Paris Holidays : Free Things to do in Paris

good morning it’s Friday which means it’s time for French Friday today I’m gonna be showing you some freaking or really cheap stuff you can do in Paris because the Paris of course is notoriously not cheap although dressed like this fun that’s right here but there are a lot for free around here or at least for cheap – it costs transportation – feeding yourself I can’t help you with but I can’t with some ideas but to do with your time while you’re here and thank number one is going to be go see RG to see Eiffel Tower in the shop behind it you have lazing about leave you have the Pantheon you have a lot of really tall pretty structures you can go look at from the outside and be like not all of them are free to go into like Lizzie at least I’m about eat or there’s an invalid I always mispronounce it because mixing languages but they somebody is not free to go into but super worth it there are a lot of things like that but to go walk around it get some photos of it it’s absolutely free and highly recommended I’ll leave links to a lot of different random things that I’m mentioning below so you can go ahead and check those out you can find them on Google Maps the other thing that’s really nice to do wow this is really slippery it’s snowy   now assuming that you come when it’s a little bit warmer I mean if you’re brave you can enjoy the parks there are a lot of amazing parks around the city some are big some are small some have benches like this with fantastic views some of them have benches with crappy views but are still quiet and enjoyable now they can you sit but if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money on food that necessary thing that you should be spending money on anyways because you’re human you just sit back relax have a picnic and enjoy and enjoy the styling of French gardens but it’s freezing and I don’t want to do this I’m not I don’t hide this is not my thing right now they’re always scavenger hunts to be had like how many awkward naked statues can you find in a day need so many space invaders you can find and of course the app for that is free flash invaders linked below and one of my favorites one of the more difficult ones how many statues of Liberty can you find   the metro is not free but it is cheap it’s only a gyro 90 per trip and if you buy multiple tickets like a packet of ten you get a discount and the weekly passes if you get them on in one day really good like really that’s it that’s where the real deal is that I have links to how to use the metro and stuff to check that out but for the moment I actually don’t need to use the metro   you always enjoy some music in the metro I didn’t have any cash on me though that’s the thing that’s not for either well it could be for your enjoying it’s free but I wanted to film them and since I don’t have any change I didn’t want to but they’re really fun they’re really cool band it’s like eight dudes all of instruments also exercise the Metro is free you want to catch a train that pulls in before you can get to it   you know you got to run some time then when it’s snowy outside you’re not gonna do it outside   now like I said there are a lot of beautiful buildings in the city free to hang out outside of hotels developing it’s also free to go inside the post office that’s in here but this outdoor area I’m walking through when it’s warmer often has exhibitions different events performers so it’s a fun spot to come and you can just be here for free as well as other things like Moulin Rouge you can get a photo in front of Moulin Rouge for free or the Arc de Triomphe is free to walk around as well now all the Arc de Triomphe is not free to go up to the top it is free to walk around it all day you can even go out underneath it you know and then just hang out over there speaking of free monuments to walk around in the Louvre you could walk around here for hours places here’s even if they’re not free to go up or in at least they’re free to look at and get your photos and getting photos is always a good way to spend some time     also these toilets are free doesn’t mean you really want to go in one have you ever seen this at one of these things before yeah you get what you pay for also be careful because if somebody’s in there and they walk out let the door closed it’s gonna go through a cleaning cycle and then open and then go in because if you go in during the cleaning cycle good chance to end up with wet ankles seen happen   well there are a bunch of monuments and buildings that are free to look up and not free to go in one guarantee difference is going to be churches like the Cathedral these guys are free all the way around although you have to pay to go to the top of Notre Dame but you don’t pay too much it’ll think well worth it and if there’s a line here which they’re not is not when the weather is kind of like it is today even if there’s a line here at most it’ll be 15 minutes to get in Univ is a really long line   you   beautiful you can spend a long time in there actually doing laps the Rose windows are gorgeous the whole thing in cred highly recommend it notre dam is totally totally worth it it’s just a beautiful church I think it’s my favorite in the city of course you have a lot of other churches like sacre coeur some little piece small Chapelle is not free but also worth it if you want to check that out and st. Genevieve is Church just to the side of the Pantheon is also amazing so that’s a – for right there you can go into the Pantheon and then around to the left and into st. Genevieve Church then you’re set there also right next to the Jardin du Luxembourg above Gardens of Luxembourg which is a wonderful place to go sit and have lunch provided it’s not freezing cold of course this is not this is not picnic weather and unless you’re Canadian in which case I’m sure this is perfect but for the rest of us too cold   remember that ladies with these fake clipboards also scam so beware be fully aware of that no no oh wow there’s a whole bunch of them so do be careful they may pretend that they don’t speak they may pretend they’re deaf and dumb they’re dumb that’s for sure but do watch out and when there’s a bunch of them very likely pickpocketing so this came up during my Eiffel Tower video if you want to go up the Eiffel Tower sometime but basically what they do is they shove clipboards in your face try to get you to sign up for stuff that you don’t understand and then start demanding donations for something you don’t understand they’re very persuasive in really awkward ways and if there are more than one of them watch your pockets because it might just be distracting you to pick your pockets to be careful now one of the other things you gotta remember when you come to notre-dame in particular is to come around behind it because the view is equally free and incredibly gorgeous this doubles as a park win win see lots of good stuff great building and a park your set to another point and that’s general exploration oh yeah and if you want to turn this into a three-fer Park Cathedral Space Invader yeah generally exploring is also free the city is beautiful easy to walk wander I mean if you get really tired you can always hop in the Metro which is not free but close enough and yeah just walking around like this makes it nice and easy the nice thing is you never know when you’re gonna see something that you’ve never seen before from a distance and then go after it like might be like what is that Tower why is it there how come I’ve never seen it from up close let’s go find out and that right there my friends cost you a whole whopping 399 so take advantage of those moments I love it I love walking through this city seeing a spire or a tower or a building like way down there I mean like what the heck I’ve never seen that what is that and then halfway there you spot three other things you want to go investigate and before you know it you’re lost and happy getting lost like that is a good way to do it   speaking of wonderful free places to have a picnic anywhere along the river or the canal pretty much it’s gonna be a great spot to come sit you sit down along the bank all the way over there as well grab a bottle of wine some cheese some meat some bread have a little picnic it’s wonderful we spend a lot of time on the river when it’s warmer and no time right now because it’s too cold   can always go for a stroll around that’s free it’s huge – its miles long so well it’s pulled it up but seriously if you wanted to go from like the depths of the Louvre in the car carry over there all the way through the Tuileries and up the champs-elysees wonderful walk lots of beautiful architecture to look at and 100% for you   of course the Opera is beautiful it’s like a work of art it’s free to walk all around it enjoy the music so usually they’re musicians hanging out in front there aren’t any today unfortunately but this is some free music from the operas not so bad   one more thing you can do for free in Paris is get a nice view of the city they’re actually a whole bunch of listen you can go via the city for free I made a whole video about it throw a link to but one of the most famous spots to go for a free view even though pretty much nothing else about this place is free boundary Lafayette do you try to avoid buying like that eight hundred thousand euro watch while you’re inside but you can dodge that and you should be fine just gonna take that skaters all the way to the top now one other thing you don’t want to miss out on the view of the interior this place is also free and also very nice   double bonus you get an even better view of the oppor from here well a different view at least   no you can’t even see sacre-coeur from here up on the top of the hill there which is another spot for a really nice free view of the city you just go up to the front of sacre coeur it’s really good there’s even a better view from the place next door called Prince Hall just that there the roof has been closed for a while let’s don’t link to it you can give it a try but this will do in a pinch   I wasn’t kidding these watches are insanely expensive the one that wasn’t marked I asked him three hundred thousand euros for a watch different world all together   and as that for some free stuff to do parks monuments churches museums oh there was one more thing I wanted to go see actually dang it there’s one more thing that I’ve been meaning to go do that’s free that I’ve never done before that I thought today would be the day and I totally slipped my mind and that is Victor Hugo’s house you could actually go in and see Victor Hugo’s house at plasty Vosges for free when it’s open but it’s closing at 6 p.m. and it’s fairly 5:30 p.m. and just to give you an idea for how easy was for me to get around today I’ve done all this showing you all these things while still taking the middle portion of my day like getting four or five hours to get a lot of work done I stabbed the pellets on for a while and visited the scripts it worked on my Kickstarter and blah blah blah bunch of other stuff but the point is really easy to get around the city and when it’s warmer you can do a lot more walking and you can do walking while it’s called I don’t

