Best things To Do in Rome in 2 Days

like to the world really exists 2,000 years ago cannot compute doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Cassidy Clint hey guys it’s me and Cassidy Quinn ha the time has come this is my final video from my trip to Italy and we went to Rome When in Rome I don’t know what we’re gonna do eat a lot of carbs the Spanish Steps tour stop number one come do you feel fancy walking on the Spanish Steps I feel very Spanish I feel like I’m going to start doing a Spanish ever since we got to Italy I’ve been wanting to look into McDonald’s because someone told us they have hot dogs do they have Italian foods in Italian McDonald look at that but like fancy cheese cake look at all the things they have there dancing at cafe oh my goodness this is huge why do you need to make this big any and you order on these things veggie burger McDonald always have a veggie burger life is weird I need to do like six years old they have curly fries but they’re called vertical horizon that’s easy forward I don’t know what the heck that is a lot of people apparently something called the Trevi Fountain would you like to make some friends max as much old guys there we’re really good at this whole Roman interesting for perfect they’ve Benedict 14 just walking down the street and randomly found this guy doing amazing awesome painting art it is beautiful the whole time I just want to tell this girl to turn her phone sideways is holding it vertically I thought you were filming it and your phone was sideways correct like a smart person next would you like some antique salami Oh dad would you like antique salami over there we’ve a found of the Pantheon the Pantheon was incredible it’s like several hundred years of artwork and development and tribute to the Saints I’d really like to come back on Sunday and see the church service you want to come back on Sunday furniture so this yep now we have come to piazza navona which multiple people told us we had to come too so we are here and we’re going to a restaurant my wonderful aunt Rachel suggested called tre Scalini I cannot wait for three scully bruschetta our nature Oh Batsy well that was very good there’s so many things here with truffles in the pasta and I could just eat it forever and ever preparing for our first full day in Rome this is my second coffee before 9 o’clock in the morning good morning cast good morning ciao happy Roma today the family doesn’t roll yeah roma roma so we add in a Roma I’m sure that now we get to go see the Pope already lives it thanks really hard to the vet yeah now we’re going into the Sistine Chapel and apparently you can’t take pictures or videos in there which we will obviously be respectful oh but you just learned that it took a ridiculous number of years to paint and I can’t imagine spending that many years doing anything well so for some reason it smells like bacon in the Vatican right now and now I’m hungry that evening if you live in Sardinia here called the sardine sardine years maksim to think of the Sistine Chapel perfect you’re the Pope you get to ride in some sweet cars that would be my Pope will bill in this actual car pope john paul ii was trapped in the 80s he didn’t die but someone attempted to assassinate him now we’re inside the basilica and I think this is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life it’s true mom who’d you say that was buried over there Santa Claus ho ho holy there are a lot of dead Saints buried around here and it’s kind of creeping me out dead folks and I almost wore that outfit tonight I’m glad I changed I would have been hungover mom is mailing a postcard all the way from the Vatican to Seattle or here she goes after our long walk around the Vatican – easy shows with 4000 yeah how do you think if you are one of these Roman guys back in the day who had a sculpture built it’s a huge honor but do you really want like your private parts just like eternally sculpted I don’t think they cared it just seems very vulnerable and now we’re going to the Colosseum so almost tomorrow’s in years ago they would have laddie you see the fight shows it again and apparently sabina on tour guide told us that all this stuff as you see here used to be covered in marble and people actually stole all the materials to put in their houses or churches or whatever fruit wow it’s amazing they invented the elevator technology so long ago she’s insane that some of this 2,000 years like did the world really exist 2,000 years ago cannot compute do you wish you were born in Gladiator time so you could come in here and fight things it was a gladiator what kind of animals did you fight I was a wildebeest expert good to know is a level six wildebeest were their levels of experts yeah that was the top max what were you fighting what level were you level 10 in Pokemon go no five but I’d be also fun fact the Coliseum is actually just a nickname it was originally named the love iane amphitheater except that sounded British they said it with an Italian accent it’s a turd in that in Rome for walking with the cocktail in our hand and we’re headed to tres de Bouree which means across the river I think we’re crossing the river the river is bellissimo I’m feeling like Italian food maybe it’s only option magic Oh mom do you like the show dad you like it no wallah magic max over here I have been wanting economic ever since we got to Italy and finally I got a zero it’ll leave the best because you even get cheese in your desserts I’m just doing an experiment to see how much cheese I can fit into my body before it explodes they should put some pasta in there by Oh ciao Max is leaving us he’s going to another country my brother it is our last day in Rome our last day in Italy unfortunately and we’re going to see the Pope we’re going back to the Vatican what do they call this thing he just comes out and talks to people I don’t know Sunday speaking Sunday speaking with Papa Francisco like I said yes confirmed look at all the people all the Pope oh oh that’s so good if you’re sure we won’t know how to read man say no oh like we think this is the pop we’re not on tour Sanjaya didn’t no idea what he’s saying it we think the service has completed and the focus on the position we’re blowing this popsicle the pub it was like a very nice man but he’s taking too long to come around so farewell Papa I don’t even know gee oh that’s it I just had what is possibly my last plate of Italian pasta because mom has decided we’re done with Italian food for dinner tonight yes Italian food this evening after 12 days has officially entered an MA status we’re okay with that we’ve had our fill Mama’s happy everybody’s but I would not say we’ve had our fill I don’t think I could ever have my fill Last Supper in Italy you found Greek for you for mother are you happy goodbye parents vacation is officially ending flew to Amsterdam together now I get to go to Portland so yes Here I am back in Portland craving Italian food all the time seriously I could get very used to having pasta as a first course at every dinner and also eating bruschetta multiple times a day but instead I should be going on a post vacation diet that’ll never happen anyways thank you so much for watching you are all bellissimo and I will see you on Sunday ciao for one last time every night I think I ate too much food to ever be hungry again and every morning I wake up hungry good for ourselves for more biking

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