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good morning it’s a rainy Friday here in Paris and I thought that it would be a wonderful time to go for a bike ride because believe it or not as long as it’s not a torrential downpour it’s actually a lot of fun to go for a bike ride in the rain and they haven’t gone on a tour with bike about tours months and this morning it’s also Emily’s tour so I figured I’d go and try to be as big of a distraction as I possibly could for her but also give you a preview of what to expect if you’re looking for a bike for here in Paris I think it’s the best one to go on and there’s a cement truck in my way like not making this stuff up he’s struggling I do have my rain jacket with me just in case it gets nuts and I might actually put it on you with these sprinkles because this jacket is not as rain proof as it looks and after coffee and a waffle I’ll be ready to hop on a bike forgot it’s March first which means charge only Navigo first   okay now we’re background traffic there a couple of updates to make to this video to you that’s part of the reason I’m doing it for those of you that are hoping to do a bike tour not that the previous videos were miss informative but there is you know just new information the first big change is that they’re actually gonna start meeting at the peloton in the morning used to be that they met in front of Notre Dom but instead now gonna meet the peloton you can get a coffee before you go which is Ella that’s all I want right now it’s exactly what I want the other thing is for full disclosure this isn’t a paid advertisement but they do give me a referral fee if you do sign up and say that I sent you so when you sign up make sure you serve the first century anyways it’s good good lawful   from the pellets on your guide in this case Emily will walk you all the way to the bikes they’re not very far away they’re actually underground in the garage so they’ll be nice and dry and your butt won’t get wet when you sit on it benefit downside go to the bathroom and the guide knows you well she’ll leave you behind they went ahead to get set up on the bike so I know where I’m going I’ll catch up to them here in a second and it’s off to the races my ulterior motive for coming out here as I said yesterday my blog is that I want to see how many new space invaders are on the route there a few more that have supposedly been reactivated or put back up that I don’t have at least I don’t think I have so we can find those space invaders today’s a win for me   so far we’ve spotted two space invaders I actually went in and gave them a little speech about space invaders which is great we’ll see how many more we spot but one of them was the one we got yesterday on the wheel some of the stops are better than others this is probably one of the best ones out in plastic depending which guide you get they might walk you into the park I usually stopped in the corner over there right next to Taos there’s a lot of interesting stuff like Taos spoiler alert that you get to see while you’re on these tours there’s also another space invader right over there and I can actually see it from here we’re not close enough to get it but if you’re on the tour make sure you have the flashing videos up before you start because you’ll be able to get a few at the very least anywho we’re getting close to our snack break in the middle of the tour which lasts about three and a half hours or something like that there’s a snack break slash lunch break depending on the time of day that’s what I’m most looking forward to right now we have a few more stops between us and that all evening today has been a banana so far so yeah there’s a reason I’m hungry   now when you get to this part of the tour right as you be Plast Evo’s just after at the end of this little street don’t forget to look back it’s a wonderful view and you don’t want to miss it protip that’s a new one I don’t have that one don’t bother waiting for me I’ll catch up I gotta get this and immediately after that one oh not made by invader got me suckered me in I was really excited he has a couple that looks sort of like that so but you know at least I got one new one that’s exciting and I gotta catch up to the group now look at that left me behind oh but I got to stop because there’s another one right here I don’t know I’m never gonna catch up to them two out of three nuts of Ed what what I got two space invaders and one was fake is what this choice about something so I might as well how you doing   she’s doing great I’m going fine it’s bouncing around finding space invaders oh they found a ton lately it’s a competition between some of the local families and me apparently those kids man they’re after me so nice to get out on a bike again definitely chillin Paris the weather has been fine the rain stopped Paris is so beautiful when it’s overcast especially when there’s texture to the clouds from talking me wrong I love blue skies it’s just that they’re not so great for photos and it’s just nice enteral Paris is great in all weather also this one’s a dangerous one to get but if he can there’s a space invader right here by this pizza shop that one’s gonna be tough cuz you got to keep moving on this one so but so you know it’s there I think we’re up to five or six invaders now on this work not so bad there are two more that we’re gonna hit very soon that I know of I’m nerding out here if for those of you that just want to take a bike tour in Paris you can do you don’t have to do this basic edit then you