How to Visit the Eiffel Tower

it’s Friday which means today is French Friday and today I’m gonna be going up the Eiffel Tower because why the heck not the Eiffel Tower is of course the most visited site in the world so it makes sense that you might want to know what the heck is going on before you get here and I thought well I’ve been a long time since I’ve been up the Eiffel Tower myself why don’t we go and see what it’s like things have changed lots less time I went up Security’s a lot tighter and I have no idea what else is going on inside so I figured let’s get in line and go up the Eiffel Tower and we’ll just see what happens first things first we’re gonna have to get through security down here which doesn’t look too bad right now I tried to get here early enough that the Lions wouldn’t be terrible that Vitara opens at 9:30 in the morning and closes at 11:00 I was trying to get here before it opened but I ended up going having coffee with Bhushan so here we go we’re getting here and I think at 10:15 but it’s not that bad you can see the line is pretty manageable actually fairly even curves once so we’ll see how long this takes us starting now   took what 15 16 minutes I don’t know I can’t do math anyways we are under the Eiffel Tower this view right here used to require no security back when I lived here before which is unfortunate that that has changed this is incredible and this is actually built to be the entrance to the World’s Fair in what 1889 by Gustave I fellows company which he ended up fronting like half more than half the money to build it himself and half the money for the company that would manage it later and he got exclusive rights to it and all the money that I made for 20 years I think it only took from 18 months to pay off all the construction costs so it’s just like pure profit and just cream after that but this view from underneath well worth taking a look before you go up and then and then we’ll go good tickets here now there ticket offices at each of the pillars and you’ll see the symbols for stairs or for elevators I’m going for stairs at least to go up the East ticket office on the southern pillar should do the trick here you’ll see right here okay East ticket office but the southern pillar I’ll bounce around through here grab some tickets and go up some stairs   nineteen years to go all the way to the top there’s only ten years to the second story but throwaway up you got to take an elevator and doubles the price now I’m gonna be honest too now that you’re this far in with me this isn’t my favorite view of the city by a long shot I actually not a huge fan of the Eiffel Tower but maybe today will change my mind we’ll see and I really wish I’d have brought my microphone all right one more security check their endless security checks we I will talk about my philosophy on security checkpoints at some point I’m sure but in the meantime up we go I don’t know how many stairs there are lots I’ll put them on the screen I’m sure but it’s going to get a little bit of exercise warm up it is cold out here today it’s freezing there is supposedly an ice rink right now on the first story so we’ll see if that’s going but when they originally built this place it actually had a printing press huge printing press and that all the maps brochures everything that you wanted to buy here that was printed was actually printed on location which really cool and I imagine at the time was pretty mind-blowing   they also have all these handy historical signs along the way so if you want to pretend that you’re not out of breath you’re just stopping to read something great way to do it   a lot going on here but this is probably my favorite floor for the view simply because you’re still among the buildings of the city the higher you get the less definition in context you have in the past time I liked it as much we’ll see what happens today but this is pretty cool   I’m very glad that I missed that longer line that’s like four times longer such a slow security line man I want to check it out because I don’t actually know for sure which floor the restaurants on I think it might be what’s behind me but I’m not 100% sure about that so we’re gonna do a little bit more exploring to see I didn’t see a nice drink walking around but we’ll we’ll keep going and we’re gonna take the stairs up to the second floor after that that we have to take an elevator to the top you can’t hike that let’s go here’s the restaurant just across the way also this will give you a mild sense of vertigo if your eyes it’s unfortunate if you’ve been to Chicago at the Sears Tower and I think at the CN Tower actually in Toronto as well they don’t put anything on the ground but   I’m ready for some exercise it’s actually a good pointer if you’re gonna come to Europe anyways this is probably get into good walking shoes you’re gonna end up walking alive while you’re here   try to stay correct if the second floor is definitely a nice review than the first but I think this is nice it yet we’ll find out here too   gift shop on the second floor if you really need one you know though you can always bargain your way down with the guys just selling the life–all towers and stuff on the ground bends on what you’re looking to buy I suppose but I don’t know my money up here also you can see the Statue of Liberty from up here there she is at the end of that island yeah she’s a small version of the Statue of Liberty but she’s still free we’re almost above the smog up here almost not quite I’m hoping once you get to the top we’ll get some fresh air that’s like the number one benefit to coming up here well it’s not a good day for time-lapses up here this is not windy there are days up here where it is just destructively windy and you want to make sure that you dress appropriately like I’m bundled up for today and I’m actually feeling pretty good and it was a good hike to eat up here a little bit of exercise and the shelter Mars is wrecked right now look at this between winter like the smog and whatever construction they’re doing down there looks like let’s take a voice so if you need a snack it’s actually warm in here too which is nice and there’s Wi-Fi on the tower which is handy if you don’t have cell service   this level is where it’s fun because you feel like you’re still in the city even though you’re above the city it’s great once we get way up there when it starts to feel like       still it was a little windy for a second there but it’s still wonderful up here right now not frozen and I’m enjoying the view a lot more this time than I thought I was going to for sure I wish that you could actually see something that would be nice but the angle itself is better than I remember and since I can’t get drone footage of the city you know legally this is basically as good as that gets this wasn’t all this building in the world until they finished the Chrysler Building I think 41 years after building the avatar pretty cool and now that they have the antenna on top it is taller than the Chrysler Building but I think about five meters so can’t hold on to the titles forever   they could paint it once every seven years and it takes them something like 18 months the team of like ten people to do it it’s been painted five or six different colors over the years but now it’s always painted Ifill brown like their own specific Brown for the building which you know Brown works even though I only paid to take the stairs up I can take the elevator down which we’re going to do after we take a shot of the Arc de Triomphe over here mostly see now that we’re back I wish I had a real lens anywho   and there you have it one of my favorite stories actually about the Eiffel Tower is during world war ii they found out that Hitler wanted to go up to the top so they cut the cables to the elevators we had to walk every step of the way if he wanted to go up there a little bit of French snark for you but I love this thing it’s so nice know as I hope you had a good time going up there with me if you enjoyed this I do random videos all the time about how to get around Paris things to see I also just live here and make a lot of videos I make a video every day just about my life shred stick around no I don’t speak English sorry she’s a pickpocket so just be aware of those two leave a comment like you know whatever you want and now we’ll get back to like what little vlogging I’m gonna do for the rest of the day

Versailles Tour


this morning I thought I would answer the question of whether or not Versailles  is worth it because I think a lot of people are wondering is it worth it if you’re done in any research you know going out to Versailles is at least a half day thing if not an all-day thing and so you really probably want to know especially if you only have a little bit of time whether or not going out to see it is worth it   [Applause] I think Versailles the hole is totally worth it and actually I’ll link to the video that I already made if you want to see what the like visiting Versailles but it looks like I’ve got a couple videos out here but as far as whether or not it’s worth coming out here it depends on how you want to do it and what you’re into allas itself is pretty amazing it’s about as big and policy as they come there’s not really anything that can compete with it but it can’t be pretty overwhelming and it’s quite the visit overall a little bit overkill sometimes   here is about 30 minutes from the center of Paris easy to got here now if you’re gonna come out really the best way to do this is by bike that might sound self-serving but it’s on 2,000 acres so it’s a lot of space if you don’t you’re gonna do it by foot don’t come out first thing in the morning because everybody comes up first thing in the morning and it is insane the crowds and the lines tend to be way way longer right away in the morning you only take 45 minutes to get through the Chateau so go do something else first and then go to the Chateau the market is definitely one of the best parts of their site it’s an amazing market unfortunately the outdoor portion is only open on Tuesdays Fridays and Sundays the rest of the time it’s just the indoor market it’s just so good still very tasty the food out here is very very good but if you come on one of those days you need a lot more bang for your buck and I highly recommend coming to the market before going into the castle get a snack enjoy yourself wander around buy some stuff just see what’s going on and then go into the castle the market here definitely worth it   personally I’ve been to the I think you have to go to the chateau of Versailles once in your life I think you definitely need to see it lots of great history great paintings some pretty amazing things to see but it is a little bit I’m just yeah I’m not super interested in it anymore myself however if you come out and spend a day in the grounds that is worth it especially if you’ve been in Paris for a while I’ve been travelling for a while maybe you need a little bit of greenery or goats and if you need some goats then this is the place to come to it’s really nice to spend the day just biking around seeing the sights and today the weather is perfect absolutely perfect it’s wonderful day so I think that Versailles is very much worth it as a Chateau once in your life is kind of like Eiffel Tower you got to do it you got to see it it’s worth it but after that it’s kind of nice to see from a distance and you come out here enjoy the grounds for free you can just come out here it’s a it’s a free park so what I’m doing right now where I’m riding right now free to get into it’s just that the actual like Marie Antoinette’s house the Chateau the Grand Trianon those things you do have to pay to get into those they’re worth it definitely worth seeing as well but if you’re gonna do varisai you’re gonna do the whole thing and you want to do it by bike probably because then you can get around very quickly there’s a lot of space between things and if you really want to see it you got to do this so my suggestion would be if you want to make it worthwhile come out of the morning go to the market get a crepe buy some snacks come out of here have a picnic on the grounds see the things there are to see and just kind of enjoy yourself in a casual way instead of lining up immediately at the castle and going in I would say going to the castle in the afternoon because the lines are bound to be shorter and then you’ve already kind of gotten a feel for the grandiosity of the place whereas if you go into the castle first I think it kind of overwhelms you and often robs you have the energy to do anything else so yeah I’ll see if I think of anything else but overall is very sight worth it absolutely it’s all in how you do it and when you do it.

