Must See in Rome in 3 Days

I’m gonna share with you guys some of the top things I did in Rome Italy in the three days I was there and give you guys some tips and recommendations on what to do in three days in Rome first day I really prioritize all the major sites and tractions that I really wanted to see most of them were like really touristy things but yeah the first thing that I saw was the fontana dei trevi and i really recommend you guys to see this because is my favorite place in rome is just this plaza where’s this this big marble white fountain and a bunch of shops to Turia’s restaurants cafes gelato shops there and it’s just really lively and it just there’s just like a bunch of people lounging hanging out here taking pictures but yeah I just got gelato and just sat around hung around there for like an hour and it was just really fun so that’s what I did and I can think that I did was I went to the Colosseum definitely you guys see this when you’re in Rome of course like the Eiffel Tower of Rome but yeah cost around like fifteen euros to get in or so there was a pretty long line to get in but it was definitely well worth it in my opinion pretty took a lot of cool pictures there so a second thing we did and then the third thing we did was went to the Roman forums and ruins which is just this big plot or area of land wears like a bunch of hills and broken like beaten down ruin Roman ancient architecture and it was really cool to take pictures of and walk around again really lively area a lot going on in this area and you could pay a couple years to get in but we just walked around from the outside because it was free and you basically see the same thing first thing we did was went to the Piazza they’ll come feed oligo I know from pronouncing this right but it’s Anna capital in hill but they’re like this marble staircase and you walk up this big hill to this Plaza where there’s like some statues and it’s just really cool cool building there again nice photos and you guys get a really good view of Rome Italy from here so that was really cool as well so on the second day which was my favorite day spent in Rome was we really just lounge splurge and really took in the culture and indulge in the slow lifestyle of Rome Italy and just stuff their faces in all the tutorials it all the piece of pasta wine that we create our hands on and yeah we started in the Piazza Navona which I recommend you guys visit is just a nice central plaza where there’s like three statues and fountains in this area lined up and around it are markets with stalls tutorials restaurants do lots of shops all of that and we started here and we just do air map and just walked around and got lost walked around some alleys corridors of bridges up hills and it was just really fun to just do and get lost they were you won’t run out things to do we just ran into so many activities and things and we just really enjoyed that day there and if you guys um I need a recommendation to eat I recommend the franceska my cousin recommended me this place and I tried it and it was really good but all the food that we tried in Italy was just really delicious so yeah so on this day we ran to the Pantheon which was unexpected but it was pretty underwhelming honestly in my opinion but it was free to get in and definitely cool to check out too if you guys want so on the third day we took a bus down to the Vatican City technically this is not part of Rome it’s this home country in Provence but for a sake of this video it’s part of Rome but yeah we started in the Saint Peter’s Square a really big area again platform where there’s like a bunch of people big statue in the middle and of course in the front of it is the big st. Peter’s Basilica and yeah definitely recommend you guys go inside and just explore this beautiful cathedral because I’ve been to a couple Cathedral and basilica’s throughout Europe but this one is by far my favorite and I thought it was the biggest and the best one there’s just so many much detail and art inside this Basilica and it was just really nice and overwhelming and yeah it was really cool definitely you guys recommend you guys stick around for a mass if you guys are able to do that I think they have mass on Sundays but yeah and then after that we went to the Vatican Museum I probably saw the longest line I’ve ever seen in my life so if you guys could book in advance or going with the group definitely do that but we’re able to minimize the wait time by by going right whenever they’re about to close so we only waited for like about an hour so which is pretty short considering how long lines always are and yeah but uh this is where the famous Sistine Chapel is and Michelangelo’s creation of adam muralist and that’s what we really want to see I feel like that’s what everyone wanted to see because I feel like this museum it’s not really much of a museum but really a showcase for the Sistine Chapel it’s right when you get in you just follow this crowd and huge line of people and they’re just being directed towards something and obviously that something is the Sistine Chapel and yeah it was a main event so but it was definitely worth it and it’s just in this big room where took a bunch people security guards telling you guys to be quiet not take pictures but yeah it was really cool and interesting to see and outside the museum is a vatican garden which is really cool as well and yeah it was just really nice the vatican the whole vatican city was really beautiful really lively a bunch of shops souvenir stores for you guys CSM like really just trinkets and stuff but definitely a cool experience so yeah those are what I did in three days I spent in Rome Italy

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