I went to Mexico City with a Camino travel and rich reporter I’ll leave their links below very much and this trip is all about creatives coming together and kind of thinking about this concept that Richard horror came up with called the honest hustle and this cool it was very very good what we got to do and see and the people we got to me we’re so I mean I wish there was a bigger word beyond inspiring because that’s the one I want to use but it is it was really inspiring and I had the best time and I’m gonna let the video speak for itself but it was a good one 4:30 in the morning and I’m going to Mexico City more details later when I am functioning good bye for now whoa delirious it’s okay I’ll catch up just got to Mexico City the last time you saw me talk was 4:30 in the morning which was good that was good but to catch you up to speed I am in Mexico City with El Camino travel and richer poorer on a little excursion and here’s my room really really cute this little tote bag richer poorer socks full of these ones so cute okay check this out what what everything I’m just gonna chill until dinner at 7:30 and meet some new people there’s a whole bunch of them that seem so cool know what that was great fridges wine and pink pepper some coffee I am ready to get as you can probably see so if you have one rectangle you create a skirt if you have two rectangles you create what we call a fish community for this is a men’s shirt so if you do construct everything you know you come to office then five indigenous men’s pants and then if you continue you’ll see this is what it started looking like what the calling started looking with the like when the Spaniards came so they start doing that you know how do they used to have little collars they start doing this but if you unfold this it’s just gonna be huge rectangle so that’s sort of the way that we have reinterpreted traditional folding into I’m gonna have a thousand and nine cups of coffee and then we’re gonna get some epic Street food Street food tour that’s let’s come in excited today we are gonna be focusing on city streets all regional cuisine so it’s all stuff it’s only really found in mix of a city if it made it outside of excuses that so foressi I am a recent addition of executors allegedly style creaking that came from the Lebanese and Iraqi Christian immigrants that came here at the turn of the century so I’m gonna tell you about authentic Mexican food it’s kind of a something that came more recently and this is sort of taken over you find this now everywhere but it really didn’t start there all right second second IV do better out there don’t Iike go Nika go Nika go go go No guava + tequila yeah last day I’m so sad and so tired today when’s bird that’s lack of sleep by me um anywho coffees in order as I always say hop to it I got ready for dinner last night in Mexico City and I’m just feeling super grateful and I was just thinking about for awesome it’s been meeting everybody I’m gonna touch more on that later by the way I think I’m the only one that got I think I’m the only one that got a huge ass window and there’s my organized mess so I’m gonna head downstairs and meet everyone Ted dinner see you there cuz you know I found that food and drink all right you guys that was it for the Mexico City travel vlog I hope you enjoyed it I want to give a huge thank you shout out to El Camino travel and richer poorer for letting me experience this incredible place and I highly recommend it if you liked the video make sure to like it and subscribe to my new channel if you are into YouTube that would be cool but no pressure either way you can find me on instagram at Ariel of a same a snapchat gets a little weird over there not gonna lie I am super excited to be bringing you more travel vlogs and lifestyle videos and everything in between so I hope you have a great day and I’ll see you in the next one

Walking Around in Edinburgh, Scotland

I just got in last night a little past midnight so I haven’t seen anything yet and it’s 10:00 in the morning now so I think I’m gonna get going I’ve sang this cutesy little apartment and see how Scotty should looks outside oh you can’t see anything can you see there see how Scottish it looks outside my window oh my god I wanted to visit Scotland for so long and now finally doing it let’s go I am ready and dressed for Scotland it’s actually not raining right now how cute is this oh my goodness how Scottish is this I’m so turistic so I’ve been walking around for like 3 minutes I’m on my way into the city and there’s this guy who comes up to me and says sorry can I ask you where anywhere I could station isn’t unlike I have no idea I’m not from here but then I drew this I don’t like but it’s right there so I just helped someone consider I’ve been in for like two minutes it’s great think I’m gonna like it here I’ve literally been walking around for 15 minutes and I’m already so in love with Scotland it is just how it’s amazing and everything looked so Scottish and I know it sounds so stupid when I say that but did you know the feeling when you get to a new place and it just looks like all your fantasies about that place and see up here of where there is Edinburgh Castle and for now I’m just walking around I’m not looking at the map I’m just walking and it’s amazing oh I’m so glad I did this so here indeed next edinburgh castle there is a parish church st. Cuthbert welcome so I’m gonna walk in here