India Travel : Mehrangarh Jodhpur’s Hilltop Fortress

really not sure where breakfast is this morning add their people up there there people moving around but there’s an elevator – it’s a commitment either way good morning we don’t know where breakfast is it’s Sunday which is weird and Christmas the eve of Christmas Eve so but you’re what happy Christmas Eve you’re watching this and Christmas Eve that’s fun and I hope that you’re warm and safe and sound wherever you are anyways I’ve done done all right there are two things we want to do here today the hilltop fort and the blue city those are the main things we want to see what else we get done in between I forgot to film the part where I dropped off our laundry but we we put over all of our laundry into a small cotton bag and wrote down what we were turning in and turned it in so hopefully we got our laundry back by the evening because we are living large we’re actually talking about going out and finding someone to do our laundry in town because I’d just be more fun and probably less expensive but at the same time we don’t have a lot of time then we want to get as much done today as we can so I kind of thought that would be fun to see if we could find someone to do our laundry make an interesting video maybe new experiences everywhere you go anyways Bhushan’s on his way here and we should be good to go   so this is the mini Taj Mahal or the mini Taj as they put it supposedly because the architectural style is similar and I think it’s the same marble will probably look that up and so incorrect my that statement was but it’s what I’ve been told so far but the official name and I’m gonna butcher this is just one Tara does one tada I don’t sorry I’m mispronouncing everything I’m sure to some of you but I’ll get better we’re done     [Applause] [Applause]   [Applause] chelsey knew it was really nice to meet you thank you for saying hi so you couldn’t join us for the stairs we found some great stairs in the back though that worked perfectly for what we were trying to attempt anyways I’m sure we’ll see you around town time to go to the fort I think Gran’s your photo taken   protip if you’re gonna travel in India sandals or slip-ons because then you can get in and out of the temples very quickly the boots take too long to tie and untie they just get left out of the incense moments   there’s an Indian line and a foreigner line and the ticket price is about six times cheaper it is exactly six times cheaper Kapoor Shaad investor made six hundred to get in here for me and one hundred for an Indian citizen but she happens to qualify for so he’s waiting in that really really long line to get his ticket sin and you know I’m just getting caught up on some work well I said on the stairs I was sitting on the wall but the guy was lovely so also apparently I can probably start a second career as like a white guy selfie model then a splendid one kids at this point for selfies for no apparent reason so I mean the reason is very apparent but you know what I mean I never want to retire I think I know how to do it   it’s a real thing instant celebrity on the ticket line in front it’s been about an hour and you can see / Sean’s finally gotten to the top of the stairs right there almost without the stairs he’s like one step down we’ll get inside eventually I mean any hungry hope she’s coming problem that I have is bad did you get it you got you got your Indian version ticket so interesting I was online there’s two Indians behind me talking about taken admission at the Taj Mahal if they go this one woman one of our friends went it’s just American when she speaks in the and fifty US dollars to get in it’s like more than triple the price for engines I just went in there and I just didn’t say a word and I just said you know gave him money like the Hokkien but I was pretty nervous the whole time because I didn’t want to go back and do the line again but got it lesson learned keep your mouth shut up you’re freaking shot   so while sandals may be superior for temples they probably are inferior for forts where the boots would be the better way to go definitely   never guy very work day lots of stearic last night that many stairs lots of grams lots of upward let’s have upper mobility necessary well this has been wonderful wonderful story I read was about how when they had to build this place there was only one resident on the hill the legend goes it was the Lord of the birds is a saint who lived on the hill categorically refused to leave no matter how much they begged him to so eventually they went to another Saint was considered even more powerful than him and appealed to her to go and ask him to leave which once she did he did but I without leaving the place of the curse which makes it all that much more interesting anyways we’re gonna try and go find some blood shared hopefully assuming that Karen hasn’t left us behind yet which eventually he’s going to do   you didn’t leave us thanks for waiting for your time lunch please this one has all the right adjectives whoops sorry donkey dirt yeah just finding your way around these places isn’t the true trick oh the donkeys are gone already they move fast   yes thank you the chicken lollipop you know I do it it’s like this fried chicken and a really delicious smelling breading oh it definitely fried chicken with the bones still that’s why the lollies oh no it made sense mmm thank you that’s very good so it turned out that getting above the blue city was just closer to blue cities we were gonna get today she’s alright we’re gonna wander through the markets now for a little bit we talked to the hotel about the possibility of flying if we can make that happen I clearly do need to LA see from the famous lousy shop though must be the most famous to be that famous   that last see lived up to its reputation mangoes sweetness and mood so good getting this much mango here is a camera while I can   if you ever end up in Jodhpur you can actually come up the clock tower for 30 rupees we’re up here in the middle of the market and checking it out which is a really nice thing to stumbled on to be annoyed if we could do this until we gave it a try so there you go yeah this market is great there’s a lot of you can buy it looks like you can buy pretty much anything here that you might be looking for especially for the souvenir side of things probably good spot to come I’m just going to enjoy the last of the good light before it’s gone   okay yeah so this keeps time for the clock this is a guy that keeps the clock tower in there and all the components that make the clock tick worth the climb I’m not not the view always hoping for it but still yeah nice good and even as is a little bio in English   our hotels right in the middle of everything it’s actually a pretty great location you want to get out into the market climb the Clocktower and have a quick ride up the hill to the port not a bad spot to do it came back to work for a little bit you’re getting away he’s getting dressed up look at that yeah but I don’t have jeans to wear because they’re out with the laundry right now still they’re supposed to ship it back right now maybe we don’t know we leave town tomorrow morning so Flutie get it before we leave anyways we’re gonna go find dinner and I’ll probably leave you with that I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for another lovely day on the road with this gentleman and and mph on and we’ll we’ll see if we make it out of here like what and we’re gonna go see something really cool that’s a bonus tomorrow too right yes that’s all you get to know we’ll see it and release tomorrow morning   we’re gonna try to the indigo rooftop restaurant and it has the fort view oh yeah it does put the view like that how can the food not be delicious end up getting mutton Sukka which is just a swimming in spinach so mom I hope you’re feeling warm and tingly right now watching me eat this and I will see you guys like I said bright and early tomorrow morning for another days but in the car pretty much yeah tomorrow’s car day that is really good

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