another thing that a lot of people actually aren’t aware of when it comes to expectations when coming to Versailles is that the fountains are not always on during peak season they’re on three days out of the week and only for a total of four hours each day and right now they’re only under in the weekends so we’re out of peak season they’re only on during the weekends so if you come during the week like today no fountains and that’s because it’s a really old system that they don’t want to break and after a completely replace and then also because it’s a huge waste of water it’s a lot of water that is pumped through so they try to minimize the water usage as well as the wear and tear on the system .   

we just saw Barry Manilow and then they’re freaking out cuz we’re walking by anyways I don’t really know anything about Barry Manilow but Mary if you see this was nice to see you in Versailles   the temple of love if you can make it out here totally worth it one of my favorite statues in France probably top three easily especially with like the UM the colonnade around us like the via what do you call this a gazebo I guess you could call this it’s. it’s amazing and totally worth it   they walk fair side if you want to but yeah Cassini really as much is a lot of territory our if you notice miles and miles walking is so much better to be on a bike kick in and then just come have a picnic enjoy the space enjoy the trees enjoy being out of the city for a little bit and it’s definitely worth it this week definitely got away from me on the sleeping thing like I got two days of like decent sleep in the name last night was back to no sleep and I burned myself making popcorn I’m hot plate thank you both Carla and Rob for that combination I made some delicious popcorn last night and burned myself in the process just because it was a little careless so that made editing a little bit less fun anyways hoping to get back on the Sleep Train here soon but tonight I need to verify the translation that I did for the voice acting tomorrow I know you get top of this video that I’m making as well all should be well and by publishing installed I mean Richard and working with Richard just you know Gustav and Richard that’s who I’m making it for so anywho well right out of here and I’ll send these guys off from the castle and then go home and get back to work it does not look sketchy at all.

we’re gonna put lights on the window here so that as it gets darker as winter approaches we’ll be able to illuminate my face a little bit better hopefully without you know real lights will see all words I have no idea if it’s gonna work or not anyways I’m gonna unpack here go for a run and then get to my translations I forgot that I need to do my laundry I’m wiped so we might be just moving on to tomorrow I was gonna be her friend. picked over   duh I hope that works, gonna have to make some modification of this at some point but for now I can’t see what you consider you know hopefully works anyways good day Islander say I was super super wiped by the end of the day so that is a no run for me today hopefully maybe tomorrow.  tomorrow’s also gonna be a full day tomorrow I’m gonna go do some voice after you CNRS and then I’m also going to the YouTube space with Cheryl then she’ll be pretty exciting so I haven’t got an official confirmation on that yet so I’m just gonna show up all see it happens but Friday adventures tomorrow ladies and gentleman but I hope that today was helpful and if you were uncertain about whether or not Purcell was worth it hopefully that helped to some degree as well I will see you again tomorrow please do like this video subscribe and comment I don’t hear from you and yeah if you haven’t subscribed yet I don’t know maybe give it a try it’ll be great. I didn’t know what to do at the end bit here but uh we’ll get that figured out eventually

Brussels Tour

headed to Brussels get out the Train so why am I in Brussels that’s the question that everybody probably is asking him right now I’m here because my buddy mark is on his way to the chef Marcus the surgeon you’ve met before briefly on this vide Guinea and he’s passing through here for one day and one day only and you know what I decided to work in a long time and I love Marky I wanna spend some time with him and this year this is another blog of one of the like try to travel to see friends I wanted to focus on seeing friends travelling with friends last year was going to new places this year friend focused so why not put that practice figure out how I’m gonna go get some coffee because marks I’m gonna be here for a few hours it was only an hour and 20 minute train ride from Paris to Brussels just nuts and I got a really cheap ticket which is why I went for it so I figured could get here early I got here too early really that’s okay because now I can go sit find some coffee and write for a bit known markets here we’ll see how much exploring he’s up for and you know you can wander from there I really just want to get fries in a beer that’s what that’s like best for me and that’s the only cultural experience had been for a while in here I just got to follow these ridiculous signs and find the tram 24 hours of sweet sweet freedom there’s like 754 a 24-hour pass we’re gonna go up to the surface craft rim starting to feel a little bit more like I have an appetite slowly but surely sit work for a while and then we’ll just join up with mark as soon as he you know shows up in town theoretically place you’re going is just around the corner it took me a little bit yeah okay clothes delicious figured I’m in a country that serves breakfast should definitely get breakfast waffles eggs bacon what is this magic it’s wonderful I’m gonna go to the center now wander around for a little bit see if we can fun little peeny boy mister in Belgium and Mark is not coming nearly as early as it thought he was he’s not gonna get here until 6:00 p.m. something like that so I got a lot of writing done I actually got a lot a lot done which feels really really good so the other thing we might be able to do find some space invaders I’d have to wander if you find a space invader or two I didn’t even think about that so just now let’s go find something turns out they’re like 40 of them in the city or at least there used to be crunch of them are here in the center so getting off once up earlier than intended try and start finding them including will also find a little little pissy the men in the men can piss it’s like little pissing boy it’s the weirdest National Monument you see a lot of space invaders peeing here in a second you know Maj two that maybe we can talk about that or maybe we should just not I don’t know if you know if you know me you know I have mixed feelings about Brussels mainly because of Brussels Airlines but the little pig boy statue thing that’s that’s one of them too this is a music museum my aunt brought me here by Antony used to live in Belgium and they lived in Brussels and when I came to visit we went there and actually has like a nice little bar on top with a great view remember that very nice no time now though no time for music only space invaders there’s one around here somewhere these guys said that it was here somewhere but they don’t know where it is either it might be up higher looking in this courtyard though just to be sure it normally he wouldn’t hide it all the way well that’s not true sometimes they are hidden back here but go upstairs to find first the first one that I went for has been removed you can see some of the cement still up there I won’t be discouraged I’m gonna find I’m gonna find a handful on the map I need food but I’m gonna try and find a few more first fries are the thing after yeah I think I might try to get some fries just to hold me over long enough to wait for mark and then ring get real food but yeah I need to get a cone of rice while I’m here the Dalton’s down they keep taking the space invaders down that’s I think but four out of five that have been taken down hard for me to justify stop me getting my much deserved snack but I haven’t earned it by finding still active space emitters is driving me a little bit crazy then I can already see that this one’s have been taken down read I promote from a block away have you no respect Belgium drive me nuts man you can see like wicked this is right there like five out of six that have been taken down but why why not too easy they’ve been still they’ve still got the statue of the child urinating but they’ve taken down the space invader that was here and here I thought Brussels antagonism towards me had simmered down but it turns out destined to be nemesis alright there’s another one down here to the left you’re wondering how I’m finding these so quickly well finding that they’re taken down so quickly invader actually has marked all of this stuff online you can find PDF documents or like slideshares he’s been really just about marking all this stuff down throughout his entire career now is the right I remember look at the map again there should be one more down here if this one’s taken down I’m definitely giving up just long enough to get a snack I think it’s gonna be down this way let’s find out that’s a bad sign I don’t know if that’s where it’s supposed to be or not the corners does not look good Brussels good grief I already had my problems with this city and I thought we were past it I thought we were that we were good this reignites the full antagonism right that’s like seven in a row that have been taken down what is wrong with this place alright we’ve got two more I’m still looking around just in case I missed it but I don’t think that this one’s here two more in the map 20 minute walk till I have a snack because I actually really have been hungry for this entire wander this is a danger though you start wandering you start exploring you start hunting space invaders you don’t take care of your carnal needs namely eating and drinking both important mark has landed he’s waiting for his bag so we will hope a cup with him in the next couple of hours I think he’s gonna drop his stuff up at the hotel and then make his way into town so that means we’ve got time to go at least find these one of these freakin space invaders and then get a snack and then hang out mark that’ll be the best part I mean I came here for mark that was the main reason I’m here so finding one space invader is better than finding no space invaders but seriously Belgium if you’re wondering why okay so the whole Brussels thing I’ll link to it I told the whole story before but basically Brussels Airlines stranded me in Sierra Leone for a few days when I was trying to get out to come to Europe getting stranded in Sierra Leone is kind of a big deal it’s a long story I’ll link to it above but I thought that I gotten over it I liked Belgium I loved Belgian chocolate the beer they invented the French fry waffles there’s a lot to love here but this anti space invaders stance they’ve taken borderline unforgivable   did you have some great street art around here though so they got that going for him I mean this theme – that’s really nice it’s really pretty I like some of your street art Brussels why’d you have to deface the best parts thank God Cafe left I love left I was gonna be really disappointed if they let me down on this one and they burned my business I’m gonna have some like fries in a beer here because I need it desperately you know that’s – two out of like eight or nine I don’t even know how many we’re on right now   see that was good beer and fries this place has got that down now if only it respected invaders okay I’m gonna try two more and then head to the last one that I hope is there at the delirium cafe and I just love delirium anyway are so gonna meet me there we’ll chill for a little bit to the sunset have a little bromance I got a hot back on the Trinity back to Karis been a pretty pretty full day okay that feels like a real victory right now we’ve got three hoping to get four and if I’m lucky five which is a very low number for how many I’ve tried to get today and it’s gone to nobody’s surprise well back on high you can see where they used to be both removed both of them both of them come on who’s wrong with this town there’s so many great things about the city so much good food such nice people what the what is wrong with anyways I’m gonna go meet mark now thank God we’ll wait here for market then this might have been a poor choice I mean she was a beer we’ll be fine it’s more than we might be food it doesn’t show me yours   [Laughter] we made friends and took photos I’ve done that one we’re just good we made friends we took photos in a photobooth hey get to the train station so we’re gonna find food and then

