How To Visit the Louvre Efficiently and Quickly

it is an overwhelming place I give you a good idea of what all you can get done in the Louvre in a few hours so that if you’re not sure I have a strategy going in otherwise you’re not gonna see very much and you’re gonna wander around wondering like why did I even come here and that’s the last thing we want you doing I guess he’s not here yet so we waited service Tartars while we wait the arc behind me the one that’s standing in the middle of the Louvre was built by Napoleon in 1806 1809 well he didn’t actually build it but it was built to commemorate his military victories and on the other side those pyramids that you’ve all become very accustomed to those were built under false ponytail president of France in 1980 and we’re designed by IM Pei I think I already made a video about how to get into the Louvre but just as a refresher the pyramids are the main entrance but often the lines are insanely long you want to make sure you avoid those at all cost the reason we’re meeting at the archer is because on either side is a stairwell labeled the carousel de loop and it’s really easy to just go straight down inside the guest of the Louvre is effectively an underground mall underneath the Louvre so you can enter into that first skip the lines and then go through security underground which is really nice of course if you have a ticket already which you should you can usually go into the fast lane the line for people that already have tickets it’s usually very very short if not non-existent but it can be really nice to go in through the metro or out on one of these stairwells into the carousel and then into the loop from there which is what I think we’re gonna be doing today basically the idea was that Eddie was gonna do the real research and I was just gonna film things with a double check that I’m meeting him at the right spot said if only I’d been filming when you did that look at that skidmark as an example of what not to bring into loose Eddy has brought his entire tour guide bike kit yeah just so that he can look like he’s trying to steal the Mona Lisa   I’m gonna have to hide this somewhere so that nobody steals it yeah just shove it in a bush you can share it even in like that gap in that Bush right there this is a detour by the way not I don’t think there’s any recommendation for hiding tool kits and knives in on the grounds of the loof because it’s kind of sketchy what other instances when I talked about we have this pyramid we’ve talked about that yeah we have the Metro if you get here by line 1 or line 7 you can actually just get off that pellet loud music to move and follow these Brown signs say music to do they would take you inside underground the radio underground you just follow this little broad signs and voila you’re in the loop they’re spotted young there’s the end of the loop and this is the lion’s gate right here technically that’s only for groups but if you print your own ticket and then you come over here you can around 90% of the time go through that door yeah the 10% they’re gonna tell you to make walk the whole way all the way to the pyramid but you and I know better which one this one go to the all of the new occiput see way the heck out in the middle yeah basically the main things that you want to see louver in the center of the loop really easy to get to pretty quickly which is the goal today is to really try and capitalize on what the whole time we actually have which is only a few hours the thing is that if you stacked the buildings that all the wings the Louvre and and it would run just about eight miles so you have a lot of space to walk so that was our first security check which is basically just the cursory I’m looking at your bag but I’m not actually paying attention check there is real security though to get in where they’ll scan your bags and everything so we’re gonna go there which is where we’re headed next   no Eddie was being responsible and hiding his tool kit and knives out in the grounds I was completely forgetting that I had an open l knife and a bottle opener which they maybe yeah and they made me check it but it’s not hard they basically he just took them and put them in a plastic bag and gave me this and all I have to do is come back to the same security spot this story don’t do thank you Spaniard just go with your stuff you should you should yeah actually this is pretty easy for you because at least mine isn’t at risk of being discovered and thought to be a bomb yeah now the cost of the room is 17 euros right we’re gonna take that out now are we gonna tell you where you is we need to be meeting about organizing our whole visit over here it’s on the other side of these triangular sections goes to the ticket windows and that’s where you’re going to get your tickets under 26 then bring your ID card is he going for free and you forget about the whole ticket thing then you go straight into the cube if you’re 18 or under from anywhere then you’re also for free of course you only have cash then you need to pay the window with somebody so the window take aim you want to get an audio guide there in additional five euros so you know oh yeah this silly dan Dennett famous one is Denning but we’re gonna go chronologically we’re gonna start like that very very old stuff so we want to start over there basically if you walk into the Kara solder or you come down from the entrance of the pyramids which is this escalator here we’re gonna step right off the escalator or turn left from the carousel and go straight to the Richelieu wing that’s what I’m trying to say boring come straight down the hall and then make your first right effectively by captain curly hair here   and then turn of attention everything that you see you will die will you do something like this there are over 35,000 unique pieces of art within the lunar they say that if you spend 30 seconds in front of each piece it would take you six weeks to see everything we’ve got three hours so the important thing is to have a plan actually that was super Express visit three hours is an express what do you mean by it’s an Express it’ll never like three hours yeah you’ll feel like you just sprinted through you’ll never see everything but our goal is just to see the really big stuff because we know you don’t have time either so that’s the plan so plan there you go base floor you want to go through here and start going around the whole category until we work our way into Greece so we want to go through least Easter antiques and then Egyptian antiques now perfect that the Richelieu visit begin alright yeah so when you walk through a door like that you’re forcing people to go open over or down it under a little bit this is still cool stuff the nice thing is if you do get lost in the river you’re never gonna be bored Constitution pretty much when you come over here you take a look at it that is 5000 years old that is like the beginning of civilization what’s most insane about it is it’s just right here you could literally touch that yeah you may get thrown out daddy’s caught yeah do not touch things in Duluth don’t touch things here there’s a guy over there watching you that’s what we do in France we just steal everything there wasn’t it wasn’t theft it was a gift right it was a gift so Lebanese and Phoenicians at least refer French’s   trying to if you didn’t catch this when he said we’re doing this chronologically removing chronologically through history we started with code of hammurabi because it’s