oh my god   how amazing is this     beautiful and there’s snow on here weird well it’s a Monday morning so I guess it’s not that so beautiful I mean here I don’t know if you can see it or if I’ll have to carry you have to carry you see have edinburgh castle up here and then the cemetery down here this face is beautiful and it is so quiet and I was just walking around thinking like oh how amazing that it’s muddy and rainy and I’ve never thought that in my entire life that I think it’s just something about being in Scotland it feels more real if the weather is not amazing as long as it is not raining it’s actually kind of perfect because everything looks except yes it’s supposed to I don’t know if that sounds really really stupid but can you follow me follow me and see he’s at church   a lot of the tombstones here are really old there look for like 39:18 I think I saw some overhears that are firmly 17:70 or something it’s like out later times accuse tell me you’ve read or watched Outlander and I love that show oh it wasn’t from 1770 he was born in 1770 it’s also a while ago check these out they are huge   walking around at Edinburgh bit like walking around on a film set it is so beautiful and so surreal I really   see what I mean   it’s right in the center of the city great fryers or something   so it’s about noon I still have my breakfast and I’m looking at the space cult let me eat it’s really really nice and very very affordable but I also want to check out the big Culture Club which right okay   [Applause] so that was my first time ever eating alone in a restaurant I chose to go to the place called let me eat because they had this roasted / she in pninas that look amazing which it was so that was a good choice I really want to go to swing by the hula place but one of the days maybe yeah so now I’m going to go find try to find the shopping area because I need an SD card for my other camera take some pictures and yeah I think I’m gonna swing by the writers Museum on the way there small free museum that I really would like to season is like three famous Scottish writers so yeah that’s what I’m gonna do now   [Applause]   this beautiful beautiful Street is called Victoria Street and I think I’m not quite sure what inspired JK rowling when she diagonally why it is so pretty and so magical it is Wow so a thing about traveling by myself is that getting those Instagram photos is not easy but I think I met it here I really wanted to get from from the other end but everyone was standing there and I didn’t really have a face of it my try but I think I found a here like a trash can but you know whatever works so I’m gonna insert it right here my first syllable travel Instagram pictures oh but check this out open the bus the National Library of I want to see what that is about so the main exhibition was   so I finally found the right as we see him looks like it’s open rather loose team’s anything that’s embarrassing something just come check it out let’s go down here   [Applause]   so that we say about the students and and upstairs birds and furniture Scotsman the chickens Caetano museum ready [Applause]     I fell in the Primark trap and Scotland this very cold which is why I’m looking like this it’s actually not very cold is like 8 degrees but I’m just always very cold now it is about 8:00 in the evening and I’m going to go out and get some food and maybe a beer if I can find a pub that I’d like I’ve never gone out to eat all by myself before so I think it’s a little bit weird and I think that’s probably also why it’s 8:00 because I can’t really I can’t really push myself out the door but out now I’m trying I found this cool little Greek place that looks really nice and that has some vegan options so I’m gonna go there and then maybe I will fill maybe I will not let’s see   my horrible what is higher go you’ll find out I will find out in two minutes what it’s fireball it’s really nice

Glasgow Walk Around

welcome to Glasgow everyone I’m so excited to be here this is my first time in the city and I haven’t been to Scotland since I was about 8 years old so it’s basically like I’m in a completely new place I have a sort of Glaswegian friend showing me around this is Dee how long have you been a glass patient for two years there’s sort of a glass region we have a fun weekend of things planned get to know the city and learn all about the history and the culture and of course take you along with me so we just had a cup of coffee a really really good cup of coffee that was very necessary at 2 p.m. on a Friday now we’re walking up to the tenement house where chairs an old house that is still preserved as it was back in the 1800s I want to say but I’ll let you know more when we got that the tenement is the traditional form of urban housing in Scotland the multi-storied stone buildings contained multiple residences which shared a common entrance and stairway and the individual flats were called a tenement house this particular tenement house belonged to shorthand typist Miss Agnes Howard who lived here from 1911 until 1965 and preserved her furniture and possessions with love and care inside of four rooms that appear as if frozen in time and provide a rare glimpse into life in Glasgow in the early 20th century miss Howard kept an extensive personal archive that reveals what it meant to be an independent woman at that time this museum was a highlight of my time in Glasgow because it