can just wander through the city on a bike and it’s pretty great as it is whoo all the construction certainly is complicating things today a little bit we’re doing a lot of work around town right now many of you’re probably wondering like well is it safe to ride your bike around in Paris and the answer is yes bike lanes everywhere today we’re going really slow I mean you just kind of take a nice easy pace the cars are generally very respectful of bikes honestly the most dangerous part about doing a bike tour is the pedestrians you got to watch out for foot traffic those guys will get you except not phenomenal and you can just see so much of the city within just a few hours it’s definitely one of the first thing I recommend to friends and family anybody that comes to town but even if you have been depressed before you lived here for a while it’s really nice just to see everything above ground and get around quickly and it’s really nice just to have somebody to show you around because then you can enjoy yourself you’re not worried about finding a roof you’re not worried about traffic and blah blah blah you’re just kind of chillin I’m at the back of the pack right now and it’s in Italy real chill but not so children I don’t want lunch that’s still what I’m craving we’re getting closer   I do have this one I got it yesterday sunshine for a moment I’m just gonna absorb this Emily’s talking I’m absorbing sunlight   the flower market which on Sundays turns into a bird market more of a song she gets through here but it is entertaining to see like the chickens a lot of other kinds of birds too with the chickens and every time I come through there are two huge chickens and it seems like nobody ever wants to buy them so say hi to the chickens for me I’m running away from the group now just so I can keep ready for a second   few space invaders over here on the fountain there’s actually a couple more along here so that brings us up to seven then there’s an eighth one just around the corner here and a ninth one ahead which I don’t think you’re gonna pass that one cuz we’re gonna take this route they’re like a few different ways you can go through here but uh yeah I can get off the space invader kick again all of us lunch   there’s one that’s been reactivated on the corner behind me there’s a Mario star ahead of you it’s a good collection and we’re finally at lunch now there have been some changes to the streets since last time I was here but the Smiths bakery probably the best spot on the street unless there’s something new that’s gone in that’s even better and there’s a cavity out here as well if you want to buy some beer like good craft beer for sale in this place these guys are in my guide along with a whole bunch of other places you didn’t realize I also have a guide that you can download pdf like over two hundred fourteen recommendations bunch of essays about what to do in the city where to stay how to avoid scams all that stuff offer like twenty bucks which I’ll link below as well so go on a bike tour but also got my guide you know for more than what you see on the bike to her worth it I thought about getting a quiche because you can never go wrong with each but then they’ve got gym ball they play a bunch of different parts I’ve never seen one of those to try it in the cookie – because I’m obsessed with finding the right house in town   just save the cookie I think for later but I’ll let you know how it is once I’ve had it from here we’re going to bounce down back to the river right around on the move a little bit and take the secret tunnel they’re covering more space invaders down here I’m gonna keep those secret I gotta like leave some parts of this tour out so you know you get an idea what’s on it but there’s a lot of good stuff to go a video about that it’s one of my most popular videos if not my most popular video how to do the move quickly and efficiently it’s not exhaustive guide to the Louvre because this place would absorb your entire life if you gave it to it it’s just too heavy if you’re running short on time and plot a route through to see the best stuff and of course if you got the time take the time spend a lot of time will leave if you can flow worth it   this part is the best-kept non-secret in paris a lot of people don’t know where this is how to get to it how to enjoy it see your town also like my favorite part of the whole tour I broke away snuck off stole the bike wow it’s a really fun tour it’s a great way to go three and half hours might sound long but it goes by really quickly you see a lot and it’s not hard Paris is pretty flat very enjoyable you might get a real coffee here and then I’ve got to meet up tonight so I gotta go home and work edit it that meet up I gotta go it’s starting to rain a lot harder if you manage to make it out it was great to meet you thanks for coming out if you missed it don’t worry there’ll be a lot more of them in the near future we’re back to full-on grey and an expression that I never heard before I moved overseas it is spitting rain right now that’s the perfect way to say it rating aside I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning for yet more enjoyable times from grey Paris probably grey I’m guessing you know if we having a wonderful weekend wherever it is you are also happy two years to me today is officially my two-year anniversary of staying in Paris living in Paris moved here two years ago today getting a little bit hyperactive I’ll see you tomorrow

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