today we are in Hamburg it is actually Monday afternoon I’ve been in Hamburg over the weekend I’m here visiting an old travel friend and over the weekend he showed me around a lot of the city but I didn’t really blog any of it because we were talking and catching up it didn’t seem very appropriate but this week while he’s at work I’m going to go and see more of the site and take you guys with me so let’s do this Hamburg also the weather wasn’t amazing over the weekend but today the Sun has finally come out you can see I’ve got my sunglasses on and it finally feels like spring we actually had ice cream and about an hour ago which was amazing and so the first day of spring I’ve had on my travels thus far so everywhere always looks more beautiful when the Sun is out but actually Hamburg is a really really beautiful city I’ve really fallen for its charms and I hope you do as well Hamburg historic label gateway to the world tells you a lot about Germany’s second-biggest city they have a port a very big port and they’ve never been shy about it Hamburg played a leading role in the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages which helped to become a center of international trade and one of Germany’s wealthiest cities immediately upon arriving you can feel hamburg’s maritime spirit infused throughout the city so my first stop is the alte Elbe tunnel which was open in 1911 after only three years of construction a really long tunnel it’s 426 meters long and it connects the city centre to the southern banks of the river which is where all of the docks are now it’s mainly a tourist attraction but it used to considerably shortened the route to work for thousands of dark and shipyard workers after walking through the tunnel and then back again I sold it on through the rain and made my way to Hamburg most controversial building the Elbe Philharmonic one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world there is no doubt this building is absolutely stunning but because construction took six years longer than initially planned and was 700 million euros over budget a lot of people in Hamburg are not too happy with the building I obviously still wanted to go and have a look though especially for this view it was still raining so I walked through the canals to a museum I’d heard a lot about miniatur wunderland a muddled Railway attraction usually this wouldn’t be something I made a priority in my itinerary but I wanted to stay dry and it was right around the corner so you can imagine how surprised I was when I actually really enjoyed my hour or so here everything was made from little miniature pieces and it was so cool and so fun and so creative and I just couldn’t get over how talented and how much time it must have taken to be able to put these things together so yesterday asked me being so excited about the sunshine it then started raining so I’m just sitting here enjoying the sunshine and drinking Pacino and then I’m going to go and explore the city some more so my first stop is st. Michael’s Church which you can see here behind me they’re supposed to be beautiful organs I believe is the viewing platform at the top so this grand Church is hamburg’s largest and one of the most famous landmarks of the city in fact it’s 132 metre tall copper spire once guided ships on the river Elbe beneath this building is a third church to be in this location because the first was struck by lightning in 1715 and a second destroyed by fire in 1906 if you go inside you do have to pay but you can admire the vast church the four organs the Crypt and the panoramic views of the city can you tell that I really like views of cities so now I’ve come to st. Nicholas Church which used to be the tallest building in the world and its tower still remains but the rest of it was unfortunately we destroyed during World War two and they left the tower here as a reminder of the horrific nature of war you can see this tower from basically everywhere in the city it no longer works as a church but visitors can come here and pay memories to World War two I think it’s really important in cities all over Germany and all over Europe but especially in Germany and at places like this it’s a bombed-out Church stands as a reminder so that it doesn’t happen again hopefully fingers crossed so we had to go inside it’s going to be probably quite sobering but there’s also a view at the top to be perfectly honest I wasn’t completely prepared for how emotional I would get at this church immediately upon entering it reminded me a lot of the bombed out Church in the middle of Liverpool in England another maritime city massively destroyed in world war ii and also where my family are from this was also the day that james kumys book came out yes I remember that very very accurately and so I had a lot of things going on in my mind and this church really took it out of me which just makes it even more important for us to visit places like this during our travels so this evening had come to another borough of Hamburg which is called Altona and autumn sin and I’ve actually been here all afternoon working in a coffee shop but now it is the evening time and so just like the Germans do I have my cider it’s real a drink on the streets although Germans normally drinking beer but I prefer the cider they don’t drink their this borough is one of the more upscale neighborhoods in Hamburg it’s a very residential area it’s got a really lively shopping Boulevard and lots of narrow little streets with bars and cafes and bakeries and it’s a really charming area today it’s been like 70 degrees in Hamburg so it’s been absolutely lovely I’m wearing a t-shirt the first time in a very long time and I’m gonna spend a few hours now walking around and living at the local life with my cider in hands for basically the first half of the week I was in Hamburg there was absolutely awful weather but then at this point it started to become absolutely glorious and I along with the rest of the city wanted to spend as much time outside so I walked and walked and walked but as usual still ended up looking at the port   so now I’m sitting down on Hooper fish market which has been here since 1703 and it has been trading everything that comes in from the port of Hamburg which is obviously how the city got all of its money it’s why it’s such a rich city and has been for hundreds of years each time I’ve walked down here it is being closed but I really really love the doors which have these amazing fish on them every Sunday morning in here is a weekly massive fish market it happens really early in the morning so I didn’t quite make it last Sunday this is sort of an institution in Hamburg and testament to the city’s main industry which of course is the port and now I am walking back to st. pauli down the Reeperbahn which is hamburg’s red-light district just like they have in Amsterdam although it’s not quite a seedy and the actual part that’s a red-light district it’s blocked off for women to go to which is a little strange it’s not that way in Amsterdam but this is where all of the debauchery happens every night apparently I have not been out here since I’ve been here but maybe tonight’s the night there’s another beautiful spring day here in Hamburg and this morning when I woke up and the windows were open and there was a cool breeze coming through but the Sun was shining through I was like I love Europe in spring there’s no better place to be than Europe in spring when it’s nice and warm so it’s another morning so I’m gonna try out another coffee shop right now I’m going to go to public coffee roasters which is one of the most celebrated coffee shops here in Hamburg they roast all of that coffee in-house and all of the beans are sourced from all over the world it’s supposed to be an amazing amazing place Kout cup of coffee and everything there is done with a lot of care so I’m pretty excited because you know how I am about my coffee I love it   so I just spent quite a long time sitting in that coffee shop reading the magazines they don’t have Wi-Fi but they have all of these magazines available that you can read and it was so lovely I am so happy that I was able to read some of them obviously I can’t trouble with my favorite magazines when they’re like a hundred pages thick now I’ve walked down two jungle ferns speak purple that’s how you pronounce it which is the main shopping street in Hamburg and it’s located right in front of the Ulster Lake which is the main lake that in the middle of the city of Hamburg and it’s so so beautiful so I’m gonna walk around the shops for a little bit and then probably rent a bike and bike around the lake because the weather is warrior and that is exactly what I did the best thing about slowing down travel like I did while I was in Hamburg is that you get to have days like these when you don’t necessarily sightsee quote-unquote but you just get to hang out and soak up the vibes of the place all the locals were biking around the lake so I wanted to bike around the lake and I wanted to take the time to just really savor my time there and not feel as though I had to check off a million things on a sightseeing to-do list I then went and sat by the water with a glass of wine and some food I don’t know why none of these people had work at 4 p.m. but there you go lastly I took the ferry to Hamburg small piece of City Beach the locals were all working on their tan but I was content staring at the port drinking my cider and feeling grateful for having got to know another fantastic European city thank you so much for watching see you next time

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