was just the right size completely fascinating and the people who worked there was so enthusiastic about their job it was amazing we came out of the tenement mouth and it had started raining which it does basically all at the time in Glasgow and while looking a little bit wet so now we decided that it’s time stop drinking here we come to a place called watch the opponents which is really cool I’ll show you around and we have gin and tonics and we’re drinking Edinburgh gin even though in Glasgow Scottish Jen do you gonna tell us the story about the cone on the horse that’s not come and put the pole atop his head huh and then the City Council kept sending people clear the hole and since get kept getting drunk and putting the phone back city have the cellar is so expensive instead of someone everyday I wanted to raise the spazio which would cost a lot spot it and people said no that’s a waste of public money so they visitor public policy should we leave the zone should you raise the city let’s see and there we have it why that this statue looks so ridiculous   so it’s continuing on drinking for the flats on a Friday afternoon how many pamphlet plays whole metropolitan how many posses Glasgow inspires Long Island iced teas and they come with this soda called iron brew which I be told in a very Scottish soda I’m gonna try it you want to hold this while I try it visit me back exactly   we’ve come for an Indian meal and look at the side of this bread three feet long   after dinner we headed to a small bar in the back of Tabac called Panther milk bar here they only serve leche de Pantera which is a sweet gin based cocktail originating from Spain known as Panther milk its main ingredient is yep you guessed it milk what is it thank you so this is our first time leaving the house a day and it is 8:15 p.m. we almost caught daylight today but not quite how would you describe our day today Oh day today very very productive we woke up for then like talked for an hour and then Cho chikun three hour nap and we’re like see you tomorrow when in Scotland you have to eat Scottish seafood so for dinner we headed to Gandolfi fish for an exquisite meal seriously absolutely every dish was incredible and then afterwards [Applause]   happy Sunday everyone we have come down to Buchanan’s Street which is the main shopping street in the middle of Glasgow I don’t know why I can never remember where I am we’re not doing any shopping we’re continuing with our sightseeing tour or restarting it again after a little bit of a fail or that was sightseeing on Saturday but it’s beautiful it’s finally not raining this blue sky it’s not too cold so it’s looking up today walking to the lighthouse which is a Macintosh building and we’re walking down this little street and look one of these behind me to back a key a patent the milk bar is I feel like such a local and like I know what’s in that the lighthouse in Glasgow is Scotland’s Centre for design and architecture and was opened as part of Glasgow status as UK city of architecture and design in 1999 the building is the renamed conversion of the former offices of the Glasgow Herald newspaper and was designed by Glasgow’s golden boy architects Charles Rennie Mackintosh and completed in 1895 in addition to having incredible design exhibits and a permanent one on McIntosh’s work and life the building is also known for this incredible spiral staircase that leads up to a viewing platform that gives an uninterrupted view over the entirety of Glasgow cityscape   we’ve got a little bit of a caffeine boost and now we are embarking on a street art mural walking tour that were sort of doing ourselves of Glasgow Kansas City is actually known for its murals right yep there’s a lot of them around so we’re gonna spend an hour or so walking around and seeing them     this really long mural behind me that takes out this whole wall depicts all of the animals that you can find in the parks of Glasgow but last night on Saturday evening I saw a lot of animals running around hauling over in the streets walking around without any shoes on yelling profanities and I don’t see any of them depicted on this on this wall I feel like they’re missing the real glass regions on a Saturday night   we’ve come into merchants where I which is probably where on Friday night for a cocktail and I’m going to buy some tablet which is a Scottish delicacy it kind of like fudge I’ve been told but a little bit harder and a little bit crumbly than fudge it’s basically just sugar I’m boiled milk and it’s supposed to be delicious and I love fudge so I’m pretty excited to try some tablet


this morning we’re doing a free walking tour of Oslo up nice and Ellie we were a little bit late because we have to get a pastry and a coffee first but not a fear they always leave like 10 minutes later than they say they’re going to always go round and see what you’re from I’m gonna see the best sights of Oslo   mouths feet are cold should have gone for the Reeboks hi thank you look at those cute little things   Mel bought some new socks to keep her warm he’s feel really cozy but Seba scuba   so we finished our walking tour and have common God’s warm foundation in the form of Joe in the tube we’re gonna share Feeny     Mel found the marzipan   I really can use some some led up top Mel is still on the prowl for free samples are the free samples now gotta move on   adding on hot chocolate with extra whipped cream on she