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every cool guy who’s in good shape should love his mom and my mom’s birthday’s today happy birthday mom is looking 602 I don’t know why I got aggressive but happy birthday it’s pretty rainy out there I’m gonna go try and find a good cup of coffee there is a coffee maker here like a Keurig type thing but no little coffee things I don’t know what to put in it it’s not actually a curry good something else in I don’t know how to work it or what goes in it so we’re gonna United here my plan is for today’s vlog to come to you in three parts part one coffee and a little bit of exploration part two probably an Airbnb tour because people want to see this kind of stuff in part three running from the Popo the party is a little bit more exploration last night I went out for a beer I did not find the giant like Stein that I was hoping to get which is okay because I really don’t want a giant Stein worth of beer but I did go back to liquid the place that we walked by earlier and it was awesome I had a really really good for your selection if you’re ever in Luxembourg you’re looking for any selection of beer it’s a had quite the selection so do hit them up the staff are really nice it was just fun spot and I met a guy who works in the tourist industry here who will remain nameless because he does not want to be in the vlog but he’s gonna show me around a little bit so we’ll try to take a tour with him and not get him in the vlog at all later we’ll see how all this turns out I really don’t know how it’s gonna turn out but first and foremost is is the coffee part   where did wise Google really does not know how this bus system is the nice thing is that the city is so small it’s only a 20-minute walk to get anywhere but the downside of course the Google Maps gives you false hope that maybe you’ll be able to catch a ride and public transportation is supposed to be free today that’s one of the fun things that the guy I met last night told me was that on Saturdays public transport is free it’s really cool but not helpful for me because I’m on the wrong side of town I just think that pushing buttons at crosswalks is a novel idea   to the more highly rated coffee places are actually about a five-minute walk away from each other it’s like it’s pretty minute walk from where I’m from golden bean and then another one just up here I think I’m gonna go try the other one that’s farther away because tomorrow depending on how things go and we’re you know like how my flight is working out whatever I might want to come to the closer spot tomorrow I’m very time to just go I’ll come back here tomorrow   it’s crossing   I pretzel the Sun this place is definitely the love child of France and Germany that was delicious coffee the filter was so good and apparently the I just met a really really interesting group of locals who are not from here but who live and work here really good meeting you guys really good to chat if you see this and they told me that was the best coffee in town but it’ll be closed tomorrow so I really made a good decision on that now one of the things they told me about the guy I met last night actually runs the tunnels that run under the city which is fascinating I want to see that you know wartime tunnels to get through the the fortifications the other thing they said there’s a glass lift over here somewhere so I’m gonna try and find that glass elevator I don’t know it sounds fun you know you’re in a small town when the most fun thing to do is take an elevator so let’s find that elevator if we can go see the Royal Palace if we can find the tunnels by ticket and go into that and that sounds that sounds good to me I’m applying my usual exploration logic to wandering now I saw a spire over here I don’t know what it belongs to but they’re also some really cool looking roofs so that’s what that’s what I’m following now that I’m sure we’ll see something else that was interesting from there we should walk through this part maybe let’s do it off-the-beaten-path well actually technically this is a very beaten path because it’s paved you get the idea but look what is that I don’t know but let’s find out   this is a retirement home for those of you who ever wanted to retire in style this is it so the glass elevator is supposed to be around here somewhere I’m going to try and take a time up so this I think we have enough definition with the clouds   right back into the middle of town see a spire I’m trying to find the Royal Palace which are walked by yesterday I’m feeling that I’ll be able to find it again here is this nice to walk around it’s a nice quiet town seems like there’s plenty of shopping to do if you’re a shopper and the food from what I’ve read is basically just an amalgamation of French and German which was up very clearly with the croissant pretzel this morning which is actually very good I don’t even really like pretzels that much the giant pretzels you can get pretzels everywhere but it’s an interesting mix so actually my goal tonight is to find something basically beer and french fries we’re close to Belgium it’s kind of what I’m more after more than anything under the city remain the mystery so I’m gonna try and figure that out it’s only supposed to be six euros to go do those and after that I don’t know that there’s much else to see so I’ll just keep wandering and see what I discover it turns out that this spire is just on top of a bank   that’s it I think this is it find out here a minute we’re interesting aspects of Luxembourg is that because space within the city walls is such a premium there’s no there’s no there’s no space empty space around like the important monuments like the Cathedral is completely hemmed in by other building the royal palace as well like it’s on a street with other stuff completely around it’s really interesting obviously if you go to London or Paris even antiquing Brussels you end up with like a lot of space around like the really important landmarks but here there’s no wiggle room which is really interesting it gives it a completely different feel   score alright postcards for the family pins for my sister now I realize I haven’t gone to the other side yet like I haven’t crossed the bridge and actually made it over to where that clock tower is so I’m gonna kind of abandon the tunnels I think I guess I could actually go to