Cannes Here We Go

okay that was I’m still really tired and still suffering from I don’t know I need an attitude adjustment which we’re gonna try and go get by looking at couches right now which is like Laura’s favorite thing to do in the world furniture shopping and I’m feeling I’ve done some measurements I have a feeling that ia I have a good idea of what I could get in there but we’re gonna go to this place I don’t see last time they’re doing a clearance it’s like 60% off their couches pretty nice good see what I kind of deal I can get and what kind of couches are available it’s not an ad for them but I do need a couch how’s your waffle it’s good this story is actually really big for Paris getting a furniture huh   so the color of my bed is gonna be a fairly it’s like I think a very dark bird not burgundy mahogany and dark mahogany finish or white this dark mahogany and white I think I remember what the colors are but it leaves us pretty open options I’d like something colorful if possible but if it has to be dreary did you sink into that one a little bit more yeah yeah because you’re sitting on a metal one that’s why it’s so much cheaper to you right and now you know the difference now you’re ruined yep how’d they get you but I’m gonna I want to spend a lot of time on this couch so where we’ll try more couches hold on but I was just explaining to her I was doing the measurements yesterday which you saw in the vlog if you saw yesterday’s vlog at least the end of it and bows in so I redid these and this is just this section is down here so I have three point four six meters the desk is 60 centimeters deep but there’s also 11 centimeters for the radiator so you got it’s like 71 centimeters here and 48 centimeters for that stairwell sorry you can still see I’ve got some grape junk in my fingernails sorry about that we have 1.19 meters of space between them but I have to have enough space for a chair here so wait a second hold on okay so that’s the space I have this is Jays does Jay’s brain on Van Daan Sh okay so anyways we have two point two seven meters to play with I was trying to measure it out with my bed yesterday the mattress might have threw me off I don’t know what’s wrong with me I’m really tired I need to sleep for a week but in the meantime like this to sleep on it so 2.27 meters I want just probably a little bit of space so I can shift the couch if I have to get into the drawers on the side but I also want enough space to actually sit at my desk so I figured I probably need space this is 182 centimeters wide that’s enough space to get a chair in and I also have no space on the edge as long as it’s not too deep I think we can do this with you I think we can do this   oh wow no maybe this guy though   it’s nice but you see you see the firmness that yeah makes a huge difference to have the I think I should another video I’m not sure you can pull this out so it’s the support that these things this wood here gives yeah because that’s what’s underneath you the weight of you this this goes under your feet but and the mattresses are nice yeah so it comes with a nice a nice like floofy mattress and then the wood is just actually really it’s fairly comfortable just nice big fat wood slats but this one’s to Grandma Ian styling so anyways yeah I’m gonna get that couch it’s 60% off it’s the exact you the exact color that I want it’s so comfy   by just about a couch she’s way more excited than I am I’m suffering a little bit of like oh my god well now I have to live in Paris alright let’s go catch the Metro we’re gonna go meet Brian and Leanne for lunch before we hop on the train and then hop on the train and then ride the train it’s gonna be fairly linear from here on out that was unexpected I did not expect to buy a couch today but I’ve been wanting one obviously for a really long time 60% off snot bad it’s a great couch the only possible drawback that was causing me a little bit of like hesitation was because the material would be different than the one we were sitting on it was the nicer texture the material we were sitting on but I’ll be fine 60% off you have to have a different that’s true if I want what exactly what I want then I could pay full price so there you go that’s a good perspective this place isn’t my guy I haven’t plugged my guide in a while go by my guide to Paris anyway I don’t know if they’re here or not my mother grabbed the table though wait for them outside ideally right got the chicken fingers you just saw that’s left ran out of sauce but it’s very good he’s didn’t eat enough for that circuit I’m saving the burger and stuff the Kamel is in my eyes and said it’s under the cool event which is the park that inspired the High Line in New York so it’s an old train line that’s been turned into a park didn’t go along the assets’ very nice try it we got a great about train though I’m gonna sleep on the train that’s my plan hi bran friends looking at me through the camera right now I’m just seeing if I can make him make him do something weird yeah I did something weird you ever wonder what happened to dead bugs on the train anyway speaking of bugs on a train let’s get on the train for those of you didn’t know I used to live in Nice so we’re going to kind of my old neighborhood but like richer more boring area of my old neighborhood the road I go to can you got to go to your rich people are famous people things like dumb festivals or yeah festivals how my usual seasons but I’m gonna enjoy hanging out with a bunch of yachts nonetheless Carwin we’ve got a ways to go we’re trying to car 17   well this is my very smoothie travel by train is kind of amazing because you go from city center to city center one of my favorite things the other thing is that there’s actually some space we’re slowing down so I get thrown to the wall it’s because the Train is stopping where Marseille right now it’s the first stop from Paris we’re gonna stop I think I don’t know two or three or four times maybe we’ll end up in can very soon though I’m looking forward to it but seriously travel by train is great I just translated a script able to get some work done I’m gonna start editing this so I I can go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight and and then tomorrow is yacht time but everybody out there is probably wondering who I’m talking to in the toilet but you know it’s kind it’s you know it’s fun to keep people guessing so I would keep talking here but I should want to get out   all right we’re in Ken we don’t know how I’m gonna follow this one out because I think she knows what I do how to get out of here than we do but go straight to the apartment I don’t have any battery left like I’ve got like seven percent so this could be the end of things we ready to go find the Airbnb get settled in eat dinner this could be the end I can

