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okay that was I’m still really tired and still suffering from I don’t know I need an attitude adjustment which we’re gonna try and go get by looking at couches right now which is like Laura’s favorite thing to do in the world furniture shopping and I’m feeling I’ve done some measurements I have a feeling that ia I have a good idea of what I could get in there but we’re gonna go to this place I don’t see last time they’re doing a clearance it’s like 60% off their couches pretty nice good see what I kind of deal I can get and what kind of couches are available it’s not an ad for them but I do need a couch how’s your waffle it’s good this story is actually really big for Paris getting a furniture huh   so the color of my bed is gonna be a fairly it’s like I think a very dark bird not burgundy mahogany and dark mahogany finish or white this dark mahogany and white I think I remember what the colors are but it leaves us pretty open options I’d like something colorful if possible but if it has to be dreary did you sink into that one a little bit more yeah yeah because you’re sitting on a metal one that’s why it’s so much cheaper to you right and now you know the difference now you’re ruined yep how’d they get you but I’m gonna I want to spend a lot of time on this couch so where we’ll try more couches hold on but I was just explaining to her I was doing the measurements yesterday which you saw in the vlog if you saw yesterday’s vlog at least the end of it and bows in so I redid these and this is just this section is down here so I have three point four six meters the desk is 60 centimeters deep but there’s also 11 centimeters for the radiator so you got it’s like 71 centimeters here and 48 centimeters for that stairwell sorry you can still see I’ve got some grape junk in my fingernails sorry about that we have 1.19 meters of space between them but I have to have enough space for a chair here so wait a second hold on okay so that’s the space I have this is Jays does Jay’s brain on Van Daan Sh okay so anyways we have two point two seven meters to play with I was trying to measure it out with my bed yesterday the mattress might have threw me off I don’t know what’s wrong with me I’m really tired I need to sleep for a week but in the meantime like this to sleep on it so 2.27 meters I want just probably a little bit of space so I can shift the couch if I have to get into the drawers on the side but I also want enough space to actually sit at my desk so I figured I probably need space this is 182 centimeters wide that’s enough space to get a chair in and I also have no space on the edge as long as it’s not too deep I think we can do this with you I think we can do this   oh wow no maybe this guy though   it’s nice but you see you see the firmness that yeah makes a huge difference to have the I think I should another video I’m not sure you can pull this out so it’s the support that these things this wood here gives yeah because that’s what’s underneath you the weight of you this this goes under your feet but and the mattresses are nice yeah so it comes with a nice a nice like floofy mattress and then the wood is just actually really it’s fairly comfortable just nice big fat wood slats but this one’s to Grandma Ian styling so anyways yeah I’m gonna get that couch it’s 60% off it’s the exact you the exact color that I want it’s so comfy   by just about a couch she’s way more excited than I am I’m suffering a little bit of like oh my god well now I have to live in Paris alright let’s go catch the Metro we’re gonna go meet Brian and Leanne for lunch before we hop on the train and then hop on the train and then ride the train it’s gonna be fairly linear from here on out that was unexpected I did not expect to buy a couch today but I’ve been wanting one obviously for a really long time 60% off snot bad it’s a great couch the only possible drawback that was causing me a little bit of like hesitation was because the material would be different than the one we were sitting on it was the nicer texture the material we were sitting on but I’ll be fine 60% off you have to have a different that’s true if I want what exactly what I want then I could pay full price so there you go that’s a good perspective this place isn’t my guy I haven’t plugged my guide in a while go by my guide to Paris anyway I don’t know if they’re here or not my mother grabbed the table though wait for them outside ideally right got the chicken fingers you just saw that’s left ran out of sauce but it’s very good he’s didn’t eat enough for that circuit I’m saving the burger and stuff the Kamel is in my eyes and said it’s under the cool event which is the park that inspired the High Line in New York so it’s an old train line that’s been turned into a park didn’t go along the assets’ very nice try it we got a great about train though I’m gonna sleep on the train that’s my plan hi bran friends looking at me through the camera right now I’m just seeing if I can make him make him do something weird yeah I did something weird you ever wonder what happened to dead bugs on the train anyway speaking of bugs on a train let’s get on the train for those of you didn’t know I used to live in Nice so we’re going to kind of my old neighborhood but like richer more boring area of my old neighborhood the road I go to can you got to go to your rich people are famous people things like dumb festivals or yeah festivals how my usual seasons but I’m gonna enjoy hanging out with a bunch of yachts nonetheless Carwin we’ve got a ways to go we’re trying to car 17   well this is my very smoothie travel by train is kind of amazing because you go from city center to city center one of my favorite things the other thing is that there’s actually some space we’re slowing down so I get thrown to the wall it’s because the Train is stopping where Marseille right now it’s the first stop from Paris we’re gonna stop I think I don’t know two or three or four times maybe we’ll end up in can very soon though I’m looking forward to it but seriously travel by train is great I just translated a script able to get some work done I’m gonna start editing this so I I can go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight and and then tomorrow is yacht time but everybody out there is probably wondering who I’m talking to in the toilet but you know it’s kind it’s you know it’s fun to keep people guessing so I would keep talking here but I should want to get out   all right we’re in Ken we don’t know how I’m gonna follow this one out because I think she knows what I do how to get out of here than we do but go straight to the apartment I don’t have any battery left like I’ve got like seven percent so this could be the end of things we ready to go find the Airbnb get settled in eat dinner this could be the end I can

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