How to Visit the Eiffel Tower

it’s Friday which means today is French Friday and today I’m gonna be going up the Eiffel Tower because why the heck not the Eiffel Tower is of course the most visited site in the world so it makes sense that you might want to know what the heck is going on before you get here and I thought well I’ve been a long time since I’ve been up the Eiffel Tower myself why don’t we go and see what it’s like things have changed lots less time I went up Security’s a lot tighter and I have no idea what else is going on inside so I figured let’s get in line and go up the Eiffel Tower and we’ll just see what happens first things first we’re gonna have to get through security down here which doesn’t look too bad right now I tried to get here early enough that the Lions wouldn’t be terrible that Vitara opens at 9:30 in the morning and closes at 11:00 I was trying to get here before it opened but I ended up going having coffee with Bhushan so here we go we’re getting here and I think at 10:15 but it’s not that bad you can see the line is pretty manageable actually fairly even curves once so we’ll see how long this takes us starting now   took what 15 16 minutes I don’t know I can’t do math anyways we are under the Eiffel Tower this view right here used to require no security back when I lived here before which is unfortunate that that has changed this is incredible and this is actually built to be the entrance to the World’s Fair in what 1889 by Gustave I fellows company which he ended up fronting like half more than half the money to build it himself and half the money for the company that would manage it later and he got exclusive rights to it and all the money that I made for 20 years I think it only took from 18 months to pay off all the construction costs so it’s just like pure profit and just cream after that but this view from underneath well worth taking a look before you go up and then and then we’ll go good tickets here now there ticket offices at each of the pillars and you’ll see the symbols for stairs or for elevators I’m going for stairs at least to go up the East ticket office on the southern pillar should do the trick here you’ll see right here okay East ticket office but the southern pillar I’ll bounce around through here grab some tickets and go up some stairs   nineteen years to go all the way to the top there’s only ten years to the second story but throwaway up you got to take an elevator and doubles the price now I’m gonna be honest too now that you’re this far in with me this isn’t my favorite view of the city by a long shot I actually not a huge fan of the Eiffel Tower but maybe today will change my mind we’ll see and I really wish I’d have brought my microphone all right one more security check their endless security checks we I will talk about my philosophy on security checkpoints at some point I’m sure but in the meantime up we go I don’t know how many stairs there are lots I’ll put them on the screen I’m sure but it’s going to get a little bit of exercise warm up it is cold out here today it’s freezing there is supposedly an ice rink right now on the first story so we’ll see if that’s going but when they originally built this place it actually had a printing press huge printing press and that all the maps brochures everything that you wanted to buy here that was printed was actually printed on location which really cool and I imagine at the time was pretty mind-blowing   they also have all these handy historical signs along the way so if you want to pretend that you’re not out of breath you’re just stopping to read something great way to do it   a lot going on here but this is probably my favorite floor for the view simply because you’re still among the buildings of the city the higher you get the less definition in context you have in the past time I liked it as much we’ll see what happens today but this is pretty cool   I’m very glad that I missed that longer line that’s like four times longer such a slow security line man I want to check it out because I don’t actually know for sure which floor the restaurants on I think it might be what’s behind me but I’m not 100% sure about that so we’re gonna do a little bit more exploring to see I didn’t see a nice drink walking around but we’ll we’ll keep going and we’re gonna take the stairs up to the second floor after that that we have to take an elevator to the top you can’t hike that let’s go here’s the restaurant just across the way also this will give you a mild sense of vertigo if your eyes it’s unfortunate if you’ve been to Chicago at the Sears Tower and I think at the CN Tower actually in Toronto as well they don’t put anything on the ground but   I’m ready for some exercise it’s actually a good pointer if you’re gonna come to Europe anyways this is probably get into good walking shoes you’re gonna end up walking alive while you’re here   try to stay correct if the second floor is definitely a nice review than the first but I think this is nice it yet we’ll find out here too   gift shop on the second floor if you really need one you know though you can always bargain your way down with the guys just selling the life–all towers and stuff on the ground bends on what you’re looking to buy I suppose but I don’t know my money up here also you can see the Statue of Liberty from up here there she is at the end of that island yeah she’s a small version of the Statue of Liberty but she’s still free we’re almost above the smog up here almost not quite I’m hoping once you get to the top we’ll get some fresh air that’s like the number one benefit to coming up here well it’s not a good day for time-lapses up here this is not windy there are days up here where it is just destructively windy and you want to make sure that you dress appropriately like I’m bundled up for today and I’m actually feeling pretty good and it was a good hike to eat up here a little bit of exercise and the shelter Mars is wrecked right now look at this between winter like the smog and whatever construction they’re doing down there looks like let’s take a voice so if you need a snack it’s actually warm in here too which is nice and there’s Wi-Fi on the tower which is handy if you don’t have cell service   this level is where it’s fun because you feel like you’re still in the city even though you’re above the city it’s great once we get way up there when it starts to feel like       still it was a little windy for a second there but it’s still wonderful up here right now not frozen and I’m enjoying the view a lot more this time than I thought I was going to for sure I wish that you could actually see something that would be nice but the angle itself is better than I remember and since I can’t get drone footage of the city you know legally this is basically as good as that gets this wasn’t all this building in the world until they finished the Chrysler Building I think 41 years after building the avatar pretty cool and now that they have the antenna on top it is taller than the Chrysler Building but I think about five meters so can’t hold on to the titles forever   they could paint it once every seven years and it takes them something like 18 months the team of like ten people to do it it’s been painted five or six different colors over the years but now it’s always painted Ifill brown like their own specific Brown for the building which you know Brown works even though I only paid to take the stairs up I can take the elevator down which we’re going to do after we take a shot of the Arc de Triomphe over here mostly see now that we’re back I wish I had a real lens anywho   and there you have it one of my favorite stories actually about the Eiffel Tower is during world war ii they found out that Hitler wanted to go up to the top so they cut the cables to the elevators we had to walk every step of the way if he wanted to go up there a little bit of French snark for you but I love this thing it’s so nice know as I hope you had a good time going up there with me if you enjoyed this I do random videos all the time about how to get around Paris things to see I also just live here and make a lot of videos I make a video every day just about my life shred stick around no I don’t speak English sorry she’s a pickpocket so just be aware of those two leave a comment like you know whatever you want and now we’ll get back to like what little vlogging I’m gonna do for the rest of the day

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