Innsbruck Austria Travel Guide

hello guys we are at the Gatwick Airport in London and we are flying to in spirt in Austria it’s our first trip in 2018 actually last year you remember the first live we did it was in Austria but in Vienna but this time we are going to the north to the US and hopefully we are going to see some snow because I really miss the snow   since it’s winter and we couldn’t just fly with our backpack we had to back and we just checked in our bag and we are in search of going to it somewhere actually the stomach took ages because always when I am in Gatwick Airport they stopped me to check my bag because of usual is because of the drones batteries but this time they didn’t just take the drone because it was inside my bag they checked everything and it took ages I had to put everything inside my bag again     [Applause]     and we just landed in this burg is quite cold the a bird is beautiful and it’s very smart was so beautifully surrounded by mountains   now we arrived in are you sorry       this is the view we have from our room it’s so beautiful I can just stay here for long long time and just enjoy we are now in the old town of in spec and it’s just a pretty small I mean it’s at quite a small town but it’s really beautiful you can see they were painting on the walls and all being colorful building is just colorful and it’s it’s winter but you feel the colors and it’s alive if you can see behind me you can have the we have a mountain to cover with snow as a background it’s just like wow I really miss such a view like this I grew up in a city that whenever I look out the window I could see the mountain but I really miss that we are going around for now to explore I think for now we are not going to the mountain to see a snow and have some fun with the snow but tomorrow we are going to do that now we are just exploring the town it just q distance up   [Applause]       [Applause]       it’s so called outside and that’s why we decided to find a place just to have a hot drink and now we are here to warm up you eat this is totally different from any hot chocolate I have this is the milk cottage and cream on top and this is the chocolate are you just melted with a future not easy let me I think because it’s so cold I don’t I don’t really care about calories and I’m putting the crew to exciting now this is the result of five minutes hard work and now this hot chocolate is ready and since I can’t just drink I just order something I don’t know the name so sorry not know they’re nice and let me try to attract metal 9 because my work now we are back to our hotel actually because it was really cool and I think we are still not very prepared for it to cook thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video and don’t forget to push their button down below and subscribe to my channel

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