Italy Travel Guide : Things To See in Rome

basically the Colosseum was like a huge arena back in the day you know where they would hold executions and like gladiator you know fights then like you know mock sea battles and all that you know things that we probably wouldn’t enjoy now things we’d probably have protests about but um you know they did it back here also we’re in Italy during a heatwave so story of my life Sun follows me everywhere yes Italians and tourists I am vlogging I’m so everyone’s been like stressing me out and saying Ellie if you go to Italy you have to eat you have to eat gelato you have to do this you have to do that I was like guys relax okay I will figure it out and I don’t need to be eaten cheese or gelato okay so right now we’re at a place near the Colosseum a restaurant that serves pizza and all that dress and they had a whole list with um pizza without cheese   we are in an area called tres de Verde Bank Tyson anyways it’s book my friend who lists used to live in Rome told us this is like the poppin area for where Tings happen you know you do you have fun and all this stuff being out I’m saying so we’re here hopefully we’ll make friends maybe we’ve all we had no idea but it’s very beautiful     [Applause] last night we stayed up till 2:30 a.m. and then today woke up at noon we’re jet-lagged okay anyways we’re in st. Peter’s Square right now there are massive amounts of people here and there’s a line going from all the way over there to all the way over there but just is crazy and it is so hot oh my gosh anyways so we are here today and I just wanted to show you a little bit of st. Peter’s Square cuz it’s really unbelievable   it’s hot   we are leaving Rome today and we are off to be a Melfi coast I feel like we did Rome you know I feel like three sufficient days here was good and now we’ll regret the ovo because this is kind of like my car the trip like Scott likes his you know history he likes seeing you know the museums and the big places of course I love seeing that too but I’m all about like nature and water and scenic things so my god it’s gonna be a little bit of a truck there we’ve got to take public transportation but you know what it’s all part of the experience I don’t know what Byron by beautiful Rome

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