Lisbon, Portugal Must-do Travel Tips

hello from lisbon portugal i’m gonna show you guys the best things that you have to do in lisbon when you come to visit so this morning for instance before I did anything else Claire and I went to get the best-known pastry here in Portugal but L did not I’m probably saying it really wrong but I can tell you one thing it is absurdly delicious so come with us these are egg tart pastries and they are the reigning queen of Portugal’s pastry scene for good reason so good mmm oh my gosh better than I expected we got these just about every day from various bakeries they’re amazing some good crunch closest to our Airbnb was bhaga bhaga offering Connors favorite version my favorite version though was in battle alto called Monta got it all so warm from the oven that’s a good sign oh wow this might be my favorite super buttery sweet but not too and a nice carmelization so I have some on my teeth I will dream of these for months to come probably the most famous pucelle de nada bakery in Lisbon is pêche dice de belem it was definitely the least sweet it was almost savory in its egginess don’t get me wrong though I love this one too this was Claire’s favorite version so once you’ve gotten your pastry fix for the day you’ll be energized to experience the rest of the city when you’re ready to take a break from the city just hop on the public transportation and bam in 45 minutes you’ll be at the beach we had a beach day in cash guys we’re not very good at just laying on the beach so we rented some stand-up paddleboards what I love about this kind of activity is that it gives you access to see things and a part of the town that you’d never get to experience otherwise another day trip we did was hiking from the far western side of Portugal into seen theta a 9-mile hike started here now we’re all the way up here and we’re going to end here so why was seen throw worth hiking 9 miles – well do you see this palace behind me here let me give you a better look this is pana palace it is actually like stepping into a fairy tale absolutely beautiful and white the end to our hike back in Lisbon here’s another tip for you go grocery shopping at a local shop I mean if you’re a foodie you will find it endlessly fascinating pick up some items then bring them home and make a home-cooked meal not only is it nicer on the wallet than eating out every day of your trip but it can make you feel even if temporarily like a local we lucked out with a pretty incredible rooftop at our Airbnb   seriously though our Airbnb is so sweet spell I could actually stay there for like yep bring back all of our friends and family come to all of our favorite oh we had a few favorite spots I’ll put the names of some restaurants in the description box below the Portuguese go twos of meat and fish and cheese and olives were solid every time oh but I need to tell you about this gelato place Santini it’s a well known spot for good reason seriously some of the best gelato I’ve had in a long time we we’re not sure there’s no signage for this park bar are we here oh you are going to get mugged in a parking garage or going to a really cool fire eater or you know you have to go up through a parking garage where are we but it was totally worth it one of the better views we saw in Lisbon was from the park bar rooftop and what I’d like to do is take one meal and pretend I’m really fancy so you know be posh for the day today it’s Four Seasons Ritz let’s eat   thanks to poor seasons RIT’s for making our luxury lunch happen we were quite impressed Connor and Claire you two are the most incredible travel buddies thank you

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