Venice Tour Finally Yahoo

morning it is Monday and I got to get out of here now today it’s going to be kind of a long travel day not because the travel itself is gonna be long but because I don’t fly out until later in the afternoon which means that it’s gonna be dark by the time I get there because the Sun sets earlier in Venice than it does here but I never see Venice before so I can see if I night will be one way to start off the trip and then we’ll see the rest as we’re there but I thought today that I would tell you a little bit about Italy and me me and Italy if you didn’t know Italy is the first country ever lived in in Europe if you want to consider it living it was definitely six or seven weeks spend the summer there in college and I always kind of feel like you know very comfortable very much like I’m going home when they go to Italy it’s a different kind of comfort a different kind of home than being in Paris for sure but there’s just something usually welcoming we’ll see if Venice is the same way of giving Venice is gonna be different in a lot of ways but you know no rest for the wicked I’ve got to go down and give a little bit of work done give lyrica her key back which when you double checks in my bag and we’re starting at camera six camera five is developed and I just need to get on top of making postcards so if you wanted to get those postcards make sure you get in on it soon I think I’ll and you set a deadline how about arbitrarily say for now September 10th is when I’ll quarter the postcards and that’ll set up a limit for how many there are and if we’re over the top and they’ll set how many more people can get them out for that so different now that we’re figuring this out I just made probably already get back from Venice in the meantime let’s go   my acid wash jeans are starting to fall apart a little bit but I figured I’m going to Italy like I can’t wear those regular black ones I got to wear something a little bit schnazzy err Italy is one of those interesting places that is just beautiful relax their bureaucracies actually somehow worse than the French the people are generally very friendly and lovely I’ve never been to Venice though so we’ll see how the Venetians are be because Italy definitely has maintained its sense of like city statehood a little bit it’s a pretty young Western democracy and people still identify themselves by the city that they live in more than being Italian so they’re Venetian in the Roman or Florentine I lived in Siena for a summer I’m not gonna identify myself with Sienna but it definitely gave me a real appreciation or maybe a beginner’s appreciation of Italy there’s so much more to learn I really don’t know that much let’s be honest but very excited to go explore a new Italian city and see the canals especially because supposedly the city is in grave danger of going underwater and I kind of feel like my travels right now should be dedicated a lot more towards seeing friends like visiting friends are travelling with friends or going to places that could very well end up underwater in the next decade and this would be one of them so that’s really kind of depressing to think about but I want to take advantage of the fact that I can see them while they’re still visible I got a lot of thoughts about that but we’re just getting it on the metro   I also like almost got sleep but then hangout like six hours of sleep you know woken up early by the dude with the leaf blower who just shows up and leaf blows like two beeps once a week okay anyways Santa’s a really cool City because I’m like Paris it actually is like what 850 years old something like that I remember how old exactly but a lot of people think Paris is ancient right all the buildings here is super old but the reality is that most of the buildings here are like 150 years old ish awesome Indian architecture a lot of the restructuring of the streets that kind of stuff a lot of it not all of it but a lot of it was redone under Napoleon the third and so there’s actually a lot of build there are a lot of buildings in the city that are hundreds of years old Hotel de Ville behind me no sir Dom those are 850 some years old there’s a house over here in the Marais that’s also around that age but the majority of the buildings here aren’t that old they look cool they’re very different it’s very nice I love it I love Paris this is not a knock comparison it’s just not generally quite as old as it’s given credit for by a lot of people that come through standing on the other hand is like pretty much preserved because it lost his economic war with Florence and so there’s there are a number of really funny stories that we heard while we were living there but basically this the city kind of steadily dwindled down in population cantatas the neighborhood’s condensed or consolidated and eventually the city just kind of went to very sleepy phase and by the time they started growing again they decided to leave everything the way that it was because they had the opportunity to it’s basically a medieval city that’s never been altered really cool city talking about it because that’s my first Italian experience I know we’re going to Florence and you’re like why are we talking about Siena where we’re not going to Florence we’re going to Venice honey coffee and food I didn’t sleep and I got asphyxiated out of sleep well I got yep I got choked out of sleep by you know exhaust fumes enough excuses let’s kiss   right okay the opposite that occurs all right yep and then you gotta eat it quick huh all right   oh is it really so the Tim Tams Thank You Roxanne for dropping these off by the way all the Australians in the cafe have been going nuts over these and I just need to have a segment about my coffee throw it like a straw if you weren’t I don’t have not fit   Pat join me for a quick lunch before I head to the airport it’s good because she’s leaving soon which is tragic   all right got a little bit more work done squared away ready for this trip my flights already delayed so I’m gonna go sit with mark have one beer because he’s trying to get me to come and have a beer with them and I’m not gonna see them for a while so I figure I’ll go sit down have a beer and then head to the airport and then Venice which I’ve been forewarned that the food in Venice isn’t very good but the pictures are gonna be nice so you guys won’t suffer at all we’ll figure it out I put up a food poll if you want to vote on a food Paul it’s a public food poll do you want to put a link below to it if you go to patreon you don’t have to be a patron of mine to vote in it although I think you do have to sign up for an account but that’s free so don’t worry about it and then sign up and then vote and you can decide it’s very very dramatically on point but yeah I’m gonna grab a beer   as you go catch me one beer and two small delays later on my flight headed the airport I’m gonna try and go through re RB this time never successfully ganda orally through re RB before because it’s always sounded kind of scarily complicated but I think I should be able to manage it just fine today the cool things that I was in Siena was a patio which is a really cool medieval horse race basically racing around the central square of the city that was neat that’s a very different experience to recreate anywhere else because pretty much the only place it happened I know we’re bouncing around a lot of different subjects here but our ERP goes straight to Charlotte Eaglehawk like there’s an end of lines that go straight into it we release the little confusing cuz it actually switches over to a shuttle like another metro line that goes there I’ve always been a little bit intimidated to try it but today you have to get off it Anthony there supposedly there’s a train from Anthony to the airport let you know this goes that’s a good sign   so the Navigant work here sacrifice effort in you so that cost me 930 where my navigator Eddie paid for got me here and would have covered me all the way there on the early bus only unknown oh well the early bus sucks so it’s like 9:30 do not beat cram it into that thing or get crammed into that thing I’m not sure I deal about this not sure which one I would prefer I’ll let you know when it’s all over I guess I will say a 6-minute straight shot there is pretty nice   and then that was pretty easy between our er be in the bus we’ve got 9:30 to spare this is yeah this is worth it   let’s get out of here   welcome to Venice kind of kind of humid actually all right I gotta find my way to the boat that’s gonna take me at home but you know hope water scenes and stuff   and up and ended round-trip ticket to take the boat there and bring it back this isn’t backfire somehow down the line 27   a 10-minute walk in tour this is gonna be intense I thought it said a kilometer earlier now I’m by it it’s very nice all right time to see what Italian I remember grazie prego cake Pat a is a perfect bari is that Spanish or farming or said canto custody she found Caracas II probably shouldn’t say that out loud it’s enough to give me bias totally see me started Adams really very busy   good thing I skipped that couple on the escalator   should only take a scenario we’re almost there   there goes the taxi we are officially in Venice as far as we think of Venice now just got to actually figure out where we’re going from here   this doesn’t seem sketchy at all made it it is dark out there I don’t think we’re gonna see much more tonight a Venice but I might try to find something to eat it’s a good thing I ate in the airport otherwise I’d be miserable right now that took a long time I’m gonna wrap it up here I welcome to Venice sorry you couldn’t see much there’s not a lot of light out there but I won’t show you more tomorrow bright and early just yet I’ll see you tomorrow morning

Visit Prague – East Europe Holidays

I am up early I stand up it’s a like – something the money editing just not what I intended to do at all I actually want to go to bed earlier last night it’s not bad wait I guess we didn’t start till almost midnight which is what we do I didn’t expect it my plan was to get up early I’m still up really early it’s like 7:30 or what 7:30 when I got up so 7 49 right now I just want to go out and try to explore the city before you know it’s super busy because it’s high season and the senator probably supposed to be really busy right now so I can get up early go down go for a walk you’re coming some of the main stuff see a while there’s nobody around and I hope that there’s nobody around we’ll find out how well this theory was I should have gotten up even earlier really because the Sun is up here at like five or something like that it’s not there any further south – really farther east but still in the same time zone little things that I learned last night my new friends here were very very instructive they taught me a lot of things so without further ado let’s go let’s go wander the city come on computer   courtyard system here is very different as well they told me that it was they were bigger I didn’t tell me that they were a part of actual like walking paths like just walking through large groups of buildings and malls and stuff to get around very different interesting and Google Maps is not 100% accurate on where your entry points are for these but you know we’re figuring out     first DJ decided that was a good time to release a firmware update for my controller so I stood there for 25 minutes with it doesn’t beeping as loudly as it could you love this square just waiting waiting waiting for it to update I was not my favorite thing in the world not cool yeah now how do we get to this bridge   you have to pay to get in that church and I haven’t got any money yet one of the tricks that they told me last night was not to trust the exchange rate the ATMs give you bread away they’ll ask you if you want to accept the exchange rate and you say no and apparently you say no a couple of times until they allow your bank to determine the exchange rate and that’s how you get a good exchange rate so be aware of that if you’re in Prague I just got to find the ATM that she just sent me to something else to be aware of the very first amount to these amounts that it’s giving me here it’s like the equivalent of like 500 euros that’s too much another amount is getting more reasonable like a thousand euros is about 30 bucks so I’m gonna go back in correct oh here we go it’s about 70 euros okay Wow but this is a really bad exchange rate it should be about 77 euros something like that they give you the initiative twenty three two one stand right so didn’t dick fly   150 versions about conversion let’s see what they gave you free exchange rate it doesn’t say the exchange rate in here we gotten screwed I don’t know I’m to report back on what the final exchange rate on that was once I see it I guess I got I’ll go look at my bank statement I hit here and find out hopefully I mean that’s that’s not good so definitely double check your exchange rates when you’re withdrawing money here okay now let’s go to this church   okay I’m gonna time to see a couple more things before I head off to sit down and get some work done I’m just gonna go up to the top here and check out the castle on top of the hill is a little village on top of the hill the downside of course to being up early is that half the world is in shadow right now we’re very heavily backlit so I’ll have to do some more evening shooting later scenery I haven’t eaten anything and a lot of stairs to go here all of a sudden show you some M&Ms; that’s not what I wanted but that’s all she had so anywho you know stairs   I’m not sure how I got here I mean I just kind of kept going up which is it one of my favorite that’s like I think a general rule go against the flow of water wherever it would be going and you’ll find yourself somewhere interesting those guys are that was a treat I had no idea those guys were coming anyways I’m up at the like top I’m gonna wander around up here a little bit and then I think it’s time to you know actually go sit down and work for a little bit this is good early morning I’m glad I got up even if I’ve only got five hours of sleep I shouldn’t have stayed in bed this is a good decision   also I’m not a proponent of Starbucks but this has to be the coolest Starbucks location I’ve ever seen   concerning to anyone else at the entrance to this place depicts like two murders happening on either side of the gate no just me okay let’s check the square out and then let’s get to work duty calls   I ran coffee time I think I found a good specialty coffee shop it’s got a lot of good ratings on Google and I zoomed in on some pictures and saw a couple of these 60s so I think I should be good the only problem is that the uber that I’m waiting for cuz it’s all the way across town keeps dropping me I’ve been dropped like twice Gerber’s and then the the wait time only gets bigger which is not great but that’s just the way it goes sometimes the nice thing is that it is dirt cheap like the most I think I’m gonna end up paying for an uber around here it’s gonna be like before euros maybe so I might spoil myself this week and just use ubers when I’m not walking I’m gonna do a lot more walking lots of walking the only reason not walking there right now is because I’ve been walking for like the last two hours and I haven’t eaten anything and I want coffee and those are my excuses at least and uh yeah just fast-forward to the coffee part   four hours later caffeine in food   oh man I needed that so badly I worked for a while on the guide I’ve been there for three hours or so I’m just writing the content for right now just chugging away what is this I need to find lunch they’re gonna try and edit it a little bit of this and then I’m gonna meet Margo go for a walk through a park find a beer garden that sounds like a good plan for the afternoon so yeah cram a little bit more working here but I need something first I have lunch and worked up now they earlier this morning technically been texting back and forth about that apparently they’re gonna come fix it tomorrow weird I mean it’s fine either they didn’t but you know whatever anyways Margo is on her way here to pick me up Margo’s Laura’s sister who I saw last night and she’s gonna show me around a little bit so we’re gonna walk out of here I think we’re gonna see a park I’m hoping to fly this get a little bit more savvy charging the batteries here and they’re fully charged now which is nice I’m going to put these back in the bag and then yeah we’ll go do that otherwise probably just gonna try and show this evening I haven’t very early starts of the day and I would like to go to bed early tonight as well but do want to go partake of the famous Czech beer the Czechs are famous for their beer if not for how good it is definitely for how cheap it is it’s supposed to be like a euro per pint so it’s summer let’s go find a park and have a drink   three years for two beers in this view is not so bad   time to catch the sunset if you enjoy it a little bit of Prague hopefully I get some more product tomorrow thanks to this one for taking me for beers this is a great spot I marked it on maps Europe if you have the maps from your going to Prague and I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning for a little bit more exploration a little bit more boring work time and you know I’m just life in general