is Mele mu are you feeling Christmasy yes ruff that   Oh Mel’s found something with a free sample   Oh final one Hemi one   this statue is called fearless girl and it says in support of women in leadership position the empowerment of young women women’s education gender equality the reduction of prejudice in the workplace through education equal pay and the general well-being of women how awesome Mel and I are totally making use of this guys cozy apartment we’re gonna cuddle up here with tea and watch a movie this is so cozy oh my god we are up nice and early again this morning to ensure that we can squeeze as much into the day as possible before Mel leaves this evening our first stop is to the beautiful opera house that the city is known for its opposed to look like an iceberg coming out to the water that’s what we learned on our walking tour yesterday and you can actually walk on the top of the Opera House so we’re going to go and do that first get some pics get a little view of the city and then continue on   so now we’ve come to the Austin Harlan I have no no that’s how you say it I think it used to be the old train station and now it’s next to the Central Station it’s intend into a bit of a food haul so we’ve come here to get coffee to keep us going or maybe some breakfast it’s so nice in here and it looks really festive   now we’re heading to the National Gallery to get our art and culture fix of the weekend   [Applause]   it is 4:00 p.m. it is already getting dark this morning I definitely slapped you and I feel as though the jet lag from flying from Boston kicked in this morning I don’t know we’re gonna blame it on that did some work and then hung out with my couchsurfing host for a couple of hours and then I came into the city center and dropped off my luggage at the station because I’m leaving tonight I have a late night flight to Dubai so it’s just easier for me to come in drop my bag off and then take the direct train from the Central Station to the App Hall later on so I’ve now come to what is called the violin sculpture park I want to say this is a really cool park because all the sculptures here by one artist called Gustav voyage land world’s largest sculpture park made by just one artist and one of Norway and oslo’s most visited attractions it’s also completely free because it’s just a park so you can walk around enjoy the park and enjoy the sculptures     I’m really cold I think I’m going to leave now I definitely haven’t seen all of the sculptures all 500 of them but I’ve got a nice little overview I’ve seen some absolutely stunning pieces of ah I’m really glad I came and this just is another reason why I’m going to have to return to Oslo at some point in the future so that I can fully experience the whole park but for now I’m gonna head and get a warm cup of coffee and the ice my fingers now I’ve come to another part of the city and I’m gonna put the name on the screen because I’ve absolutely no idea how to pronounce it I’ve come here specifically to go to a coffee shop called Tim Wendell Bell and this is supposed to be one of the best coffee shops in the entire world so even though it is 5:30 p.m. it doesn’t matter for me I still want a cup of coffee this area is also the area with all the vintage shops so it’s probably a good thing I’m here late at night so that I’m not purchasing anything from what I’ve read about it it kind of like the hip area of the city and I’m excited to explore it for a couple of hours after I get my cup of coffee   well that was a bloody delicious cup of coffee oh my goodness barista was so lovely and we ended up talking a ton about Cuba and coffee culture in Cuba so that was really nice I love when places like that on pretentious because it’s so easy for and I’ve been to I’ve been to so many coffee shops that are cool and hip but nice so pretentious and that was just not like that they were so lovely so you have to go there I think that coffee also has a lot of caffeine in there because I’m super jazzed right now I’m like flying off the walls which is great because I have five hours and he’ll my flight leaves tonight so I’ve got to make sure I stay awake and make it to the airport and you know do all the stuff   it’s just really cold yeah thank you I’m so cold I need soup come looks pretty tasty that was perfect   you   and just like that I am back at Oslo Airport and I am leaving Oslo I am leaving Europe kind of sad about it I’d spent a lot of time in 2018 in Europe but I’ll be back in 2019 obviously and I’m now going somewhere a little bit warmer I’m heading to the Middle East which is so exciting first I need to find you I know where Jeanette lies it’s okay okay I am flying to Dubai which I am so excited about I’ve never been to Dubai United Arab Emirates is a new country for me it’s going to be number 52 and I got kind of a long flight I’m not actually sure how long the flight is but I know that I leave here at 11:00 p.m. and I arrived in Dubai 9:00 a.m. Dubai time tomorrow so it’s kind of like the perfect overnight flight I’m at the airport pretty early but I figured I could just go through get a coffee I don’t know why it’s cold air I’m super excited I can’t wait to be warm


