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headed to Brussels get out the Train so why am I in Brussels that’s the question that everybody probably is asking him right now I’m here because my buddy mark is on his way to the chef Marcus the surgeon you’ve met before briefly on this vide Guinea and he’s passing through here for one day and one day only and you know what I decided to work in a long time and I love Marky I wanna spend some time with him and this year this is another blog of one of the like try to travel to see friends I wanted to focus on seeing friends travelling with friends last year was going to new places this year friend focused so why not put that practice figure out how I’m gonna go get some coffee because marks I’m gonna be here for a few hours it was only an hour and 20 minute train ride from Paris to Brussels just nuts and I got a really cheap ticket which is why I went for it so I figured could get here early I got here too early really that’s okay because now I can go sit find some coffee and write for a bit known markets here we’ll see how much exploring he’s up for and you know you can wander from there I really just want to get fries in a beer that’s what that’s like best for me and that’s the only cultural experience had been for a while in here I just got to follow these ridiculous signs and find the tram 24 hours of sweet sweet freedom there’s like 754 a 24-hour pass we’re gonna go up to the surface craft rim starting to feel a little bit more like I have an appetite slowly but surely sit work for a while and then we’ll just join up with mark as soon as he you know shows up in town theoretically place you’re going is just around the corner it took me a little bit yeah okay clothes delicious figured I’m in a country that serves breakfast should definitely get breakfast waffles eggs bacon what is this magic it’s wonderful I’m gonna go to the center now wander around for a little bit see if we can fun little peeny boy mister in Belgium and Mark is not coming nearly as early as it thought he was he’s not gonna get here until 6:00 p.m. something like that so I got a lot of writing done I actually got a lot a lot done which feels really really good so the other thing we might be able to do find some space invaders I’d have to wander if you find a space invader or two I didn’t even think about that so just now let’s go find something turns out they’re like 40 of them in the city or at least there used to be crunch of them are here in the center so getting off once up earlier than intended try and start finding them including will also find a little little pissy the men in the men can piss it’s like little pissing boy it’s the weirdest National Monument you see a lot of space invaders peeing here in a second you know Maj two that maybe we can talk about that or maybe we should just not I don’t know if you know if you know me you know I have mixed feelings about Brussels mainly because of Brussels Airlines but the little pig boy statue thing that’s that’s one of them too this is a music museum my aunt brought me here by Antony used to live in Belgium and they lived in Brussels and when I came to visit we went there and actually has like a nice little bar on top with a great view remember that very nice no time now though no time for music only space invaders there’s one around here somewhere these guys said that it was here somewhere but they don’t know where it is either it might be up higher looking in this courtyard though just to be sure it normally he wouldn’t hide it all the way well that’s not true sometimes they are hidden back here but go upstairs to find first the first one that I went for has been removed you can see some of the cement still up there I won’t be discouraged I’m gonna find I’m gonna find a handful on the map I need food but I’m gonna try and find a few more first fries are the thing after yeah I think I might try to get some fries just to hold me over long enough to wait for mark and then ring get real food but yeah I need to get a cone of rice while I’m here the Dalton’s down they keep taking the space invaders down that’s I think but four out of five that have been taken down hard for me to justify stop me getting my much deserved snack but I haven’t earned it by finding still active space emitters is driving me a little bit crazy then I can already see that this one’s have been taken down read I promote from a block away have you no respect Belgium drive me nuts man you can see like wicked this is right there like five out of six that have been taken down but why why not too easy they’ve been still they’ve still got the statue of the child urinating but they’ve taken down the space invader that was here and here I thought Brussels antagonism towards me had simmered down but it turns out destined to be nemesis alright there’s another one down here to the left you’re wondering how I’m finding these so quickly well finding that they’re taken down so quickly invader actually has marked all of this stuff online you can find PDF documents or like slideshares he’s been really just about marking all this stuff down throughout his entire career now is the right I remember look at the map again there should be one more down here if this one’s taken down I’m definitely giving up just long enough to get a snack I think it’s gonna be down this way let’s find out that’s a bad sign I don’t know if that’s where it’s supposed to be or not the corners does not look good Brussels good grief I already had my problems with this city and I thought we were past it I thought we were that we were good this reignites the full antagonism right that’s like seven in a row that have been taken down what is wrong with this place alright we’ve got two more I’m still looking around just in case I missed it but I don’t think that this one’s here two more in the map 20 minute walk till I have a snack because I actually really have been hungry for this entire wander this is a danger though you start wandering you start exploring you start hunting space invaders you don’t take care of your carnal needs namely eating and drinking both important mark has landed he’s waiting for his bag so we will hope a cup with him in the next couple of hours I think he’s gonna drop his stuff up at the hotel and then make his way into town so that means we’ve got time to go at least find these one of these freakin space invaders and then get a snack and then hang out mark that’ll be the best part I mean I came here for mark that was the main reason I’m here so finding one space invader is better than finding no space invaders but seriously Belgium if you’re wondering why okay so the whole Brussels thing I’ll link to it I told the whole story before but basically Brussels Airlines stranded me in Sierra Leone for a few days when I was trying to get out to come to Europe getting stranded in Sierra Leone is kind of a big deal it’s a long story I’ll link to it above but I thought that I gotten over it I liked Belgium I loved Belgian chocolate the beer they invented the French fry waffles there’s a lot to love here but this anti space invaders stance they’ve taken borderline unforgivable   did you have some great street art around here though so they got that going for him I mean this theme – that’s really nice it’s really pretty I like some of your street art Brussels why’d you have to deface the best parts thank God Cafe left I love left I was gonna be really disappointed if they let me down on this one and they burned my business I’m gonna have some like fries in a beer here because I need it desperately you know that’s – two out of like eight or nine I don’t even know how many we’re on right now   see that was good beer and fries this place has got that down now if only it respected invaders okay I’m gonna try two more and then head to the last one that I hope is there at the delirium cafe and I just love delirium anyway are so gonna meet me there we’ll chill for a little bit to the sunset have a little bromance I got a hot back on the Trinity back to Karis been a pretty pretty full day okay that feels like a real victory right now we’ve got three hoping to get four and if I’m lucky five which is a very low number for how many I’ve tried to get today and it’s gone to nobody’s surprise well back on high you can see where they used to be both removed both of them both of them come on who’s wrong with this town there’s so many great things about the city so much good food such nice people what the what is wrong with anyways I’m gonna go meet mark now thank God we’ll wait here for market then this might have been a poor choice I mean she was a beer we’ll be fine it’s more than we might be food it doesn’t show me yours   [Laughter] we made friends and took photos I’ve done that one we’re just good we made friends we took photos in a photobooth hey get to the train station so we’re gonna find food and then

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