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morning people are manners somebody’s making an entrance out here so I’m going to go ahead and make an exit I gotta go I was gonna just leave straight from here but I actually need to go down to the peloton to grab that tube full of posters again and bring it back here because I just took it down there and left it down there yesterday so oh well I’ll grab coffee I’m really gonna complain about that and then I’ll come back grab my stuff head to the airport and then we’re on our way do I tell you before we get there nah I don’t I mean you probably know because the problem is your previous you’re headed to Budapest I’ve never been to Budapest before really sad you go to Budapest that’s as many times as I’m gonna say Budapest without saying Budapest when we get to Budapest for you to put a pass for on our way to Budapest and should make your time and Budapest let’s go to Budapest after we’re gonna coffee at the peloton cuz leave for men well I was gonna wake up now anyway so I can’t really   collected Silva piece it wasn’t gonna come down here today but well these are very expensive and kind of important also what are they doing they’re like pumping sewage out of here or something yeah let’s get out of here before that gets whatever is going on to the airport   I watched up in the air last night it was good and also like weirdly nostalgic when I was traveling a lot as a consultant like I’m gonna play in every three days or so not quite as intense as him at all but it’s funny because a lot of people would actually tell me that my life looked pretty much exactly like his and then would also tell me not to watch the movie until I’d quit that job because I’d be a little bit depressing there right I definitely maybe I should have watched it earlier actually a lot of whooping whoop to F might have woken me up to the realities of the lifestyle that I chose and I don’t know but it’s interesting to think about like just the sheer loneliness of life on the road and how much his philosophy and mine are similar and different at the same time Givens unit go watch it it’s good but I definitely adhere to the idea of basically living life out of a backpack as far as your physical possessions go but definitely not as far as relationships go and that was one of the things that that lifestyle traveling all the time not owning or renting anywhere just living in hotels and airports definitely lent itself towards severe isolation and it cost me a lot in other ways especially with relationships so as I traveled more especially as they start to travel more within europe and bouncing around it’s definitely something to consider and to keep you know thinking about that as I’m currently in an airport I was have a confession to make whether make it today or tomorrow not sure but it’s gonna get made very very soon I will say though that watching that movie made me miss certain aspects of travel life like have these status so there was a minor collision ahead of me getting to check-in and security and on the plane and upgrades and all those things that was nice do you want to fly that much to earn it no no you don’t a little bit too much but I mean the perks of status are real speaking of which this here’s the thing if you had status you could work here where it says number one and there’s like no line that’s the security line over there without status you get to deal with all this I mean you know can you pay for it one way or another   I don’t think I’ve ever been in this terminal there’s the whole thing of restaurants down here   so far it’s still ridiculous but they are doing a lot to improve it I’m not increasingly depressed   rom isn’t still not a fan of any of these restaurants really let’s go down there there and there there’s even more under here he’s gonna go for a sandwich but options were limited to say the least I did for the sushi place because this is this smell good literally nothing else is getting really picky lately for my cravings   the noodles are kind of mushy   mushy noodles and mediocre sushi a light lunch is better than no lunch and I couldn’t finish is not great all right let’s go   alright here we go yeah it’s a very small exit it’s weird anyways welcome to Budapest time to explore my host that the taxi was not expensive and the best way to get into town so I’m just gonna go for it like things like maybe 20 euros to get in town we’re gonna find out   get it Lisa I had to remind him also Airbnb decided that now is a good time to kick me out of the app the door codes are okay not too shabby I like it the pictures do it justice for sure it has the loft like two stories otherwise very small that means that the super small it doesn’t forget at my place I’m here I’m going to hmm what do I do now I need food haven’t I had a Madeleine for lunch there France Madeleine and yet I’m not feeling like super hungry but we all know that that’s not gonna I’m definitely hungry okay let’s uh I’ll put my stuff away all for yourself okay yeah   this is pretty cool I like this whoa there’s a whole second better we’ll do the tour at some point I’m gonna do i do what do i do some work first and then go eat now if you eat   57 pretty sure that’s like when cheese cents for the peach and then this was right around the corner I think I’m staying in a decent neighborhood   I asked the cops where I should fly they said not in the square get out of the square apparently I was still too close to the square they’re very nice though very friendly guys just told me to move farther down the river the nice thing is that yeah illegal to fly drones here just got to be careful where you fly so you don’t you know get the military called on you I think they actually might have been military guards I’m not sure what they were thankfully they were nice I think they’re friendly I’m so excited to be here glad I’m a drone okay so Buddha and pests don’t explore both cities well it’s now all one city but it used to be two cities I didn’t know that till recently I’m gonna learn a lot of things while I’m here I’m sure head of peach peach wasn’t enough but we’re running out of daylight quickly so I’m gonna try and get a few more shots and then you know dinner   trying to do math like convert the costs it’s like two euros for a beer two maybe three years for up yep three-year-olds 3:30 wit the cup you had to pay for the captain but I’m at okay now I need to go find food I’ll finish this in that you go fight this is a great spot to sit and have a beer though for sure   my phone is about to die so I ordered a woodfired pizza because they’re doing woodfired pizza here which sounds awesome I’m just gonna go ahead and grab one of those and walk back to my place because I’m actually very very close to this place I definitely can be back here for a drink and a sunset later when I don’t you know have to finish editing maybe I’ll figure this out anyways if you enjoyed this I’ll be in Budapest for a little while come back for more we’re gonna explore this city looks beautiful I can’t wait to explore the rest of it so yeah tune back in tomorrow for that another wise I’ll see you tomorrow it’s all I got I’ll see you tomorrow

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