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good morning as with any good trip to nice it’s time to go to Italy of that I heard something I haven’t missed the bus because bus is here only come like every 30 minutes cuz it’s Monday but aside from that oh yeah happy Monday now for those of you who are wondering what the heck I’m doing Italy’s only like not even 20 miles away bounce Miglia which the name literally translates to 20 miles she used to mean 20 miles from the border is just over the border pretty much which stands as a historical reminder of the fact that the border between Italy and France has shifted a lot over time so 20 miles from the border is now like pretty much on the border but it’s still in Italy so we’re gonna go to Italy grab lunch my goal really my only goal is to go over there try to find the restaurant I used to go to where they called me Barbarossa these are gonna be pretty cold butter butter rolls it’s like my pirate name and it was that’s what the waitstaff called me there I’m sure that they’re not there anymore well maybe they are but it’s been like 10 years the point is we’re just gonna go to Italy for lunch because we can and then and then we’ll come back and try to enjoy a nice for the last couple of hours so we have before we have to go back to Paris and one last bonus it’s not raining like the weather said it was gonna be the other day it’s sunny again huzzah   that’s the confusing part they like they show up turn up the hill go have a smoke break and then come back down well this no he didn’t miss him right he’s running late   there was nothing right behind him perfect time I think there’s so much of the city that I don’t think I ever really explored that wasn’t much of an explorer when I first started I think I’ve learned the skill city is under construction she does make it a little bit interesting I’m trying to remember but I’ve been in these spots or not you know when you get to your first country I think you kind of venture out a little bit here and there you find a couple things that are familiar comfortable slowly branch out but nice I mean then it didn’t help that I wasn’t making any money but you know I went out to certain places where my friends were I went out with my friends but there’s a lot of state I’ve never seen including out past where my air B&B; is like where the ritzy stuff is and those big turrets like the really big mansions on the hill never explored over there before I thought about exploring there this time but I kind of feel like it’d be more fun to do that with a friend so maybe if I come back to nice and I bring someone with me I’ll be able to go explore that together I’ve ever got a lucky lady who’s ready to go exploring with me anyways I gotta find Stephen of exploring find a post office that’s what I’m out here for right now all cent learned a new lessons today apparently stamps or not the same here as they are in the states in the states if you had like extra stamps if you just returned them because they basically are cash value face value is cash value here and that’s so much they wouldn’t return them she sold me two extra stamps for France and I was like well hey can I exchange these for one more international stamp because they need another one and they’re like nope sorry can’t do it so oh well I have two extra France stamps I’m sure I’ll use it at some point now coffee there’s a coffee shop over here that Anya told me to go to we’ll go try that coffee and then we’re gonna get on a train that’s the plan I was kind of multitask and do the stamps here but they gave me a sponge so I couldn’t turn that down save my tongue   they didn’t have filter which is weird but this tasted pretty good go for that anyways on the train for the long time since I’ve been on this train platform this is nice unfortunately there’s no train for the next hour and a half so the one benefit is that I can actually go I need I brought my backpack with me so that I can edit some on the train on the way back but I didn’t bring the cable I need I need an extra cable anyways I just ordered one from Amazon but you can never have too many cables for your phone and I only have one at the moment I’m gonna go buy a new USBC cable hopefully upon when dirt-cheap gonna fight the temptation to eat more because I’m getting really hungry and then we’ll just cover there I’m kind of neat about making today a cheat day because I mean I’m already drinking milky coffee so might as well it’s a good thing I have an hour cuz this is all like micro and lightning I didn’t do was busy out of all of the accessories that’s all whitening micro USB lightning adapters and then this this is the tiny section of micro USB see we found it and these are really overpriced it’s like the last one of these to score thanks again Tim for donating to the stable shots Club it’s good to have a working tripod again we’ll see how long this one lasts it’s hard not to want to get off and actually just go exploring one of these small towns there’s some really really cool small towns just along the coast they’re really easy to get to they’re really nice and quiet much like this chain right now I have one it’s one of the nice things about living in this area though is you can just kind of bounce around and explore which is fun and if we come back here and explore more looting Monaco which is next stop we’re not going there though maybe someday and a lot of you want to see it but not today and welcome to Italy I found the missing   been so long since I’ve been here okay so we’ll see about lunch I don’t know if I’m gonna be that hungry they grabbed a snack before the train and some wasn’t gonna make it I think I’m gonna aim the minimum bare minimum is I’m getting gelato now th a lot along here I have a feeling that I murdered by half of you if I didn’t so min Roman gelato stroll along the waterfront see if we can find that restaurant and find the guy who called me pretty go clarify to us and then we’ll go   I can’t remember if this is it or not this seems way too quick everything’s so much smaller like nice feels so much smaller than a nice to not Emilia is tiny anyways but it also feels too much smaller than it used to let’s check this out this looks really familiar and if it’s to this