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I’m gonna share with you some of the top things to do some of the best restaurants that I ate at plus some extra personal travel tips about what you can expect when you visit Athens Greece so let’s just start right at the beginning arriving and leaving I flew into Athens the Athens International Airport it’s located about 20 kilometres outside of the city centre and there are a number of different ways that you can get to the center of Athens you can just take a direct taxi and I actually took a taxi because I was with my wife and my baby and we had a couple of bags a direct taxi to the to the center of Athens costs 38 euros it takes about anywhere from about 30 to 45 minutes or so and you’ll be right in the center of Athens so you can also take the Metro which costs 10 euros to get to the center of Athens and that can take about an hour and a half or so depending on how fast the trains come in and how long you have to wait moving right along when you go to Athens you’ll need a place to stay and in my experience if you’re you’re just visiting Athens on a trip the best area that you can stay is anywhere surrounding the Acropolis and the Acropolis it formerly in ancient Greece it was the center of the city and even in modern-day modern-day it is the center of this ideon so it seems like almost everything revolves around the Acropolis I stayed in an area called pukaki which is just south of the Acropolis I stayed I rented an apartment an Airbnb I which I think is a great idea because you can stay in a local neighborhood but Athens also offers the entire range of international hotel brands plus something I like about Athens is that they have a lot of boutique small family-run guest houses and hotels as well let’s move on now to talk about some of the top attractions and things to do when you’re in Athens and Athens is especially known for its ancient history you’ve heard of the acropolis and the parthenon and these are these are things that I had heard about all my life especially growing up in school and it was something I was really looking forward to seeing and so it goes without saying when you Athens one of the the top things to do is to visit the Acropolis you can go to the top of the Acropolis that’s where the Parthenon is located as well as a number of other temples and other ancient remains of ancient Greece it takes about 15 minutes or so to climb to the top and you you will be rewarded with not only the ancient history and the ancient remains but also just vastly incredible views you can’t just buy a straight ticket for the Acropolis or you can bind it by a combined ticket which includes entrance to a number of different famous attractions ancient attractions right in the area I bought the combined ticket which costs 30 euros and if you want to avoid the line to get into the Acropolis you can actually go i’ll leave the full list of the different attractions that you can visit on the combined ticket but you can go to one of the other attractions and then buy your ticket there and then you can go to the go straight to the acropolis and you don’t need to wait in the line you have your ticket already and you can just go straight into the Acropolis moving right along now and that brings us oh yeah the temple of olympian zeus so i went to the temple of olympian zeus it’s it’s really in ruins there’s not a lot left but what’s really impressive are the giant columns they are absolutely huge and when you’re standing next to them so close it will really it will really blow your mind one evening when I was in Athens we were staying very close to the Acropolis so we hiked up to the philopappos hill and there’s a monument there that you can visit but it was one of my favorite attractions because you get a little bit of a hike but you can see the views of the Acropolis as well as of the entire city of Athens as well so if you want some amazing news philopappos hill i’d highly recommend it I a I really enjoyed the views from philopappos hill another attraction that’s very impressive is the Panathenaic Stadium and this is the world’s largest all marble stadium it has a history way back it has some Olympic history too you can see it for free from the outside but you have to pay five euros for entrance and I thought it was pretty cool next up another place that you’re gonna want to explore when you’re in Athens is the monastiraki flea market especially if you love shopping if you love browsing around it’s a series of lanes all set up with lots of souvenirs and clothes and all sorts of things that you can buy but it’s a fun area to explore to walk around there’s a square there a public square where you can get some great views of the Acropolis as well as some of the ancient remains of Hadrian’s library and it’s really really a nice place to just walk around and finally this is an attraction that I wasn’t able to visit because I just ran out of time but I had many Greek friends local friends from Athens telling me that the archaeology museum is really worth a visit especially if you love museums I said it has the the most extensive collection of ancient Greek artifacts let’s move right along in this Athens travel guide to what I think is the most important reason to visit Athens and to travel and that is the food so I’m gonna share with you some of the best restaurants that I tried there is a legendary place downtown near to Syntagma square which is called mom and they’re known for their cheese pies you can get all sorts of cheese pies it’s just a little hole in the wall most people take away but they do have a little standing table where you can sit and eat their cheese pies are amazing there are two places that I want to share with you about souvlaki and souvlaki is one of the most well-known of all Greek Street food / fast foods the first is called kostas souvlaki many people will say they are the best of the best and I think it’s it really is absolutely outstanding another place that you’re absolutely gonna love the souvlaki it’s a place called souvlaki left Terrace Oh Polly peace he does kabob souvlaki he’s known for serving spicy Tsubaki so then he sprinkles on some salt and some chili powder and wraps it up again and it’s you’re gonna just love it it’s it’s so good there’s a restaurant that I really love that I tried it’s called D port-o-john it’s in the bottom basement there’s no signs there’s no menu you just order whatever he has his chickpeas are awesome his house wine is delicious he’s a friendly guy and it’s just uh it’s really a throwback in and like you’re eating in classic athens another restaurant i loved especially if you’re a meat lover there’s a place called Taverna i’m good in yo they roll out a piece of paper they put the different types of meats on the on the on the paper with fries all on top and it’s like a a greek meat feast that is absolutely insane the meat will melt in your mouth another restaurant if you’re looking for amazing Greek seafood is called Taverna muscosa squid was amazing there octopus is amazing really anything you order there is gonna be fantastic and fresh it’s a great place and there’s one more just ultimate restaurant Greek restaurant that I have to tell you about and this is a restaurant that requires a little bit of a planning it’s a little bit of a mission to get there it’s called trigonal and it’s about 40 kilometers outside of the center of Athens and they serve some of the best grilled meat especially lamb chops that you’ll ever have in your life okay and that does it for the best restaurants I ate at when I was in Athens and another thing I want to talk to you about is the transportation while you’re in Athens go going back to the accommodation if you stay if you choose a place to stay that’s very central within the center of Athens around the Acropolis you can actually walk to many many places yeah so walking is pretty pretty good within the center of Athens however you can take the metro and the metro is not hugely extensive but it is it does cover the central areas of Athens and then there’s also bus and taxi bus I took the bus once and I don’t begin to know all the routes but if you have your phone and if you look up the directions on Google Maps I found it to be very very helpful it will tell you the exact route and bus number that you need to take and then there’s taxis you can jump in a yellow taxi anywhere you are and take a taxi directly to where you’re going there’s an app called taxi beat which is popular in in Athens which you can use to book taxis and it’s a safer way to get a the correct rate without getting ripped off so I would recommend that as well okay I think we’ve covered all the tips I have for you for Athens that’s going to do it for this a thens Travel Guide I hope this Athens travel guide has given you some good ideas about the top things to do and also some of the best restaurants well the best restaurants I tried up

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