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morning it is my birthday I made it another year my Airbnb hosts are really kind because there was a little bit of a basically I guess normally they would meet me and introduce me to the apartment but they couldn’t because stuff happens so they left my keys at a coffee shop and they were very kind if I made coffee that coffee shop but because my plane was delayed by like four hours it was not Coffee time by the time I got back a little bit late so I’m gonna go collect that coffee now and then head down to the water and get on a boat and then ride a boat around I don’t know why this is like my boat simulation motion but this is what I got kind of wish that I got more sleep now realizing how ridiculous I must look anyways lack of sleep aside and need for coffee I just didn’t sleep super well the Sun kind of hit me right in the face in the morning and just kind of toss and turn so all of that aside let’s go get on a boat   [Applause]   the huge cup of coffee morning   now that we’ve seen the menial guru I was gonna say since it isn’t a birthday I want to spend some time reflecting on the last year and specifically all the good things that happen this last year which I have a feeling I’m not gonna be able remember half of them but to cap that off or to start us off I was really hoping that today as like a birthday wish president whatever that I would actually end up getting to cross the next goal on patreon so we can unlock the European travel goal and we just did that I didn’t have to bring it up thanks tobacco’s thank you so much for how I says you just push this over the top which is really really great between her and Susan who were both incredibly generous and up their pledges I’ll be unlocking that poll here today so I’m really excited for that maybe even thinking about jumping on patreon and you feel like wishing me a happy birthday by doing so I will not I will not be offended it’s a MIT’s chain it absolutely changed my life and that something that will cover today I am sure   sitting here on a bench while I wait for the boat the boats just down here I’m not waiting for the boat waiting for the timing you don’t wanna be the one that shows up too early they want you to be there early but like too early I don’t wanna be that so I’m just responding to comments and messages and whatever else starting way behind like I said this is still a work trip and even that’s my birthday still working a little bit I try to work a little bit less but you know gotta do some work especially when people are like when the patron that that blew my mind okay reflections one of the old man pieces of wisdom that I was going to give yesterday on the travel front is wind traveling if you even remotely thinking use the restroom and you see a restroom just take it use it otherwise you might end up on a boat in a harbor for an hour and wishing you have do it not that I just did that or anything I might have just snuck into a really nice hotel though and what’s also great can turn that into a tip as well because hotels are amazing for that they don’t know who is actually staying at the hotel and who’s not if it’s a big enough Lobby to walk on in and use the restroom walk back out and I just totally sold myself out anyways the last year has been fantastic really I mean a year ago it was very very stressful exactly a year ago my birthday last year I was in like a world of distress I was between seasons on my blog I was struggling just to survive barely making ends meet and now a year later I’m able to make a few random trips just to fulfill a self-imposed goal of getting to 40 countries before the end of this season in my vlog and what a crazy difference in life that is it’s insane [Applause]   it looks a lot like the boat from the pictures I got I got actually figure out where I’m supposed to go now yeah hey captain is the name of the company I’m going out with today I don’t really don’t know what to expect but the boats look kind of nice from the pictures and I figured you know seeing this place from the water would probably be really Pleasant give it a go apparently the trick was to find the blue van the captain will pick us up here captain and then head out into the harbor or the canals I don’t know where we’re going   captain for sure     I just got to get my land legs again that was really fun Molly the guide was lovely and pointed me in the direction of a massive food truck area apparently called mother effing I’m gonna hop on a ferry and go there and have lunch I mean that sounds good I am I’m really ready   alright let’s find the street food i him that took a while this is an intense spot for lunch basically got off the ferry walked around me to you around like I don’t know if it was a canal or what you would call that over there very industrial and supposedly there’s just a lot of good fruit over here I’m excited for that I’m hungry I was thinking about this the other day that I’m so happy that I’m in a spot now where I went from like literally only being able to have like a dummy bag yet for breakfasts and a banana and you know buying food when I got tipped doing bike tours last year to being in a spot where I can’t go crazy I couldn’t pay rent if I had to yet but I’m fine like I can buy food meat you go I don’t know it’s like it’s what it what a crazy life changed it’s been and largely due to patreon and the growth of the YouTube channel and it’s really exciting push how to bike right now to get around so much faster we’re going back in there in a minute   I’m suffering from trace paralysis how the sudden come back   yeah   what marinated pork filete what yes I mentioned it was my birthday and they just gave them to me for free that was a good birthday present thank you very much if you’re ever in Copenhagen you got to check these guys out I’ll make sure to post their faces on here even more can’t wait to eat these I need a drink and shade because I’m gonna burn if I stay out in the Sun too much longer   happy birthday to me yeah I bought them a quick thank you