as old as it gets and moving our way up look at these Spanish and it kind of feels like there’s nothing over there and there’s nothing to see you over there is the building amazing but it’s easy to forget that this is just the building like it’s not like they did it up for the museum like this is how it looked as a royal palace right so you don’t even notice as you’re walking around the year surrounded by this incredible architecture that was actually built for the kings of France it’s just like oh this is just the facade inside a museum the sheer volume of artifacts in here how you would get exhausted you got to just keep moving and finding things that are you really interested you otherwise you’re gonna get stuck well here it is   now there’s our the coolest things to the normal way that delivered force you to come in they were trying to come in us by this stuff this is the original fortifications of the Louvre the fortress so they’re actually used to be a like a White Castle French White Castle here in the location of the possible and if you go into that queer the central Prairie where we just walked around this fortress would only take up one quarter of that entire courtyard it gives you a great idea of how ginormous the Louvre itself is what do you to this makes you go to the right of the sinks up the stairs and that’s how you get to Greece we were talking about doing this tourist some other friends and other tour guides and the general consensus is winged victory is way cooler than this anyways this venus de milo that statue is only 2,500 years old that’s practically brand-new you look at the map all of this and the section was enlarged by you Napoleon the third so this is only 19th century   laughs it Greco and entered the Roman maybe we’re in greco-roman right now neither of us really know what we’re doing I mean let’s be honest history the Romans section then it’s time for the presentation alone today’s the theme though you just come from that yeah do not touch stop or they will fluff at you and everything no clapping is the worst punishment possible in friends days some serious spiderweb action going on here   that is a really ugly baby there are a couple of paintings in here that I used to love to find it I spend so months of it in here but this one I like to call the origins of Christian merchandising there are a couple of them over here like we have the boogie-boarding angel really good it really good at boogie-boarding and then we have zombie church like this guy’s even got a meat cleaver in his head like yeah almost stopped that zombie but they didn’t quite get there so assuming they don’t change anything when you get to artemis you turn right and this is where we find logic cones this is the Mona Lisa which everyone’s facing this way further is its Last Supper on this wall I know they waiting an entire wall is covered by a giant painting and immediately across from it is this little guy the Mona Lisa which Eddie’s completely already given up on   these are some of my favorite wings though I love that I love the huge dome ceiling you guys see those really big black domes from outside you might think that they’re closed off some of it they’re not that go straight up all the way   it’s impressive about the difference to you like you’re talking about the growth into the Mona Lisa depth and expression but then you get to stuff like this where there’s an intensity of an emotion exactly that’s that’s captured so brilliantly we never would have oh hey it’s Leonidas brightness the Leonidas is the coronation of Napoleon which is probably one of the most famous paintings in the Louvre this is a painting that you have to look from far away oh no that’s that’s his mother-in-law is mother mother-in-law there’s actually the mother of the painting of the painter no way really mother of Judah because the mother of Napoleon yeah he came to the crowning she’s adjusting so she never came to the crowning of Napoleon and Napoleon wanted to turn the picture daveed which is the painter of the whole thing with his mother down the hall from the coronation of Napoleon the opposite direction is Liberty leading the people and this is why you don’t invade Russia in the winter yeah we’ve actually done pretty well it’s only been an hour and a half to house it yeah we started late – we started 9:30 right after 9:30 and it’s only 11 banked it to be so yeah just so you know there’s usually more people here here’s David and Goliath in his muscle shirt right it’s like a see-through muscle shirt everything’s behind us right now we’re walking West in the southern wing of the Louvre he has a painting he wants to find of a guy in a museum and I have a painting I want to find I don’t know it’s like a battle at the gates of Hell or something I can’t remember what the name of it is we’re just about how impossible it is to remember everything that’s in here you find everything something you are not going to see everything that you have planned to see and you will end up seeing way more than what you expected that that oh there’s a guy visiting a museum this is basically a painting of Satan convincing individuals to become demons I think this is a fascinating painting you’re gonna see the city – in your seat you guys will definitely see this painting referenced in my work someday and the glare is killing me and just like that we’ve done the Loom when you did it like less than two hours yeah so we did it we obviously got lost a lot less then you might because I had Eddie and you also probably will run into more people so if you got three hours you can make a nice little tour through the Louvre see those things these mothers you got a lot more time like six hours the one suggestion to make is definitely we’re tired like after walking through all that we’re definitely feeling it right now we’re hungry as well my suggestion would be to plan to leave go get food and then come back the reason you’d want to leave to go get food is because the cafe here the cafes are not that good and they’re definitely overpriced are you sure your stuffs not here yeah we did not hide it well enough are you sure you’re just doing this for dramatic tension crap that sucks dude I’m sorry so this is a good example of why not yeah do stuff in the Louvre I guess yeah sorry Eddie yeah that was like a lot of money’s worth of tools that just went missing don’t forget to go back to security to pick up your knife and then you’re good to go from there we’re gonna drown Eddie’s sorrows and McDonald’s here in a second but I’m gonna grip this back first   just gotta walk back inside give them the ticket and voila they do make a lot of jokes though they’re like you’re armed and dangerous aren’t you at least they’ve got a good sense of humor if you speak French the world is a better place when you’re France so there you have it not the world’s most comprehensive guide to seeing the Louvre in the world the world’s most in the redundant though for sure but that was great Eddie and I just went through for a couple of hours we just wanted to show you that you can get in you can see a lot in the Louvre really quickly if you don’t feel like you have the time you’re not willing to spend too much time in the Louvre it is for a lot of people super overwhelming and a lot of work to get through so I wanted to make sure that you felt like you can really get into an enjoyment you can also go jogging through the loop because there is plenty of space for it

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