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hello guys welcome back to my channel if you haven’t watched the last couple of videos then you don’t know that I’m currently backpacking through Europe and in these videos I am breaking down for you exactly how much money I spend while traveling and at the end of each video I give you guys two options and then you choose where I go next so the last video was from Hamburg and then at the end of that I told you guys to vote between Berlin and Copenhagen and Copenhagen won by an overwhelming amount so I am here right now I’m in my hostel so I want to just quickly show you guys around just to get you an idea of yea what everything gets here so this is where it starts this is our room you’ve got a toilet and shower and it’s a six person shared dorm yeah I mean it’s don’t know what more you need really quick mirror sink and it hasn’t got anyone else here it’s just been us in this room so it’s kind of nice to get a little break but there’s also a really really great like common area downstairs so we’ve met some really cool people over dinner last night and yeah this is this is an awesome hostel so far I’m loving it but I only have one day here in Copenhagen so we have to go out because there’s so much to explore I quickly had a look online of like top things to do and there’s so many things so yeah let’s go explore  Krakow we’ve just made it to the first castle of the day it’s crazy we’re like in the centre of Denmark of Copenhagen and there’s a castle chillin and here’s the ground your skirt Eva yeah it’s so I was just thinking like it totally makes sense why so many fairy tales are based on this part of the world because we’re just walking through we’re like well this looks like Alice in Wonderland and this looks like this and yeah it’s just a chick of magical part of the world love it  Krakow [Applause]  Krakow guys Kareena just blew my mind I did not know that there used to be lions who just naturally lived in Europe and they were all in like ancient Greece and ancient Rome and that’s why there’s lions and so much architecture from that like from really really long time ago as ancient civilizations but they went extinct around 100 BC but honestly I’m just like it does make sense because I mean there’s like mountain lions in America and stuff and I guess it was they’re not like the exact lions that were used to seeing in Africa but still well did you guys know that cool  Krakow I am frickin blown away by how beautiful Copenhagen is and I cannot believe that I’ve never been here before like we just walked down a random street and look what we’re looking at right now look how is this real these buildings are so beautiful  Krakow so I think we might found the most beautiful food in Denmark look at this brunch situation and his vegan burger looks out of control also we’re here with my friend Alina  Krakow oh my gosh guys that brunch was in freakin credible and very highly recommend this place and also the square that it’s in there’s a ton of restaurants here so even if you don’t want to eat the vegan Rajesh kind of place there’s still amazing stuff here just look at it how is this real-life just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who voted for Copenhagen on the poll on my Twitter because honestly I’m so happy to be here I cannot believe  Krakow building behind me is the Parliament building and you can normally go in and go up to the top of the tower as well and get a view of the city apparently it’s free but today is Monday and Monday is apparently a terrible name Copenhagen where lots of things are closed so just so you guys know if you come here to Monday last things that because but if you don’t come in a Monday then you should check that out because I think it’d be pretty cool so we’ve come to not gonna try to pronounce it but basically like if you’ve seen pictures of Copenhagen this is probably what you’ve seen this street right here it’s so beautiful it’s on the canal I just love these brightly colored houses I totally have a soft spot for like bright houses everywhere I go I just loved them so much and Copenhagen is a hosta one of the best places that I’ve ever been in terms of bright beautiful houses yeah if only it was sunny I was just saying like I feel like coming here when it’s like really nice and warm and sunny the city would just come alive but it’s still amazing  Krakow guys look at all of these wish trees look wish tree garden and then you tie up your wish and apparently if it falls off from rain or just weather then it’s gonna come true did you find oh you got to write wishes I love doing these things  Krakow just put mine up on this tree right here so if any of you come let me know if you find it and let me know if you don’t find it cuz that means that it’s falling and that my wish will come true yeah  Krakow oh my gosh guys honestly it’s really really cold out I did not dress appropriately my wearing a summer dress but I’m glad let me move in here and this is like such a cozy really cute little food market and there’s so many  Krakow it’s actually closing at the end of the year which is so sad this is such a cool talk and it’s so cozy in the air and I can definitely imagine that in the winter especially when it’s cold out like coming in here and eating really good food with your friends and just be awesome so yeah if you come here by the end before the end of 2017 definitely come here because yeah super super cool spot  Krakow I have died and gone to boardgame heaven my gosh so Ellie told us about the place that her new friends come to hang out or sleep it’s like raining or something and it’s a bar with like hundreds and hundreds if not more of board games and you can like rent out a little board game and just sit and play playing board games and forget love board games you know I just I wanted to come here and show you guys because if it’s raining you can come which apparently rains a lot it’s a great place  Krakow [Applause]  Krakow the hardest thing though is just choosing which one but this it played in South Africa and I do love dead ooh which right now so many I hope you guys liked this vlog of Copenhagen and thank you again to everyone who voted in the poll and everyone who voted for Copenhagen because honestly yeah it was so so amazing so thank you guys yeah and I took a couple days off from the internet trip because I had to fly to London to meet up with Louie because it was basically like the one chance we were gonna be able to see each other possibly for his whole world flight so I saw him for about 24 hours and it was amazing and I just got to Finland with Karina and we’re here for just like two days super quick trip but it was just such an amazing opportunity and hopefully I’m gonna get to the Northern Lights it’s like number one on my bucket list so yeah so take a look tiny quick break from the in trail trip basically like a day or two after you guys are watching this video we’re heading straight back and flying to wherever you guys tell us to go next so either Prague or Krakow those are the two options that I have for you and I’ve heard amazing things about both so super excited to go so yeah head on over to my Twitter and vote for whichever one you want me to head to next and very very soon I will be heading to one of those thank you again for everyone for watching and for just enjoying the series and being a part of this journey cuz it’s been really fun to like get you guys involved and like all of your advice most the place that we’re going to the cities we’re going to by the way are places that you guys are suggesting so thank you for everything and I will see you guys soon bye

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