one or the next one down remember but look at this view restaurants I’m not hungry I’m debating all right it’s raining and you can see the rain is coming it’s it’s on its way like the real rain but if I want to get over there and climb around a little bit I should probably go now right because it’s probably just gonna rain forever after but if I get caught in the rain I don’t have my rain jacket this could be really yeah yeah let’s go across the bridge they’ve got a boardwalk that goes down but I kind of want to go up high why don’t you even get up there I have a feeling it’s gonna backfire we’re gonna get caught in the rain we’ll see if we find it gelateria that we can hang out in oh man oh man storm was you’re coming starting to hail a little bit – I want to find gelato before I get pelted with too much of nature’s of gelato here I’m gonna hop in this place wait out the hailstorm as it’s only getting worse and a little blow over he’s hit me in the nose   that was good I would call that a successful trip to Italy it’s still raining but it’s not that bad I feel like I could probably make it up there a little ways and then we got to catch the train because you know I have a flight to catch still technically so I’m just operating off a bunch here I’ve no idea where I’m going goo orange and lemon trees I know I said that it wasn’t much of an explorer ten years ago but it’s like low-hanging fruit Thank You Kelly   all right a nice little trip to Italy and there back to France and in a moment of city nicest I was gonna grab a drink in there I didn’t have enough I only have I got euro 20 or something they wanted two years ago Sarah there’s a city worker in there sitting at the bar yeah hold this for me to come back he’s like none I just grabbed one and just bought me a drink welcome to Italy like so nice running seven minutes late so right that’s all I ever plane to catch anything we’re screwed right now only 20 minutes late well we were only an hour behind in the end it’s not to be back in this translation to because this is actually where I had a breakthrough on my French here three-month mark Chris never came in here and managed to get myself a ticket without having to speak English the entire time usually they just revert to English as soon as they’re like oh you must be French found that missing rainstorm alright I’ve got about two hours to get back to the airport now I’m gonna get on a bus go back right after get rid of the airport I probably should over to the airport but it’s only gonna cost like six euros if the estimates right so that seems worth it but I’ll start out in the bus you know that’s like the whole story and then it’s back to Paris which this this rainstorm and nice is like the perfect way to kick you out I mean it would be way harder if it was sunny and of course ruin nice so there’s nothing to protect you from the rain and the bus stop either I literally just missed it one minute ago or it’ll be here in a second put into this and if I’ve missed it an interview I have to wait another 20 minutes at least so we’ll give it like four minutes and then I’m gonna have to be yeah I think he’s showing up is that him it looks promising let’s get back in the rain oh that was close   all the way up there the penthouse not bad also I got off one stop too early it looks like there are people on that bus that we’re going to the same places I was creepy I need to pack and then go but I do need to charge my computer a little bit does it be closed today in it okay so brief recap hold on it turns out I did a little bit of math wrong I just checked my boarding pass they got a little bit of extra time so I’m gonna charge my stuff who cares we’ll figure that out nothing to worry about but if you were curious the trip today to get gelato and it costed me a grand total of 21 euros 16 euros round trip for the Train five euros for the gelato which was delicious the nice view of the ocean could have been much worse so if you’re ever in Nice you want to make a day trip to Italy not hard to do just be aware trains we’re not in Switzerland the trains may not run on time especially not from the Italian side so as long as you’re aware of that it should be fine anyways I’m gonna go ahead and get some work done before running to the airport just because I have the opportunity to and I don’t really want to walk out in this madness however I am gonna check and see if beard district is open because a pre-flight beer does sound kind of tasty it’s just the rain that is the problem I also left my GoPro out in the storm so should probably go capture that by capture I mean get it back it is not pleasantly wet out there look at that soaked good thing I’d put it back in the case   let’s extend back so I can stand out here and talk to you for a second just for a change of scenery I checked uber and apparently they’re on surge pricing or something the price went up to like 30 euros from like 6 to 12 euros what I saw earlier 6 to 11 euros to 30 to 40 euros a significant price increase so whoa the sunset looks amazing rather than they do that I will try to do public transportation but look at this Wow thanks for having me nice it was good to be back I’m sure I’ll be back again soon for those of you who are wondering how this whole thing happened it’s all because of my patrons we’ve gotten to a level on patreon where we’ve unlocked regional travel and literally my patrons voted for me to come here they paid for the whole thing and I hope that it was worth your while I hope that we made a good trip out of it I would love to have stayed here longer just wasn’t going to work out this time but eventually our budget will increase to the point that we can do bigger Longer crazier trips and hopefully we take a good advantage of it this time I was I had a good time so I’m gonna I gotta take the trash out and stuff and then airplane time yay   anywho I’m just going to go home now if you enjoyed this please do subscribe make sure to hit the like button leave a comment love to see you in the comments below and if you’d like to help make these trips a little bit more regular or maybe even a little bit farther out jump on patreon I’ll get there sooner than later run away

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