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good morning as you can see behind me is obvious that today I’m in Milan II know in the north of Italy of course you know where is Milan and we have one day to explore Milan let’s go       we just visited inside and now we have to we are going to the top of the roof and today because it’s raining we can’t go by using this that’s why we have to get the leaf     so can you guess where we are we are on top of two and you’re working on a rooster   cause we’re so lucky actually I’ve been to me land four times but this was the first time we could actually manage to visit Duomo because every time we came there was this really long queue and you can see behind me because we came early we could manage to visit it without staying and wasting any time in the queue dad and I have to go get a umbrella for brewing on how is it you can see because it’s raining say as always when we train     it’s really hard to feel when it’s raining but you know we have one day to explore Milan and you’re doing it let’s see how far we can go I can’t go without you because Camilla no I dropped something under thank you   is improving now we took advantage and we came to the park this is my favorite part in Milan and Venice Sun is so beautiful but many sunny is not just beautifully so busy because cloudy and rainy we have it for ourselves         guys we’re in Milan the capital of fashion let’s go shopping shopping   guys you never will be walking around and actually I told you that I’m going to do shopping but it was not really successful and but we found something Charlie suit and my need chocolate cake looks so so nice it’s so beautiful I don’t want to touch it I don’t know I never had it before is Marikina this espresso with milk and father something like that I’m waiting for them I never had something like that before you know for you yes can you see that this is espresso with me and we some father I don’t know it was written coconut but father but maybe I good actually he had his strong suit and then you had like 80% oh yeah 80% of my face we are going to the train station actually to get out of Milan it’s not something happy to do because I love me laugh you know me lunch mean entre Anastasia is one of the most beautiful train station Europe and you should visit it even if you’re flying to meal and you should come to this realization can you believe that booyah booyah – sunny you’re living and it’s funny oh I like the weather   he was like so did you actually can you believe that we box whole day around Milan and whatever you see in this we feel we only was apart from just like in a metro to the training session it was kind of crazy day we had the kind of forces in him and now we are going heading back between Tulane and Mila what is the name of stress stop we’re going to do not see Cuba Cuba okay ch Piznarski apparently actually we arrived in Midland last night last minute we are only hi Tina we’ve checked in in our hotel and all the exploring was today you can see where we had dinner and I be coming to go there is nice area and you can have relaxing a dreamy   right now we are in a Billy navigability how the same beliefs navigate having something like that I’m not Italian here is the where we are going to eat I find you I read a lot of reviews it’s a good place to have dinner that’s   here we just paid for our drink with which is six euro and we have a buffet dinner but like really like   I hope you enjoyed the video same as always thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe for more travel videos right

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