hello everyone welcome back and welcome to the Manchester vlog this is a big one I am here with visit Manchester the British tourist board and Virgin Atlantic which we flew first class on and I teared up when they told me we upgraded because I’ve never flown first class and it was absolutely insane I am going to insert some footage it was just the best flight I’ve ever had and considering it was the longest wait I’ve ever been on it went by the fastest I pretty much didn’t want it to end I watched a big did a face mask had a full-on three-course meal and slept horizontal which as you know is my favourite and then we landed and checked into this awesome hotel which is called the Lowry and it’s right on the river and I just want to show you everything yesterday we got in and just checked into the hotel walked around immediately and I’m so glad I did that because it made me stay awake and then I slept super good last night so that was a plus and we just hit up the john rylands library and it was beautiful and it was just like walking through a movie set and then we met for lunch at Albert’s gloss I think that’s how you pronounce it and just the coolest coolest branding I was obsessed with their menu design everything about the interior just blew my mind after lunch we actually went and watched the World Cup which was an experience of a lifetime was just like the most exciting thing we stayed the entire time it went into overtime and it was just such a cool experience so now I am on my way to go walk to the floral designer that actually did the front of the restaurant that we were at yesterday which was insanely gorgeous I can’t even tell you so I’m on my way out to go do that and I’m excited for a very eventful day and Manchester   [Applause]   so I just finished up at frog and that was awesome as you saw and I grabbed it some brekkie at federal which was highly recommended by Suzy at frog and I got too much coffee and now I’m gonna do a street art tour take some things should be good   I just woke up it is a good day well it’s always a good day Here I am heading to Wales and into Snowdonia and we’re actually staying overnight there so it’s gonna be once in a lifetime I did another breakfast and I’m gonna grab 9,000 cups of coffee as they always say and we’re gonna hit the road in a rental car so that’ll be fun I’m just really excited where you go Ricki here I come caffeine you will wake me   [Applause]   literally in the English countryside losing my mind there’s like butterflies flying all around and like purple flowers I can’t deal   [Applause]   I just found some sheep we pulled over we’ve been looking for sheep and the scene is unbelievable every scene here is unbelievable I can’t even believe it obviously my god I’m vlogging this is Jade she’s keeping me safe pulling over for good shots finding all the Sheep being the best driver on the other side of the road   so we got to our hotel in Snowdonia but super no big deal we’re just like entering a castle like this adorable castle above our hotel   [Applause] in a castle no big deal playing it supercool for Jade bitches doesn’t do it justice so cool she’s   so I walked from the shore to get into this boat so Jake could take my picture and the lighting is insane thanks Jay     one shoulder one shoulder last night and Manchester we’re going to refuge Jessica full traveler a bone traveling flow   I’m home and I wanted to hop on really quick and say thank you so much to everyone who made this trip possible and thank you to travel mindset and all the partners I just can’t even I have no words I feel so lucky and fortunate to have been involved and I just keep dreaming about it it was the best and to the women that I had the pleasure of traveling with you are all so talented and inspiring and you make me want to get out there more and I miss you and for everyone who’s watching I’m going to be leaving all of their links below along with all the links you might need or want from this trip and I just had the time of my life if you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you’re not already and I will see you again really soon in the next one

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