very for my birthday nachos and then and then I’ll go sit down and eat finally I’ll get a beer for myself after I eat   except for an iced coffee instead of beer because you know it’s early I’m by myself gonna go for a walk through hold on a second okay one birthday beer and then I gotta go for a walk through the hippie commune before I head back to edit this just a small one and I think it’s good to know about this place is that it’s hard yeah brewery here mechana this is the only place that takes cash I think the rest of all only cards which could be a problem we’ll find out if I’m getting charged for that or not highly recommended I’m gonna walk through Christian yeah Christiana Christiana I don’t know not sure how to say it but it’s the free state that exists within Copenhagen like it’s its own flawless hippie commune not gonna take any photos in there cuz apparently they will break your stuff if they see you taking photos they sell weed there among possibly other drugs so I’m gonna walk through try not to piss off any hippy drug dealers and get my camera broken and you know let you know what it’s like on the other side I’m gonna get to the hippie kill me and then expected so in the meantime other things I’m grateful for this year I got to go something like eight new countries this year something like that eight ish nine ish I don’t remember doing a really bad job of counting bees so that’s really cool to vidcon’s got to go to New Orleans right never been before the VidCon in California was really cool never been to that before so that was really neat made a lot of really good friends this year I did I met Bhushan this year which is really really good among a lot of other people I probably shouldn’t name names cuz then I’m gonna start leaving people out so we’ll just leave it at that but uh really grateful for all the new friends that I’ve made the new places have gotten to go new foods have gotten to try I don’t know it’s been a very very full year and thankfully it’s well documented cuz obviously my memory is not working the best it gets a little bit overwhelming it’s hard to remember got to see my family more than I expected this year to surprise them just recently which is really good and I’m just generally very very grateful for the upward tick and getting to a place finally where I’m not waiting for the other foot to drop the other boot to drop so to speak like I’m actually starting to feel like oh maybe things are gonna work out as long as I keep working out for Humanity in general can’t be exempted from that if things go sideways any time soon all right finally entering a hippie town I’m gonna put my phone away now so there’s stories about them like actually taking people’s cameras and breaking them I don’t want that to be my story so I’m gonna cut it out now that was like part hippie commune part post-apocalyptic pseudo Society interesting to see them building themselves back up after you or whatever zombie apocalypse struck the first thing that you walked by or that I walked by at least actual shipwrecks that have been turned into housing for people that don’t even have electricity half the time or at all super primitive apparently that was interesting and then the rest of it was like yeah I don’t know if you can imagine hippies building in town Lots broken-down bicycles everything painted in rainbow colors smells like weed everywhere you go it’s about what you’d expect but with that post-apocalyptic flare for sure gonna try and get some work done actually this afternoon Annette will go out and try to find the mulled wine and when the patreon food poll and let’s figure it out from there I should probably get some water really thirsty I bought a little MetroCard feel so official I want to start like an actual collection of kits per country like here’s the kit you need to go to this country so every time I go anywhere I’ve got like my MetroCard and currency and electrical plugs everything adapters I mean you don’t I mean I don’t really cool very secret agent esque no extra passports though   it’s got a bunch of work done which is good and a lot of my edit and I need to eat food I’ve had to eat today I had a little opener chuckle ah with my coffee and then that little you know bowl of nacho goodness that’s it I’m hungry so I’m gonna head downtown and I’m gonna try also find the glug glug glug glug I looked it up the best is supposed to be at his this place is where I’m gonna go next so we’re gonna go down there try to find that well maybe not directly next we’ll go down there with suit kind of food is around it’s in like the old town area I think somewhere central ish i’m learning i’m figuring this out if you’re watching this you’re from copenhagen please forgive me for my ignorance let’s go in a classic moment of I shouldn’t have trusted the Internet turns out they only serve it when it’s cold outside so only wintertime mulled wine in the winter makes a lot of sense I’ve read that it was available you know year round I’ve read incorrectly or as informed incorrectly     you know get a drink down here this is the party Street apparently what they told me when I asked where it gets about to get a drink buzzer like just walk on the street for ever you know find something it’s definitely kind of dead right now we’ll see if it comes to life I might just go back towards my place edit maybe get a beer at Nicola and then get some real sleep tonight because I didn’t sleep enough last night so tonight is the night happy birthday sleep ha ha you like this please do subscribe and again if you’re into the patreon thing like if you want to be a part of this it makes yeah that’s another reason this is possible like for me to travel make videos outside of Paris they’re parts of the world moving about so if you enjoyed this you might be a part of it and enable it to go further and vote on where I go in Europe very soon hop on over to patreon that’d be great and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for a little bit more of Copenhagen

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