today we are in Hamburg it is actually Monday afternoon I’ve been in Hamburg over the weekend I’m here visiting an old travel friend and over the weekend he showed me around a lot of the city but I didn’t really blog any of it because we were talking and catching up it didn’t seem very appropriate but this week while he’s at work I’m going to go and see more of the site and take you guys with me so let’s do this Hamburg also the weather wasn’t amazing over the weekend but today the Sun has finally come out you can see I’ve got my sunglasses on and it finally feels like spring we actually had ice cream and about an hour ago which was amazing and so the first day of spring I’ve had on my travels thus far so everywhere always looks more beautiful when the Sun is out but actually Hamburg is a really really beautiful city I’ve really fallen for its charms and I hope you do as well Hamburg historic label gateway to the world tells you a lot about Germany’s second-biggest city they have a port a very big port and they’ve never been shy about it Hamburg played a leading role in the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages which helped to become a center of international trade and one of Germany’s wealthiest cities immediately upon arriving you can feel hamburg’s maritime spirit infused throughout the city so my first stop is the alte Elbe tunnel which was open in 1911 after only three years of construction a really long tunnel it’s 426 meters long and it connects the city centre to the southern banks of the river which is where all of the docks are now it’s mainly a tourist attraction but it used to considerably shortened the route to work for thousands of dark and shipyard workers after walking through the tunnel and then back again I sold it on through the rain and made my way to Hamburg most controversial building the Elbe Philharmonic one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world there is no doubt this building is absolutely stunning but because construction took six years longer than initially planned and was 700 million euros over budget a lot of people in Hamburg are not too happy with the building I obviously still wanted to go and have a look though especially for this view it was still raining so I walked through the canals to a museum I’d heard a lot about miniatur wunderland a muddled Railway attraction usually this wouldn’t be something I made a priority in my itinerary but I wanted to stay dry and it was right around the corner so you can imagine how surprised I was when I actually really enjoyed my hour or so here everything was made from little miniature pieces and it was so cool and so fun and so creative and I just couldn’t get over how talented and how much time it must have taken to be able to put these things together so yesterday asked me being so excited about the sunshine it then started raining so I’m just sitting here enjoying the sunshine and drinking Pacino and then I’m going to go and explore the city some more so my first stop is st. Michael’s Church which you can see here behind me they’re supposed to be beautiful organs I believe is the viewing platform at the top so this grand Church is hamburg’s largest and one of the most famous landmarks of the city in fact it’s 132 metre tall copper spire once guided ships on the river Elbe beneath this building is a third church to be in this location because the first was struck by lightning in 1715 and a second destroyed by fire in 1906 if you go inside you do have to pay but you can admire the vast church the four organs the Crypt and the panoramic views of the city can you tell that I really like views of cities so now I’ve come to st. Nicholas Church which used to be the tallest building in the world and its tower still remains but the rest of it was unfortunately we destroyed during World War two and they left the tower here as a reminder of the horrific nature of war you can see this tower from basically everywhere in the city it no longer works as a church but visitors can come here and pay memories to World War two I think it’s really important in cities all over Germany and all over Europe but especially in Germany and at places like this it’s a bombed-out Church stands as a reminder so that it doesn’t happen again hopefully fingers crossed so we had to go inside it’s going to be probably quite sobering but there’s also a view at the top to be perfectly honest I wasn’t completely prepared for how emotional I would get at this church immediately upon entering it reminded me a lot of the bombed out Church in the middle of Liverpool in England another maritime city massively destroyed in world war ii and also where my family are from this was also the day that james kumys book came out yes I remember that very very accurately and so I had a lot of things going on in my mind and this church really took it out of me which just makes it even more important for us to visit places like this during our travels so this evening had come to another borough of Hamburg which is called Altona and autumn sin and I’ve actually been here all afternoon working in a coffee shop but now it is the evening time and so just like the Germans do I have my cider it’s real a drink on the streets although Germans normally drinking beer but I prefer the cider they don’t drink their this borough is one of the more upscale neighborhoods in Hamburg it’s a very residential area it’s got a really lively shopping Boulevard and lots of narrow little streets with bars and cafes and bakeries and it’s a really charming area today it’s been like 70 degrees in Hamburg so it’s been absolutely lovely I’m wearing a t-shirt the first time in