India Travel : The Taj Mahal and Agra Fort

entrance was kind of brutal but it feels very much like a medieval like military fortress everything about this just feels very epic dari red keep from the Game of Thrones as well with a couple of things like the pit in the middle over here and the ramparts and first the fortress and Jodhpur was like way higher the walls were way taller but this thing’s got a moat got a lot more arrow slits it just feels a lot more you know lethal it’s probably not fair at all the one in Jodhpur is probably actually much much better situated on top of the hill and everything but do something really cool about it’s very different style altogether I was trying to look it up more of an Islamic touch has more of an Islamic influence than a Hindu influence and it makes for something interesting including that including the photo bomb   and then the transitions from red to white and this is a big change become a little higher   [Applause]     the marble of the temple was really really cool like really cold on my feet it was painfully so but it’s really nice and quiet it’s really agency because if your yard we walk into is different the coloring is different going from all red to all white to like a mixture here it’s interesting just to kind of go through and see it and kind of cleanses your ocular palate every time you walk through a dark space so it’s Joe it’s nice really craving more coffee right now all I really want is some coffee and sugar and water I understand you need some water what is that hot it’s actually cooler so that’s a bad   this place just continues to surprise these arches are incredible they’re the biggest ones I’ve seen so far I feel like it’s a really cool structure very chill visit kind of wandering through the different courtyards then on our way out we’re gonna go find lunch and then we’re gonna try to get to the Taj Mahal as the light improves hopefully this evening they close the gates I guess 45 minutes before sunset so make sure we don’t go there too lunch was good one of the things we’ve stumbled into here has been like Chinese fried french fries they use like a spicy Chinese sauce fry up the french fries ends up tasting like General Tso’s french fries very good we had a honey version today tasting yellow dal was good how’s your pizza better cheesy probably on our way to see one of the modern wonders of the world the Taj Mahal seen it from a distance this morning nice now to see it from up close prepare yourselves for another crowded experience   so knows 1,300 so it’s double what we paid to get into the course today borderline as separate as usual and apparently you get a three water bottles but turns out there’s a foreigner light which is much shorter than the Indian lineman who Sean got caught with his Indian ticket so he’s at the back of the very long line away from in here somewhere   just for warning security super intense they made me check my bag because I had my one of my little tripods in it so you know just be careful there’s a lock over by the ticket counter so that wasn’t too bad     separated it into foreigner and Indian again so I’m hoping that the burner line is a little bit you know faster anyways I’ll just be waiting for him at the entrance so it doesn’t matter if it’s faster or not no idea what Bhushan is and I just realized that the little foot covers that I got for him he doesn’t have I tried to hand him to him and the handoff failed we got separated before he realized what’s going on   [Applause] literally all the way around the entire structure so he’s Brady’s gonna miss sunset it’s gonna take that long I hope not hope you makes it it’s kind of windy out here I need to get a microphone not sure if that worked but he’s on the afflict the far side right now some are down here they still just kind of wander around for a moment   I think he’s on this side now like towards the entrance and found him yet he may still be on the second-to-last side though for all I know from what he’d sent me anyways it’s been like half an hour now it’s really really boring when they separate you from your friends for half an hour I haven’t gone inside yet either and there’s no photography allowed inside so I’ll just have to kind of tell you what it felt like to go in but right now this thing is very very cool it’s very impressive this is just the layout of this place it’s gorgeous and we came at just the right time for lighting too so we’ll just have to see where Bhushan is cuz I definitely still don’t I don’t see him he’s standing right behind me is me Barry is seem long last   what took you so long I was one hours and hours extra weeks for the Suns led and I said and I single mother very back     [Applause] we made it through the insight was actually really really simple is a tomb on the inside there wasn’t not a lot of engraving except for the I don’t know if you’d call it a face or a veil around the tomb itself the real tombs below it this is just kind of a monument to the tomb so your son’s getting some photos for caving copy before we head back really really need to see this in person to walk through and to catch it at sunset pretty much perfect   there you go now it’s flatten your hand out served up on a platter we’re back to which is where we had lunch earlier for our head it says but don’t wanna work in that tiny little home which we’ll show you tomorrow has definitely as the creepiest shower of wool

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