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good morning we just landed in Switzerland a few hours ago and now we are headed on probably one of the most beautiful hikes so ever witnessed to this camera this is what Switzerland sounds like from what I remember as a kid that’s all you hear everywhere it’s just these huge cowbells zentral stouts bao sagar what is that enter away hume system is this your company yes I love that it’s a vacuum company right yes yo if you guys need the best vacuum in the world he invented the central shafts burger song jerk or something get it all right what’s today’s agenda mr. Edgar what are we doing just hiking that’s exactly what we’re doing which is the best way to really feel the magic of these mountains just driving through the provincial roads of Switzerland it was like watching a previewed and awesome movie you’re about to see as he gets short but compelling glimpses of what you’re about to fully experience   after 20 minute drive down from the small town we were staying in we had arrived to Stu’s ski resort that allows you to frolic through some of the best mountains in all of Europe getting up to the mountains is an interesting experience in itself as it highlights an accurate representation of how modern and efficient Swiss infrastructure has prevailed the cable cars are like human gimbals always remaining upright as you ascent to the top and an almost vertical platform so it’s like a human gimbal we’re always like this even though the things going up yes almost vertical bang as you embark on the cable car journey you literally go inside the mountain through a tunnel in which you simultaneously exit right above the clouds as if you’re entering a different atmosphere of such a thin yet organic air standing Salamence which suits you then make your way through some more small quaint villages civilizations up here accompanied by the sweet yet silly sounds of more cowbells dude these are massive you’ll arrive to another chairlift that brings you to more areas where you’re free to run around and explore wherever your heart desires   whether you’re feeling ambitious or you just want a stroll it’s really up to you to decide but if you want you can spend the entire day seeing as much as possible because these hikes are limitless just be ready for a good exercise which is actually made a bit easier with all the stops and breathtaking views   here you’ll witness firsthand the epitome of what makes Switzerland one of the most beautiful countries on planet Earth     Oh     fried chicken you’ll build up an appetite from all that hiking and luckily there are a couple restaurants right there rest grab a beer and some authentic Swiss food that was actually schnitzel the very common dish everywhere you go and then once you’re done eating more hiking as you hike down you’ll eventually come across another restaurant where you could grab another beer more food and have a good chat with your Swiss counterpart sigit bodies come to be known for Swiss Germans a very interesting language if anyone understands what Edgar was saying please comment below now when you’re ready to call it a day you can hike down to the bottom or if you’re feeling a bit pooped you have the option of taking the chairlift down as well   aside from hiking the most riveting way to enjoy the mountains is to ride through them you can rent a car at rental cars calm like we did on the first day but on this day we had Edgar to take us on a real Joyride   as always there are places you can stop taking the spectacular views crab food and continue on your journey           for our last day we decided to cruise around the old and largest city of Switzerland Zurich this could be considered the main city of Switzerland and what makes this place most attractive to tourists as its ancient history and museums and for foodies the array of exquisite Swiss cuisine for us we spent most of our time setting up a meet up with some of you guys hang out at Zurich around lunchtime stay tuned on Instagram stories if you want to hang out and hang we started off by getting a ride with a couple subscribers and then we made our way to meet up with an old friend someone we haven’t seen in over 400 logs my boy Marco llobregat is here I haven’t seen you since vlog 127 introducing the best chef in Switzerland and here five laughter left five we just had some five stars there we had some incredible food at a fine restaurant downtown called her loft five after that we walked around and got to know some of you guys all right so we’re doing a little meet hangout thing here in Zurich we’re accumulating people as we go along here’s the back   if you ever want to get the chance to meet us personally just be sure to follow us on Instagram for live updates regarding our whereabouts I always try and do a meet-up in every country I visit Baboosh ciao Abita sane kooky costly is that legal here is it illegal illegal prostitution so is this – this oppressed is like bar and that’s where Switzerland trip concludes personally Switzerland is one of my all-time favorite countries I’ve ever been to and if you ever get a chance you should definitely try making it to the outskirts and explore the mountain ranges to really feel the magic of the country

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