I went to Mexico City with a Camino travel and rich reporter I’ll leave their links below very much and this trip is all about creatives coming together and kind of thinking about this concept that Richard horror came up with called the honest hustle and this cool it was very very good what we got to do and see and the people we got to me we’re so I mean I wish there was a bigger word beyond inspiring because that’s the one I want to use but it is it was really inspiring and I had the best time and I’m gonna let the video speak for itself but it was a good one 4:30 in the morning and I’m going to Mexico City more details later when I am functioning good bye for now whoa delirious it’s okay I’ll catch up just got to Mexico City the last time you saw me talk was 4:30 in the morning which was good that was good but to catch you up to speed I am in Mexico City with El Camino travel and richer poorer on a little excursion and here’s my room really really cute this little tote bag richer poorer socks full of these ones so cute okay check this out what what everything I’m just gonna chill until dinner at 7:30 and meet some new people there’s a whole bunch of them that seem so cool know what that was great fridges wine and pink pepper some coffee I am ready to get as you can probably see so if you have one rectangle you create a skirt if you have two rectangles you create what we call a fish community for this is a men’s shirt so if you do construct everything you know you come to office then five indigenous men’s pants and then if you continue you’ll see this is what it started looking like what the calling started looking with the like when the Spaniards came so they start doing that you know how do they used to have little collars they start doing this but if you unfold this it’s just gonna be huge rectangle so that’s sort of the way that we have reinterpreted traditional folding into I’m gonna have a thousand and nine cups of coffee and then we’re gonna get some epic Street food Street food tour that’s let’s come in excited today we are gonna be focusing on city streets all regional cuisine so it’s all stuff it’s only really found in mix of a city if it made it outside of excuses that so foressi I am a recent addition of executors allegedly style creaking that came from the Lebanese and Iraqi Christian immigrants that came here at the turn of the century so I’m gonna tell you about authentic Mexican food it’s kind of a something that came more recently and this is sort of taken over you find this now everywhere but it really didn’t start there all right second second IV do better out there don’t Iike go Nika go Nika go go go No guava + tequila yeah last day I’m so sad and so tired today when’s bird that’s lack of sleep by me um anywho coffees in order as I always say hop to it I got ready for dinner last night in Mexico City and I’m just feeling super grateful and I was just thinking about for awesome it’s been meeting everybody I’m gonna touch more on that later by the way I think I’m the only one that got I think I’m the only one that got a huge ass window and there’s my organized mess so I’m gonna head downstairs and meet everyone Ted dinner see you there cuz you know I found that food and drink all right you guys that was it for the Mexico City travel vlog I hope you enjoyed it I want to give a huge thank you shout out to El Camino travel and richer poorer for letting me experience this incredible place and I highly recommend it if you liked the video make sure to like it and subscribe to my new channel if you are into YouTube that would be cool but no pressure either way you can find me on instagram at Ariel of a same a snapchat gets a little weird over there not gonna lie I am super excited to be bringing you more travel vlogs and lifestyle videos and everything in between so I hope you have a great day and I’ll see you in the next one

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