a very long time and I’m gonna spend a few hours now walking around and living at the local life with my cider in hands for basically the first half of the week I was in Hamburg there was absolutely awful weather but then at this point it started to become absolutely glorious and I along with the rest of the city wanted to spend as much time outside so I walked and walked and walked but as usual still ended up looking at the port   so now I’m sitting down on Hooper fish market which has been here since 1703 and it has been trading everything that comes in from the port of Hamburg which is obviously how the city got all of its money it’s why it’s such a rich city and has been for hundreds of years each time I’ve walked down here it is being closed but I really really love the doors which have these amazing fish on them every Sunday morning in here is a weekly massive fish market it happens really early in the morning so I didn’t quite make it last Sunday this is sort of an institution in Hamburg and testament to the city’s main industry which of course is the port and now I am walking back to st. pauli down the Reeperbahn which is hamburg’s red-light district just like they have in Amsterdam although it’s not quite a seedy and the actual part that’s a red-light district it’s blocked off for women to go to which is a little strange it’s not that way in Amsterdam but this is where all of the debauchery happens every night apparently I have not been out here since I’ve been here but maybe tonight’s the night there’s another beautiful spring day here in Hamburg and this morning when I woke up and the windows were open and there was a cool breeze coming through but the Sun was shining through I was like I love Europe in spring there’s no better place to be than Europe in spring when it’s nice and warm so it’s another morning so I’m gonna try out another coffee shop right now I’m going to go to public coffee roasters which is one of the most celebrated coffee shops here in Hamburg they roast all of that coffee in-house and all of the beans are sourced from all over the world it’s supposed to be an amazing amazing place Kout cup of coffee and everything there is done with a lot of care so I’m pretty excited because you know how I am about my coffee I love it   so I just spent quite a long time sitting in that coffee shop reading the magazines they don’t have Wi-Fi but they have all of these magazines available that you can read and it was so lovely I am so happy that I was able to read some of them obviously I can’t trouble with my favorite magazines when they’re like a hundred pages thick now I’ve walked down two jungle ferns speak purple that’s how you pronounce it which is the main shopping street in Hamburg and it’s located right in front of the Ulster Lake which is the main lake that in the middle of the city of Hamburg and it’s so so beautiful so I’m gonna walk around the shops for a little bit and then probably rent a bike and bike around the lake because the weather is warrior and that is exactly what I did the best thing about slowing down travel like I did while I was in Hamburg is that you get to have days like these when you don’t necessarily sightsee quote-unquote but you just get to hang out and soak up the vibes of the place all the locals were biking around the lake so I wanted to bike around the lake and I wanted to take the time to just really savor my time there and not feel as though I had to check off a million things on a sightseeing to-do list I then went and sat by the water with a glass of wine and some food I don’t know why none of these people had work at 4 p.m. but there you go lastly I took the ferry to Hamburg small piece of City Beach the locals were all working on their tan but I was content staring at the port drinking my cider and feeling grateful for having got to know another fantastic European city thank you so much for watching see you next time

Windsor Castle Afternoon Visit

this is how to spend an afternoon in the beautiful towns of Windsor and Eaton 23 miles west of central London are the twin towns of Windsor and eaten with a combined population of only 60,000 these market towns are quaint beautiful and a must on anyone sightseeing lists of Britain all it takes is a quick cheap train ride from the centre of London and you can find yourself admiring the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world envision yourself studying at Britain’s most prestigious school and imagine being a royal while strolling through stunning heritage architecture and cobbled lanes next month’s the highly anticipated royal wedding will be taking place at st. