you want to buy something or maybe there’ll be a sidewalk guy set up and do Benari leads right into the company Fiore which is another one of the most spectacular of the evening gathering spots in the heart of Rome you’ve got wine shops and bakeries and delis and especially the sidewalk cafes here at the company Fiore in the morning it’s a vegetable market and at midday you can have lunch at the restaurants and the evening of course you can have dinner or just sit back and have some drinks and then keep walking the streets all around this neighborhood of the comedy Fiore are perfect for that evening stroll the aimless stroll maybe stop and get some gelato along the way or just grab a slice of pizza a simple sandwich or a wonderful meal

Rome Tourist Attractions

planning a visit to Rome the Eternal City is packed with beautiful monuments grand buildings and magnificent attractions let’s start with Rome’s top ten must visit places starting with the Vatican the smallest country in the world with the population around 800 people is also one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world it could well take you a full day to explore all the treasures this complex holds so it might be a good idea to avoid the long lines by pre booking your tickets you should also obey the dress code or else you will not be allowed to enter so be sure to cover your shoulders and knees next let’s head to the Trevi fountains mainly remembered for the iconic scene from Fellini’s movie la dolce vita this is the biggest baroque fountain in the city rising 26 meters high and 49 meters wide according the legend if you throw a coin into the fountain you’ll return to Rome once more just make sure you use your right hand don’t miss the Trevi fountains illuminated at night as this out-of-scale fountain is even more impressive after dark our third must-see attraction is the Pantheon one of Rome’s oldest buildings still standing it was originally built in 118 AD and according to legend it was built at the exact same place that Rome’s founder Romulus was buried its original purpose was a worship place for Roman pagan gods but no one knows exactly how they performed their ceremonies as this temple doesn’t look like any other Roman temple in fact the famous Michelangelo felt it was built by angels rather than human beings no wonder then it became the most imitated building in the ancient world moving to another ancient landmark it’s the Roman Forum located right at the heart of the ancient city that ruled the world for a thousand years here you could find Rome’s most important public buildings and the top sights include the arc of Titus the temple of Saturn and Vesta and the Church of San Luca and Martina the entrance tickets to the forum include a visit to the Colosseum our next attraction is the Piazza Navona which is probably the most beautiful Square in Rome surrounded with many restaurants and ice-cream shops the piazza also presents three different fountains the most important one is the fountain of four rivers designed by Bernini the fountain shows four figures which represent the Nile the Genghis the Danube and Rio de la Plata another worthwhile attraction in the Piazza is the st. Ignace a church which is considered to be one of the most important Baroque masterpieces of the city the next must visit place is the district of Trastevere this area is the international district of the city since Roman days and even today this area attracts most of the foreigners who’ve made Rome their home what makes this area so special is not only the extraordinary monuments but its unique atmosphere unlike other districts in the city chest of air a is a safe and friendly neighborhood day and night looking for a place to eat or drink check piazza santa maria which is a popular gathering place attraction number four is the statue named after the eighth Hill of Rome which is actually an artificial man-made hill stretching along the tipper River this area is all about the authentic vibe of modern Rome it is also the place to find the supporter Club for the city’s football club AS Roma Testaccio is packed with great restaurants and bars popular among locals making it a perfect area for a great night out should you feel overwhelmed and exhausted by all that sightseeing you could head to a number three attraction Villa Borghese the largest public park in the city the park is located only minutes away from the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo Villa Borghese is also called the park of the museum’s as it is home for several of them Galleria Borghese which has a collection of sculptures and paintings from artists like Raphael and Bernini is one of them other museums in the park include Galleria net sonali and matt seoeon that’s Analia to scope which presents pre-roman objects next to the park you can find our next landmark the elegant Via Veneto for those who love shopping Via Veneto has been considered for years to be the most expensive shopping street in Rome if shopping is not your thing you might want to enjoy some coffee at one of the many cafes along the street or walk towards Piazza Barberini to view the fountain of Triton designed by Bernini and to visit the fascinating Capucine Church and its crypt decorated with the bones of 4,000 monks and finally our last must-visit attraction is one of the world’s most famous buildings the Colosseum it is a very popular tourist destination so expect long lines in peak seasons and weekends our tip is to plan your visit in the late afternoon hours which are less busy this amazing amphitheater used to successfully host 55,000 Romans who enjoyed the competitions between slaves and prisoners the shows used to run one by one until the ground became too soaked with blood