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good morning from the  grand mosque this is the biggest mosque in Muscat it’s one of the top things to see here in the capital city of Amman and it is absolutely gorgeous it has a very different feel to the one I went to in Abu Dhabi it feels a lot more open there’s a lot fewer people here for sure so I definitely have more space to walk around also it has the most stunning garden flowers everywhere actually that’s one of the main things that I’ve noticed about Oman is there are flowers everywhere and everybody just smells so good got a new outfit on today I’m going to explore the mosque a little bit       kinda messed up uh bus stopped and we ended up missing the stop and then the next stop was literally a ten minute drive away so we’re in the middle of nowhere but we’ve seen this other loss we’re gonna go and check that out     living to place go into the next place   please No   yeah waiting for one reality we’ve come to the airport to pick up a rental car I was totally supposed to get one yesterday but I messed up when I was doing the booking and got the day is wrong and accidentally booked it to start today instead of yesterday so I lost a day on my road trip but it worked out well because now I have a new friend who is joining me on the road trip I’ll introduce you to him later so we’ve come to the airport to pick it up and then get going except it’s already 5:00 p.m. and the singing trips at 5:30 so we’ve sort of missed today driving as well but whatever   you think we still managed to see the sunset seriously under coffee seriously yeah you really know how to travel cheap like all I bought is just a coffee across the car maybe they’re waiting for us let’s go with my first ever rental car this is so exciting and the best part about it is that I got a Ford so I did my road trip this summer and a Ford and now I’m driving my Fords cousin in Oman it’s gonna be a great time I know it going back home because someone thought Oh God close the door you   [Applause]   now am I going on yet yes   where’s Sonia especially two days ago   you’re under gummy does hey no in convoy yeah why not let’s go it’s tomorrow I’ll call you tonight I need to do some stuff   I survived how did you feel with me driving I almost done sir he’s lying I’m an amazing driver she’s such a bug head car accident he did tell me to slow down look there’s no way do you think you did tell me to slow down at one point but I bought from that I’m a perfect driver the Omani people really like flashing lights so look at the outside of this supermarket it is so bright and so lit up your favorite food where’s the teens is not Quijas I changes for food no hippity he’s not a deal no no it’s not to do this is like breakfast I guess okay here that here the team okay maybe I got a you know the character see I haven’t had it so I should have it yeah to cut and I dunno I’ve never had character or what character party as I thought it’s a special stir I’ll start with the basic correct because of you know he’s our families opponent for my cornflakes Nutella holiday should be crazy it is the weekend every day that we got a friend look we don’t know what it’s safari know for example the gun gets up you don’t know it is yeah yeah I don’t really want you tell out on community okay just to try yeah I like I like trying and one celeb no finished cappuccino this one of all X which is the most beautiful display no they’re excited to drink

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