the tourist office and ask them about it though let’s go to the tourist office you can ask them about it but I really want to get to that clock tower before it gets dark so let’s see how this pans out   I missed the lion’s share of the market and by that I mean like pretty much all of it their clothes should find lunch here soon but the tourist office is just next to the square and the mayor’s office look about Hotel de Ville so I’ll check that out see if we can’t find our tunnels and otherwise oh man that smells good otherwise go find a clock tower   I thought I’d stop in Princes a local beer in triple belgian sounds really good and then apparently a little skew as well so we’ll see how the stew is what you get     the fox’s place that’s what this translates to tasty beer so I got a local stew which was very delicious and and then a local brew as well she’s also very tasty now it’s time to go find these sneaking tunnels and then we pretty much accomplished everything at that point oh except for the clock tower to you we got so much to do they were so friendly though they actually gave me a couple of little luxembourgish lessons everybody pretty much forgotten how they recommend it just for the friendliness factor so thanks for hosting me if you guys ever see this just thing us oh I think it was Dixie asked a couple days yes it was a golden lady I’ll show you the golden lady here later I didn’t realize that I never actually followed up on whether or not I was a little lady oh there was actually a postcard of her so just in case we don’t see her again later let me show you this postcard that is much closer than we’re gonna be able to get with my camera so I think that works out pretty well alright tunnels and then that’s pretty much it for the day I think see if we can make this happen this church we were apparently right next door to the entrance when we came to this Hart whoops pretty sure at least but I think that’s the entrance down there with those flights   it took me some work to figure out where this was because it’s not super clearly worked maybe it’s more clearly marked then I give it credit for but when you walk across the bridge right here you come here you can go up this little turret see the world heritage signs you just got to go back down these stairs kind of hidden in the back corner and then the ticket office is at the bottom of these stairs now problem hold on unfortunately well it’s not advertised is that it was cash only and that I’m in cash on me which I’m gonna I can walk up here and get cash at the ATM and you go back but in looking in there it’s also really dark and I’m not sure it’ll fill them very well basically the casemates castmates Kaz mates figure out how to pronounce that it here a little bit but a really fascinating series of underground tunnels that were dug out over centuries by different militaries that ran the place over the period of history like the Spanish among others that actually dug out fortifications from underneath the city so their batteries for cannons and all kinds of other things that are actually built out of the rock beneath us so basically turning this entire Hill into one giant fortress which is really really neat cool history I’ll make sure to link to it below not sure it’ll film very well and after taking so long to find the place and now having to walk up and get cache not just a clear defeat but I’m not sure it’s a hundred percent worth it especially since we’re running out of daylight and I still haven’t gone over in seeing the clock tower yet priorities so if it turns out to be one of those regrettable mistakes and I remind of wishing that I’d seen it there’s always time to come back to Luxembourg can always come back but in the meantime let’s try to find that clock tower   not good enough not to get in the photo it a little bit choosy with my photos here on the disposable camera this one’s getting given away in total so I’ll find a better one here in a minute probably the clock tower why why am i taking one of the street we should do one of the clock tower   much much better not sure if this is there’s a bank across the street I think this is a bank everything I think ever like almost everything is owned by a bank in this city to be honest fortunately with all the construction the Clocktower experience was a little bit underwhelming but we got over here we saw it no no was the bank doing something new every day right pretty much all goals have been accomplished at this point I would like to go see the tunnels at some point the case casemates case Qasim it castmate I’ll have to figure that out still I’ll figure that out eventually I would like to go see it but it’s always good to leave something come back and see you later because at some point in my life I’m going to want to you know visit again and I gotta leave something you guys gotta leave something that’s that’s why I haven’t gone up sacre-coeur yet I’m just waiting for a special occasion so I am feeling pretty tired I’ve been walking around the city all day I’m probably gonna try and find something to eat and go my charge this do a little bit of editing and then meet my tourism industry buddy tonight they’ll give me the unofficial tour of the city well grab a drink and I’ll see what actually comes out of that because since he doesn’t want to be in the video I might just have to share some stories tomorrow and what he shares with me just because he doesn’t want to be in it and I think I already have enough to be honest from today’s exploration so we’ll see what happens I will of course put whatever tasty beer we end up getting in at the end though this time just to make sure you guys gonna feel left out on the whole beer front but I have tried some a few local beers now they’ll pretty tasty so far so good so probably like a good 25 minute walk back to where I came from and we’ll see if we find a snack on the way   my buddy Luke suggested he basically demanded that I come to this Indian restaurant cuz it’s his favorite in the world and I’m so hungry I cannot wait in Cappadocia which is my favorite in the in additional but this is the single largest piece of naan I’ve ever seen and thanked her like this is one piece of naan anyways I’m really really excited Oh we’ll just cut to whatever beer we ended up getting and call it a night

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