Château and French Country Side Holidays

come to me my car pays it comes to me I feel like a wizard they’re fast swimmers compared to the ones in Versailles my goodness   figuring out where everything is we’re gonna take bikes into the little village here grab bakery food baked goods Wow I slept up I got a decent night’s sleep and I still don’t know how to use the English language we’re gonna try to figure out why the Wi-Fi situation so that I can show up on yesterday’s vlog because otherwise made her happy   I’ve never ridden a bike like this before so this is the videoing is not a good idea   mmm Balan tastes delicious we rode to the bakery back now we’re just scavenging in the yard finding small snacks where we can then I think it’s off to hunt for castles what is it butter and sugar that’s amazing this is the local look with the light what’s it called again why you boy wants to play with your carcass msq Don okay and wait now it’s fresh so you can cut it I was gonna say that looks release but when it’s not you just break it off that’s my really pissed mmm-hmm it’s like a cookie it’s kind of the same density of a sugar cookie of course it’s superior in every way   I see a shower and then we’re gonna go try and find Wi-Fi cuz obviously I have not uploaded my blog from yesterday we don’t have enough phone service out here which is wonderful and actually I’d love to live in that as best as possible but I have a commitment to put something on the internet so as I didn’t post the photo the day yesterday because of Internet so as far as the velocity of that goes I’ve always taken a photo from everyday and posted it as soon as I got back like there were times when I was up somewhere in the part of West Africa where I didn’t have internet and so I would always post it eventually same thing with the vlog I will still make one even if I don’t have the internet and might just have to batch post them later of course comes to worse we’ll find out soon all right we’re gonna go find Wi-Fi and then who are you picking up at the transition Lorenzo rates it we’re gonna find Lorenzo and then find some castles parked at the train station and now we are on the hunt for Wi-Fi so I’m feeling less optimistic about actually literally everything is closed around here wait I’m waiting   with Wi-Fi and lunch at the same time but this tables not the most need to do my newsletter with a great man manda Lorenzo huh I said we found a Lorenza   it’s not too shabby so we’re gonna get a little bit of wine here I don’t know I’m just along for the ride at this point we’re gonna get some wine and then I’m gonna be pushing pretty hard to go to a chateau one of these points we’ll see look I’ve been taking pictures of combines over here city boys   we’re learning all about the different salta there’s like three different soil types within 100 meters of here that’s history lots of battles were fought here this whole thing is there’s an underground river down here that they actually used to escape and sneak around when the English were here and ahead of David so there’s a lot of history here   so basically this dates back to the 1300s then and they’ve dug this whole thing out to look like a church basically there’s an underground river here that they put to work for themselves and then slowly dug it out over the centuries into something bigger   well that was a surprise that no idea we were gonna go on a wine tour today but it was really interesting it’s really cool this area has a lot of history we got like the tour and the history all in one go which is really really fun and the gap or like underground the stellar effectively where they used to make the wine and you everything else goes back like seven hundred years which is pretty crazy so it’s really fun tasty wine it’s biological wine by logic be logic it’s a vegan wine I have no idea how to translate that actually you I’ll be sure to put a link in the description if you guys are interested in coming checking this out but apparently it’s the number one selling wine in all of a Sweden which is super random so there you go so we made it but we think I may already be closed read to find out that’s a mushroom what oh yeah this is way better way more like it look at this still looks closed but at least it’s better than the back door   dc-dc they say these chimneys are the I think the coolest right look at those red chimneys out there I will try to actually get into a castle tomorrow one of our goals so there’s two bakeries in this village that we’ve just ended up and this one and that one seam the bread is the same in both and equally bad in book

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