Budapest Holidays

morning people are manners somebody’s making an entrance out here so I’m going to go ahead and make an exit I gotta go I was gonna just leave straight from here but I actually need to go down to the peloton to grab that tube full of posters again and bring it back here because I just took it down there and left it down there yesterday so oh well I’ll grab coffee I’m really gonna complain about that and then I’ll come back grab my stuff head to the airport and then we’re on our way do I tell you before we get there nah I don’t I mean you probably know because the problem is your previous you’re headed to Budapest I’ve never been to Budapest before really sad you go to Budapest that’s as many times as I’m gonna say Budapest without saying Budapest when we get to Budapest for you to put a pass for on our way to Budapest and should make your time and Budapest let’s go to Budapest after we’re gonna coffee at the peloton cuz leave for men well I was gonna wake up now anyway so I can’t really   collected Silva piece it wasn’t gonna come down here today but well these are very expensive and kind of important also what are they doing they’re like pumping sewage out of here or something yeah let’s get out of here before that gets whatever is going on to the airport   I watched up in the air last night it was good and also like weirdly nostalgic when I was traveling a lot as a consultant like I’m gonna play in every three days or so not quite as intense as him at all but it’s funny because a lot of people would actually tell me that my life looked pretty much exactly like his and then would also tell me not to watch the movie until I’d quit that job because I’d be a little bit depressing there right I definitely maybe I should have watched it earlier actually a lot of whooping whoop to F might have woken me up to the realities of the lifestyle that I chose and I don’t know but it’s interesting to think about like just the sheer loneliness of life on the road and how much his philosophy and mine are similar and different at the same time Givens unit go watch it it’s good but I definitely adhere to the idea of basically living life out of a backpack as far as your physical possessions go but definitely not as far as relationships go and that was one of the things that that lifestyle traveling all the time not owning or renting anywhere just living in hotels and airports definitely lent itself towards severe isolation and it cost me a lot in other ways especially with relationships so as I traveled more especially as they start to travel more within europe and bouncing around it’s definitely something to consider and to keep you know thinking about that as I’m currently in an airport I was have a confession to make whether make it today or tomorrow not sure but it’s gonna get made very very soon I will say though that watching that movie made me miss certain aspects of travel life like have these status so there was a minor collision ahead of me getting to check-in and security and on the plane and upgrades and all those things that was nice do you want to fly that much to earn it no no you don’t a little bit too much but I mean the perks of status are real speaking of which this here’s the thing if you had status you could work here where it says number one and there’s like no line that’s the security line over there without status you get to deal with all this I mean you know can you pay for it one way or another   I don’t think I’ve ever been in this terminal there’s the whole thing of restaurants down here   so far it’s still ridiculous but they are doing a lot to improve it I’m not increasingly depressed   rom isn’t still not a fan of any of these restaurants really let’s go down there there and there there’s even more under here he’s gonna go for a sandwich but options were limited to say the least I did for the sushi place because this is this smell good literally nothing else is getting really picky lately for my cravings   the noodles are kind of mushy   mushy noodles and mediocre sushi a light lunch is better than no lunch and I couldn’t finish is not great all right let’s go   alright here we go yeah it’s a very small exit it’s weird anyways welcome to Budapest time to explore my host that the taxi was not expensive and the best way to get into town so I’m just gonna go for it like things like maybe 20 euros to get in town we’re gonna find out   get it Lisa I had to remind him also Airbnb decided that now is a good time to kick me out of the app the door codes are okay not too shabby I like it the pictures do it justice for sure it has the loft like two stories otherwise very small that means that the super small it doesn’t forget at my place I’m here I’m going to hmm what do I do now I need food haven’t I had a Madeleine for lunch there France Madeleine and yet I’m not feeling like super hungry but we all know that that’s not gonna I’m definitely hungry okay let’s uh I’ll put my stuff away all for yourself okay yeah   this is pretty cool I like this whoa there’s a whole second better we’ll do the tour at some point I’m gonna do i do what do i do some work first and then go eat now if you eat   57 pretty sure that’s like when cheese cents for the peach and then this was right around the corner I think I’m staying in a decent neighborhood   I asked the cops where I should fly they said not in the square get out of the square apparently I was still too close to the square they’re very nice though very friendly guys just told me to move farther down the river the nice thing is that yeah illegal to fly drones here just got to be careful where you fly so you don’t you know get the military called on you I think they actually might have been military guards I’m not sure what they were thankfully they were nice I think they’re friendly I’m so excited to be here glad I’m a drone okay so Buddha and pests don’t explore both cities well it’s now all one city but it used to be two cities I didn’t know that till recently I’m gonna learn a lot of things while I’m here I’m sure head of peach peach wasn’t enough but we’re running out of daylight quickly so I’m gonna try and get a few more shots and then you know dinner   trying to do math like convert the costs it’s like two euros for a beer two maybe three years for up yep three-year-olds 3:30 wit the cup you had to pay for the captain but I’m at okay now I need to go find food I’ll finish this in that you go fight this is a great spot to sit and have a beer though for sure   my phone is about to die so I ordered a woodfired pizza because they’re doing woodfired pizza here which sounds awesome I’m just gonna go ahead and grab one of those and walk back to my place because I’m actually very very close to this place I definitely can be back here for a drink and a sunset later when I don’t you know have to finish editing maybe I’ll figure this out anyways if you enjoyed this I’ll be in Budapest for a little while come back for more we’re gonna explore this city looks beautiful I can’t wait to explore the rest of it so yeah tune back in tomorrow for that another wise I’ll see you tomorrow it’s all I got I’ll see you tomorrow

