Cardiff Wales Travel Guide

good morning everyone from Cardiff we just drove two hours from London to here and I’m so hungry because we started our journey 6:30 and now is around 9:25 and apparently everybody to sleep in because the city is so quiet because it’s Saturday and sunny this goal to find place to have breakfast   we can see as in the menu there is full English background which I know and I’m familiar with that but there is another one Welsh breakfast the difference between them this one is the English breakfast free range eggs breakfast potatoes bacon sausage mushroom beans tomato tomato and toast these are free-range eggs black pudding or black puddings and cockles   this look actually and between the English breakfast and brunch very fast Iran for vegetarian option users that are rich – I’m not rich there but I like vegetarian sir   I’m cool and I’m satisfied   let’s go back on the road I don’t know where we are going but we are going to have adventure we are going to words words to the end of the last     I don’t know kind of middle of nowhere give you more interesting   we arrived somewhere actually we don’t know exactly where we are but we pointed in a google map somewhere and actually we drove through some crazy road and now you’re here but the view from some part of the road we could see it was amazing let’s go and figure out but I know here is exactly in front of where we parked but actually this is a small beach and we are not going to stream and we are going to take a path and heart update TCW I think the video has kind of better view of the sea and some keys   village is still amazing so beautiful and is good for taking photo we took some photos for my Instagram if you don’t follow me on Instagram go and check here I have a good fit and you will like it I discovered beautiful I don’t know I don’t think he’s still want to see but this amazing     I just climbed this and now I’m here you can see what I can say just   the skull because we are heading to our car because we haven’t booked anything and we don’t we have no idea where we are staying tonight and before his getting dark you should find a place to sleep now we were in search of a room we are going to check the room out and if you like it I feel like the view on the room and we are going to tell her that we are getting this room for tonight this room is gonna be helpful and now we are waiting for our food for dinner I don’t know it’s lunch or dinner because we they I have lunch and the funny thing is these for this restaurant didn’t have any table all of the favorite evaporator and we have just one hour to eat to finish our food and we should leave this table it’s already reserved and yeah this is kuchi because this is a really small   look what we found this catechol is so huge and so amazing nummies totally different from all other classical I’ve been and I’ve seen it’s really beautiful I mean I saw the picture when we came to Sam Davis but I didn’t think it gonna be so amazing

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