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welcome to Glasgow everyone I’m so excited to be here this is my first time in the city and I haven’t been to Scotland since I was about 8 years old so it’s basically like I’m in a completely new place I have a sort of Glaswegian friend showing me around this is Dee how long have you been a glass patient for two years there’s sort of a glass region we have a fun weekend of things planned get to know the city and learn all about the history and the culture and of course take you along with me so we just had a cup of coffee a really really good cup of coffee that was very necessary at 2 p.m. on a Friday now we’re walking up to the tenement house where chairs an old house that is still preserved as it was back in the 1800s I want to say but I’ll let you know more when we got that the tenement is the traditional form of urban housing in Scotland the multi-storied stone buildings contained multiple residences which shared a common entrance and stairway and the individual flats were called a tenement house this particular tenement house belonged to shorthand typist Miss Agnes Howard who lived here from 1911 until 1965 and preserved her furniture and possessions with love and care inside of four rooms that appear as if frozen in time and provide a rare glimpse into life in Glasgow in the early 20th century miss Howard kept an extensive personal archive that reveals what it meant to be an independent woman at that time this museum was a highlight of my time in Glasgow because it was just the right size completely fascinating and the people who worked there was so enthusiastic about their job it was amazing we came out of the tenement mouth and it had started raining which it does basically all at the time in Glasgow and while looking a little bit wet so now we decided that it’s time stop drinking here we come to a place called watch the opponents which is really cool I’ll show you around and we have gin and tonics and we’re drinking Edinburgh gin even though in Glasgow Scottish Jen do you gonna tell us the story about the cone on the horse that’s not come and put the pole atop his head huh and then the City Council kept sending people clear the hole and since get kept getting drunk and putting the phone back city have the cellar is so expensive instead of someone everyday I wanted to raise the spazio which would cost a lot spot it and people said no that’s a waste of public money so they visitor public policy should we leave the zone should you raise the city let’s see and there we have it why that this statue looks so ridiculous   so it’s continuing on drinking for the flats on a Friday afternoon how many pamphlet plays whole metropolitan how many posses Glasgow inspires Long Island iced teas and they come with this soda called iron brew which I be told in a very Scottish soda I’m gonna try it you want to hold this while I try it visit me back exactly   we’ve come for an Indian meal and look at the side of this bread three feet long   after dinner we headed to a small bar in the back of Tabac called Panther milk bar here they only serve leche de Pantera which is a sweet gin based cocktail originating from Spain known as Panther milk its main ingredient is yep you guessed it milk what is it thank you so this is our first time leaving the house a day and it is 8:15 p.m. we almost caught daylight today but not quite how would you describe our day today Oh day today very very productive we woke up for then like talked for an hour and then Cho chikun three hour nap and we’re like see you tomorrow when in Scotland you have to eat Scottish seafood so for dinner we headed to Gandolfi fish for an exquisite meal seriously absolutely every dish was incredible and then afterwards [Applause]   happy Sunday everyone we have come down to Buchanan’s Street which is the main shopping street in the middle of Glasgow I don’t know why I can never remember where I am we’re not doing any shopping we’re continuing with our sightseeing tour or restarting it again after a little bit of a fail or that was sightseeing on Saturday but it’s beautiful it’s finally not raining this blue sky it’s not too cold so it’s looking up today walking to the lighthouse which is a Macintosh building and we’re walking down this little street and look one of these behind me to back a key a patent the milk bar is I feel like such a local and like I know what’s in that the lighthouse in Glasgow is Scotland’s Centre for design and architecture and was opened as part of Glasgow status as UK city of architecture and design in 1999 the building is the renamed conversion of the former offices of the Glasgow Herald newspaper and was designed by Glasgow’s golden boy architects Charles Rennie Mackintosh and completed in 1895 in addition to having incredible design exhibits and a permanent one on McIntosh’s work and life the building is also known for this incredible spiral staircase that leads up to a viewing platform that gives an uninterrupted view over the entirety of Glasgow cityscape   we’ve got a little bit of a caffeine boost and now we are embarking on a street art mural walking tour that were sort of doing ourselves of Glasgow Kansas City is actually known for its murals right yep there’s a lot of them around so we’re gonna spend an hour or so walking around and seeing them     this really long mural behind me that takes out this whole wall depicts all of the animals that you can find in the parks of Glasgow but last night on Saturday evening I saw a lot of animals running around hauling over in the streets walking around without any shoes on yelling profanities and I don’t see any of them depicted on this on this wall I feel like they’re missing the real glass regions on a Saturday night   we’ve come into merchants where I which is probably where on Friday night for a cocktail and I’m going to buy some tablet which is a Scottish delicacy it kind of like fudge I’ve been told but a little bit harder and a little bit crumbly than fudge it’s basically just sugar I’m boiled milk and it’s supposed to be delicious and I love fudge so I’m pretty excited to try some tablet

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