Copenhagen Canals Tours

morning it is my birthday I made it another year my Airbnb hosts are really kind because there was a little bit of a basically I guess normally they would meet me and introduce me to the apartment but they couldn’t because stuff happens so they left my keys at a coffee shop and they were very kind if I made coffee that coffee shop but because my plane was delayed by like four hours it was not Coffee time by the time I got back a little bit late so I’m gonna go collect that coffee now and then head down to the water and get on a boat and then ride a boat around I don’t know why this is like my boat simulation motion but this is what I got kind of wish that I got more sleep now realizing how ridiculous I must look anyways lack of sleep aside and need for coffee I just didn’t sleep super well the Sun kind of hit me right in the face in the morning and just kind of toss and turn so all of that aside let’s go get on a boat   [Applause]   the huge cup of coffee morning   now that we’ve seen the menial guru I was gonna say since it isn’t a birthday I want to spend some time reflecting on the last year and specifically all the good things that happen this last year which I have a feeling I’m not gonna be able remember half of them but to cap that off or to start us off I was really hoping that today as like a birthday wish president whatever that I would actually end up getting to cross the next goal on patreon so we can unlock the European travel goal and we just did that I didn’t have to bring it up thanks tobacco’s thank you so much for how I says you just push this over the top which is really really great between her and Susan who were both incredibly generous and up their pledges I’ll be unlocking that poll here today so I’m really excited for that maybe even thinking about jumping on patreon and you feel like wishing me a happy birthday by doing so I will not I will not be offended it’s a MIT’s chain it absolutely changed my life and that something that will cover today I am sure   sitting here on a bench while I wait for the boat the boats just down here I’m not waiting for the boat waiting for the timing you don’t wanna be the one that shows up too early they want you to be there early but like too early I don’t wanna be that so I’m just responding to comments and messages and whatever else starting way behind like I said this is still a work trip and even that’s my birthday still working a little bit I try to work a little bit less but you know gotta do some work especially when people are like when the patron that that blew my mind okay reflections one of the old man pieces of wisdom that I was going to give yesterday on the travel front is wind traveling if you even remotely thinking use the restroom and you see a restroom just take it use it otherwise you might end up on a boat in a harbor for an hour and wishing you have do it not that I just did that or anything I might have just snuck into a really nice hotel though and what’s also great can turn that into a tip as well because hotels are amazing for that they don’t know who is actually staying at the hotel and who’s not if it’s a big enough Lobby to walk on in and use the restroom walk back out and I just totally sold myself out anyways the last year has been fantastic really I mean a year ago it was very very stressful exactly a year ago my birthday last year I was in like a world of distress I was between seasons on my blog I was struggling just to survive barely making ends meet and now a year later I’m able to make a few random trips just to fulfill a self-imposed goal of getting to 40 countries before the end of this season in my vlog and what a crazy difference in life that is it’s insane [Applause]   it looks a lot like the boat from the pictures I got I got actually figure out where I’m supposed to go now yeah hey captain is the name of the company I’m going out with today I don’t really don’t know what to expect but the boats look kind of nice from the pictures and I figured you know seeing this place from the water would probably be really Pleasant give it a go apparently the trick was to find the blue van the captain will pick us up here captain and then head out into the harbor or the canals I don’t know where we’re going   captain for sure     I just got to get my land legs again that was really fun Molly the guide was lovely and pointed me in the direction of a massive food truck area apparently called mother effing I’m gonna hop on a ferry and go there and have lunch I mean that sounds good I am I’m really ready   alright let’s find the street food i him that took a while this is an intense spot for lunch basically got off the ferry walked around me to you around like I don’t know if it was a canal or what you would call that over there very industrial and supposedly there’s just a lot of good fruit over here I’m excited for that I’m hungry I was thinking about this the other day that I’m so happy that I’m in a spot now where I went from like literally only being able to have like a dummy bag yet for breakfasts and a banana and you know buying food when I got tipped doing bike tours last year to being in a spot where I can’t go crazy I couldn’t pay rent if I had to yet but I’m fine like I can buy food meat you go I don’t know it’s like it’s what it what a crazy life changed it’s been and largely due to patreon and the growth of the YouTube channel and it’s really exciting push how to bike right now to get around so much faster we’re going back in there in a minute   I’m suffering from trace paralysis how the sudden come back   yeah   what marinated pork filete what yes I mentioned it was my birthday and they just gave them to me for free that was a good birthday present thank you very much if you’re ever in Copenhagen you got to check these guys out I’ll make sure to post their faces on here even more can’t wait to eat these I need a drink and shade because I’m gonna burn if I stay out in the Sun too much longer   happy birthday to me yeah I bought them a quick thank you very for my birthday nachos and then and then I’ll go sit down and eat finally I’ll get a beer for myself after I eat   except for an iced coffee instead of beer because you know it’s early I’m by myself gonna go for a walk through hold on a second okay one birthday beer and then I gotta go for a walk through the hippie commune before I head back to edit this just a small one and I think it’s good to know about this place is that it’s hard yeah brewery here mechana this is the only place that takes cash I think the rest of all only cards which could be a problem we’ll find out if I’m getting charged for that or not highly recommended I’m gonna walk through Christian yeah Christiana Christiana I don’t know not sure how to say it but it’s the free state that exists within Copenhagen like it’s its own flawless hippie commune not gonna take any photos in there cuz apparently they will break your stuff if they see you taking photos they sell weed there among possibly other drugs so I’m gonna walk through try not to piss off any hippy drug dealers and get my camera broken and you know let you know what it’s like on the other side I’m gonna get to the hippie kill me and then expected so in the meantime other things I’m grateful for this year I got to go something like eight new countries this year something like that eight ish nine ish I don’t remember doing a really bad job of counting bees so that’s really cool to vidcon’s got to go to New Orleans right never been before the VidCon in California was really cool never been to that before so that was really neat made a lot of really good friends this year I did I met Bhushan this year which is really really good among a lot of other people I probably shouldn’t name names cuz then I’m gonna start leaving people out so we’ll just leave it at that but uh really grateful for all the new friends that I’ve made the new places have gotten to go new foods have gotten to try I don’t know it’s been a very very full year and thankfully it’s well documented cuz obviously my memory is not working the best it gets a little bit overwhelming it’s hard to remember got to see my family more than I expected this year to surprise them just recently which is really good and I’m just generally very very grateful for the upward tick and getting to a place finally where I’m not waiting for the other foot to drop the other boot to drop so to speak like I’m actually starting to feel like oh maybe things are gonna work out as long as I keep working out for Humanity in general can’t be exempted from that if things go sideways any time soon all right finally entering a hippie town I’m gonna put my phone away now so there’s stories about them like actually taking people’s cameras and breaking them I don’t want that to be my story so I’m gonna cut it out now that was like part hippie commune part post-apocalyptic pseudo Society interesting to see them building themselves back up after you or whatever zombie apocalypse struck the first thing that you walked by or that I walked by at least actual shipwrecks that have been turned into housing for people that don’t even have electricity half the time or at all super primitive apparently that was interesting and then the rest of it was like yeah I don’t know if you can imagine hippies building in town Lots broken-down bicycles everything painted in rainbow colors smells like weed everywhere you go it’s about what you’d expect but with that post-apocalyptic flare for sure gonna try and get some work done actually this afternoon Annette will go out and try to find the mulled wine and when the patreon food poll and let’s figure it out from there I should probably get some water really thirsty I bought a little MetroCard feel so official I want to start like an actual collection of kits per country like here’s the kit you need to go to this country so every time I go anywhere I’ve got like my MetroCard and currency and electrical plugs everything adapters I mean you don’t I mean I don’t really cool very secret agent esque no extra passports though   it’s got a bunch of work done which is good and a lot of my edit and I need to eat food I’ve had to eat today I had a little opener chuckle ah with my coffee and then that little you know bowl of nacho goodness that’s it I’m hungry so I’m gonna head downtown and I’m gonna try also find the glug glug glug glug I looked it up the best is supposed to be at his this place is where I’m gonna go next so we’re gonna go down there try to find that well maybe not directly next we’ll go down there with suit kind of food is around it’s in like the old town area I think somewhere central ish i’m learning i’m figuring this out if you’re watching this you’re from copenhagen please forgive me for my ignorance let’s go in a classic moment of I shouldn’t have trusted the Internet turns out they only serve it when it’s cold outside so only wintertime mulled wine in the winter makes a lot of sense I’ve read that it was available you know year round I’ve read incorrectly or as informed incorrectly     you know get a drink down here this is the party Street apparently what they told me when I asked where it gets about to get a drink buzzer like just walk on the street for ever you know find something it’s definitely kind of dead right now we’ll see if it comes to life I might just go back towards my place edit maybe get a beer at Nicola and then get some real sleep tonight because I didn’t sleep enough last night so tonight is the night happy birthday sleep ha ha you like this please do subscribe and again if you’re into the patreon thing like if you want to be a part of this it makes yeah that’s another reason this is possible like for me to travel make videos outside of Paris they’re parts of the world moving about so if you enjoyed this you might be a part of it and enable it to go further and vote on where I go in Europe very soon hop on over to patreon that’d be great and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for a little bit more of Copenhagen

