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we just arrived in Helsinki we already checked in   this one is literally 500 meters away from the railway station from the airports we took a train going here at the only purpose 28 minutes and then we walked for a bit and now we’re here city centre shop and this is our view so I’m actually here for secret residences it’s a project that’s tied up with Helsinki Mina key liquid no like apartment or pavana be liquid can adjourn I’ve got an implied nothing   it’s currently 8 p.m. here yup spun us all up what have you done Ella people are saying the Sun Goes Down at around 9:30 10:00 so at least you have one full day of gana so now we are about to explore the city my navigator as many niggas this conditions but OOTD I stopping with that there yeah but navigator bad navigator I was passing not weakening anyway there’s something now is a bit colder than usual that’s why I’m wearing a jacket but sleeveless in under so that’s fine it’s not super cold it’s around 18 to 20 degrees perfect shot actually for layering this is your neighborhood that’s her apartment right there that’s their music hall stopping by the stinky Cathedral before dinner   [Applause]     they say no now you’re doing take two and we are going to the Design District we’re going to have lunch there and probably see some furniture all the nice finish designer stuff here and I’m really excited I’ve been trim and we got this it’s a 7-day pass for all public transportation so if we’re going here for a few days or one week this is the best to buy cheaper and you’re all set for public transportation or about to order lunch Wildman as figuring out what we’re gonna do after   and copy time Wow because coffee is like so good yummy yummy food happy it’s within my food is really really really really good no wonder they’re Michelin star restaurant sign museum now   they have here a lot of gin that’s just made from Finnish water implants and you can smell them these ones are flavored like cranberry are you homo no minimally enjoys this one is a furniture shop / cafe this one is so cute I’m getting this it’s a coat hanger plus you can hang your keys here so I got this and if you’re so nice decisions decisions yeah obsessed with candles so this is a sushi burrito and we are at soma so Brown set up on ya guys I highly recommend ordering the Bandit Alaska when you visit j-3 and Sunny Hill sinky the weather is super perfect and it’s wearing a shirt and we are on our way to the my Omega Factory I heard um get that all done but first we are going to eat lunch at Mary Tori it’s also there so we are about to have lunch at Mary sorry and it’s a face     so bringing setup Natalie Muhammad video sorry guys perfect I’m Melana we are now at the Maria Mecca headquarters and this is Lila Heather she’s a PR and she’s taking us around the headquarters in office and I’m really loving the stuff I was just thinking like how can I bring joy to people’s everyday like what can I do to make people’s life more enjoyable yeah so she decided to invite this young female artist just to design these album very bold colorful bright support oil clothing producing company so then follow me the founder decided to have a fashion show and people loved it and they bought every piece and then ax blade again so guys apparently it’s our summer season so they’re on a four-week break that’s why it’s empty for now but at least we get to see the primary colors and colors telling how they may get to say they print it and then they steam it and then they wash it and then officially dry yet but at least come up at the young fabrics so everything’s here now four stands going shopping midget over bone guys under me I don’t know where to start but you guys later so we’re still in the area and without sultanan we actually ask the barista good life coffee booming so no vapor with that and she recommended this so it might be a seka want me to get the higher alcohol no it’s still a light beer but it’s just volume percentage like seven and a half percent we are having lunch at Sebata big meal   pioneer trying traditional Finnish dishes today intended to try this with them this is getting egg [Laughter] okay so navigator where are we going next me we are going to be the it’s a concept store so we have several brands in sight and there’s a really really nice such a nice weather today   Malika favorite number it’s good today we are going to knock CEO Park banana it’s a really really nice National Park and we are going canoeing along ionic office that’s gonna be my Brewster fight I’m here it’s gonna be fun so I’m prepared for that finding a nice good night trigger back trigger buttons oh here we go   we’re doing it Nance we make a good team I’m gonna build it all so nice I wish the weather was a bit sunnier better I mean that info and the delegate   I’d have a rule here now every man straight so go to the forest you can just pick blueberries and any berries or mushrooms I’m just keep them except though in some nature parts not prohibited better most of the forests they have here I just got blueberries we put a chamb blueberries spread sour berry shot me pus using him blueberries hand so good to be good enough break time so I got some cheese fries here this one is bread oh thank you is really popular for the new shirt so I’m really happy to be here so that seemed doable in a square overlock say my dad is really this is you [Laughter]   so after canoeing what do we do eat Chinese food always by shot glasses every time when I go out of the country so we are at the market square Hall and apparently it’s open every day because I come back at the dealer damaged in the lemon we have a lot of nice things here now you don’t normally see anywhere so then I got a cup of that a better shot glass in a biblical days today is my break it’s Sunday and we are just chilling at the park eating some strawberries and I might get coffee just right there then I decided to go out and we found a music festival it’s my last night I’m thinking I’m having so much fun and I will be signing off

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