Luxembourg City Tour

every cool guy who’s in good shape should love his mom and my mom’s birthday’s today happy birthday mom is looking 602 I don’t know why I got aggressive but happy birthday it’s pretty rainy out there I’m gonna go try and find a good cup of coffee there is a coffee maker here like a Keurig type thing but no little coffee things I don’t know what to put in it it’s not actually a curry good something else in I don’t know how to work it or what goes in it so we’re gonna United here my plan is for today’s vlog to come to you in three parts part one coffee and a little bit of exploration part two probably an Airbnb tour because people want to see this kind of stuff in part three running from the Popo the party is a little bit more exploration last night I went out for a beer I did not find the giant like Stein that I was hoping to get which is okay because I really don’t want a giant Stein worth of beer but I did go back to liquid the place that we walked by earlier and it was awesome I had a really really good for your selection if you’re ever in Luxembourg you’re looking for any selection of beer it’s a had quite the selection so do hit them up the staff are really nice it was just fun spot and I met a guy who works in the tourist industry here who will remain nameless because he does not want to be in the vlog but he’s gonna show me around a little bit so we’ll try to take a tour with him and not get him in the vlog at all later we’ll see how all this turns out I really don’t know how it’s gonna turn out but first and foremost is is the coffee part   where did wise Google really does not know how this bus system is the nice thing is that the city is so small it’s only a 20-minute walk to get anywhere but the downside of course the Google Maps gives you false hope that maybe you’ll be able to catch a ride and public transportation is supposed to be free today that’s one of the fun things that the guy I met last night told me was that on Saturdays public transport is free it’s really cool but not helpful for me because I’m on the wrong side of town I just think that pushing buttons at crosswalks is a novel idea   to the more highly rated coffee places are actually about a five-minute walk away from each other it’s like it’s pretty minute walk from where I’m from golden bean and then another one just up here I think I’m gonna go try the other one that’s farther away because tomorrow depending on how things go and we’re you know like how my flight is working out whatever I might want to come to the closer spot tomorrow I’m very time to just go I’ll come back here tomorrow   it’s crossing   I pretzel the Sun this place is definitely the love child of France and Germany that was delicious coffee the filter was so good and apparently the I just met a really really interesting group of locals who are not from here but who live and work here really good meeting you guys really good to chat if you see this and they told me that was the best coffee in town but it’ll be closed tomorrow so I really made a good decision on that now one of the things they told me about the guy I met last night actually runs the tunnels that run under the city which is fascinating I want to see that you know wartime tunnels to get through the the fortifications the other thing they said there’s a glass lift over here somewhere so I’m gonna try and find that glass elevator I don’t know it sounds fun you know you’re in a small town when the most fun thing to do is take an elevator so let’s find that elevator if we can go see the Royal Palace if we can find the tunnels by ticket and go into that and that sounds that sounds good to me I’m applying my usual exploration logic to wandering now I saw a spire over here I don’t know what it belongs to but they’re also some really cool looking roofs so that’s what that’s what I’m following now that I’m sure we’ll see something else that was interesting from there we should walk through this part maybe let’s do it off-the-beaten-path well actually technically this is a very beaten path because it’s paved you get the idea but look what is that I don’t know but let’s find out   this is a retirement home for those of you who ever wanted to retire in style this is it so the glass elevator is supposed to be around here somewhere I’m going to try and take a time up so this I think we have enough definition with the clouds   right back into the middle of town see a spire I’m trying to find the Royal Palace which are walked by yesterday I’m feeling that I’ll be able to find it again here is this nice to walk around it’s a nice quiet town seems like there’s plenty of shopping to do if you’re a shopper and the food from what I’ve read is basically just an amalgamation of French and German which was up very clearly with the croissant pretzel this morning which is actually very good I don’t even really like pretzels that much the giant pretzels you can get pretzels everywhere but it’s an interesting mix so actually my goal tonight is to find something basically beer and french fries we’re close to Belgium it’s kind of what I’m more after more than anything under the city remain the mystery so I’m gonna try and figure that out it’s only supposed to be six euros to go do those and after that I don’t know that there’s much else to see so I’ll just keep wandering and see what I discover it turns out that this spire is just on top of a bank   that’s it I think this is it find out here a minute we’re interesting aspects of Luxembourg is that because space within the city walls is such a premium there’s no there’s no there’s no space empty space around like the important monuments like the Cathedral is completely hemmed in by other building the royal palace as well like it’s on a street with other stuff completely around it’s really interesting obviously if you go to London or Paris even antiquing Brussels you end up with like a lot of space around like the really important landmarks but here there’s no wiggle room which is really interesting it gives it a completely different feel   score alright postcards for the family pins for my sister now I realize I haven’t gone to the other side yet like I haven’t crossed the bridge and actually made it over to where that clock tower is so I’m gonna kind of abandon the tunnels I think I guess I could actually go to the tourist office and ask them about it though let’s go to the tourist office you can ask them about it but I really want to get to that clock tower before it gets dark so let’s see how this pans out   I missed the lion’s share of the market and by that I mean like pretty much all of it their clothes should find lunch here soon but the tourist office is just next to the square and the mayor’s office look about Hotel de Ville so I’ll check that out see if we can’t find our tunnels and otherwise oh man that smells good otherwise go find a clock tower   I thought I’d stop in Princes a local beer in triple belgian sounds really good and then apparently a little skew as well so we’ll see how the stew is what you get     the fox’s place that’s what this translates to tasty beer so I got a local stew which was very delicious and and then a local brew as well she’s also very tasty now it’s time to go find these sneaking tunnels and then we pretty much accomplished everything at that point oh except for the clock tower to you we got so much to do they were so friendly though they actually gave me a couple of little luxembourgish lessons everybody pretty much forgotten how they recommend it just for the friendliness factor so thanks for hosting me if you guys ever see this just thing us oh I think it was Dixie asked a couple days yes it was a golden lady I’ll show you the golden lady here later I didn’t realize that I never actually followed up on whether or not I was a little lady oh there was actually a postcard of her so just in case we don’t see her again later let me show you this postcard that is much closer than we’re gonna be able to get with my camera so I think that works out pretty well alright tunnels and then that’s pretty much it for the day I think see if we can make this happen this church we were apparently right next door to the entrance when we came to this Hart whoops pretty sure at least but I think that’s the entrance down there with those flights   it took me some work to figure out where this was because it’s not super clearly worked maybe it’s more clearly marked then I give it credit for but when you walk across the bridge right here you come here you can go up this little turret see the world heritage signs you just got to go back down these stairs kind of hidden in the back corner and then the ticket office is at the bottom of these stairs now problem hold on unfortunately well it’s not advertised is that it was cash only and that I’m in cash on me which I’m gonna I can walk up here and get cash at the ATM and you go back but in looking in there it’s also really dark and I’m not sure it’ll fill them very well basically the casemates castmates Kaz mates figure out how to pronounce that it here a little bit but a really fascinating series of underground tunnels that were dug out over centuries by different militaries that ran the place over the period of history like the Spanish among others that actually dug out fortifications from underneath the city so their batteries for cannons and all kinds of other things that are actually built out of the rock beneath us so basically turning this entire Hill into one giant fortress which is really really neat cool history I’ll make sure to link to it below not sure it’ll film very well and after taking so long to find the place and now having to walk up and get cache not just a clear defeat but I’m not sure it’s a hundred percent worth it especially since we’re running out of daylight and I still haven’t gone over in seeing the clock tower yet priorities so if it turns out to be one of those regrettable mistakes and I remind of wishing that I’d seen it there’s always time to come back to Luxembourg can always come back but in the meantime let’s try to find that clock tower   not good enough not to get in the photo it a little bit choosy with my photos here on the disposable camera this one’s getting given away in total so I’ll find a better one here in a minute probably the clock tower why why am i taking one of the street we should do one of the clock tower   much much better not sure if this is there’s a bank across the street I think this is a bank everything I think ever like almost everything is owned by a bank in this city to be honest fortunately with all the construction the Clocktower experience was a little bit underwhelming but we got over here we saw it no no was the bank doing something new every day right pretty much all goals have been accomplished at this point I would like to go see the tunnels at some point the case casemates case Qasim it castmate I’ll have to figure that out still I’ll figure that out eventually I would like to go see it but it’s always good to leave something come back and see you later because at some point in my life I’m going to want to you know visit again and I gotta leave something you guys gotta leave something that’s that’s why I haven’t gone up sacre-coeur yet I’m just waiting for a special occasion so I am feeling pretty tired I’ve been walking around the city all day I’m probably gonna try and find something to eat and go my charge this do a little bit of editing and then meet my tourism industry buddy tonight they’ll give me the unofficial tour of the city well grab a drink and I’ll see what actually comes out of that because since he doesn’t want to be in the video I might just have to share some stories tomorrow and what he shares with me just because he doesn’t want to be in it and I think I already have enough to be honest from today’s exploration so we’ll see what happens I will of course put whatever tasty beer we end up getting in at the end though this time just to make sure you guys gonna feel left out on the whole beer front but I have tried some a few local beers now they’ll pretty tasty so far so good so probably like a good 25 minute walk back to where I came from and we’ll see if we find a snack on the way   my buddy Luke suggested he basically demanded that I come to this Indian restaurant cuz it’s his favorite in the world and I’m so hungry I cannot wait in Cappadocia which is my favorite in the in additional but this is the single largest piece of naan I’ve ever seen and thanked her like this is one piece of naan anyways I’m really really excited Oh we’ll just cut to whatever beer we ended up getting and call it a night