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle so is excited to explore the town before the whole world watches Megan walk up the aisle it is Monday lunchtime and mum and I are going on a afternoon trip today it’s not really a day trip if we’re leaving at lunchtime but an afternoon trip we’re going to Windsor where Windsor Castle is I have been to Windsor before to go to the Legoland that’s there when I was a little girl so I got my first driver’s license but I’ve never actually been to the castle the castle is big news this year because it’s Megan and Harry always forgot his name commitment megamum how are you getting married in May and so what’s going have a look at you make sure it’s okay for them mom and I just got to the train station it’s about 40-minute train ride from this part of London we take the overground train the Ewan Windsor all forty minute journey cost 11 pounds 30 returned and took us through some charming British countryside if you’re staying in central London trains run from London Waterloo twice an hour and take about an hour made it into Windsor and we just gotten to Windsor Castle and if you don’t know what winds Castle is you’ve never heard of it this is the weekend home of the Queen of England and as I mentioned earlier it’s where Megan and Harry again getting married it is said to be the longest occupied royal residence in all of Europe it’s 900 years old and has been behind since then William the conquerer originally chose the site due to its position high above the River Thames and conveniently next to a saxon hunting ground he began work on the castle in the 11th century 39 of england’s monic have resided here or spent no weekends here and this is actually where the royal family lived during World War Two the castle is right in the middle of the town and dominates the landscape we grabbed a free audio tour to guide us through the entrance grounds and then into the castle itself while gods and baskin hats and purple coats patrol the area lending an official feel from the moment you walk in the state departments are as grand as you would expect from such a place and their 17th century furnishing and layers of more recent history tell the story of the monarchs that have called this castle home when inside be prepared to see an intricate dolls house on a scale you’ve never seen before so you can’t take any photos of video inside any of the buildings but right behind me yeah is st. George’s Chapel which is where the wedding will be taking place on May the 19th we just walked around inside and is absolutely beautiful another place you’ll have to come to England to see for yourself or Google it online I’m sure there’s some good photos but this is where the big day will happen built in the 15th and 16th centuries the beauty of st. George’s Gothic architecture injurers indoors the stunning fan vaulted ceiling and tombs of monix will keep you busy exploring and admiring so we’re walking around the center of Windsor and is actually a lot of shopping here I’m really surprised by how much I think it’s all it like the usual British doors we’re not really going to go into any because that’s not what we’re here for I guess if your’e came here and it was raining there’s lots of shops to go into but it’s blue skies and so we’re going to head towards the river and go to the River Thames I’m walked down by there and then get some food for this hereas Windsor royal shopping and it’s a grade 2 listed Victorian railway station that has now been turned into a bit of a shopping mall mother and I have decided that Windsor is a rather rather nice super place I could hang out here I could become the Queen the Queen Mother oh yes the Queen Mother and you might even be their queen so I’ll be the queen well I’d have to be dead wouldn’t I hmm yes the Queen Mother always Queen no that’s true the Queen mother was the queen and I when the Queen was alive that’s what I thought that’s that’s true Wow one’s got rather confused yeah well you need to brush up on your royal history salutes late unlike me and royal scholar oh darling let’s go down towards the river champions we’re going to have a little saunter is that what they were safe sorta yes I suppose they say what’s more royal way of saying yes the desert once once was a more royal way of saying walk glide a glide we’re going to glide with the Royal someone which are just right behind them here are the Royal swans   they were walking across to Eton most famous boys school in English Lit school public all the royalty their kids have gone there in the upper crust sandy you know well-to-do well-to-do it’s rather posh like crossing over the bridge like this but here is the bridge some very nice-looking houses and restaurants on either side while Windsor town centre is full of expensive boutiques grand cafes and buzzing restaurants Eaton is far quieter it’s one Street Center brimming with antique shops and art galleries Street is incredibly charming though and full of architectural gems such this old chemist that was established in 1826 by appointment to Her Majesty lot has happened in Windsor between the castle and the surrounding areas and the college but at this particular point something really really important happened on this site September 5th 1782 nothing happens we then walked further down the street to Eton College founded in 1440 by King Henry the six Eton College is a distinguished boarding school for boys aged 13 to 18 between the splendid tudor style buildings and the sight of schoolboys dressed in formal tailcoats the school seems like something dreamed up in a movie this is the library of Eton over here and directly opposite is this Canon so mums decided that if you don’t study hard enough in that library over there and you attend Eaton this Canon might be fired at you we’ve come into a pub called the Duchess of Cambridge which is obviously named after the Duchess of Cambridge she was king   we ordered some very typical food very excited to eat we’ve walked around a lot today in at the beautiful little town of I’m just completed our than a and what he says Windsor in the beautiful little town of Windsor I’d start off with we’re having sloe gin and tonics and actually the first time I ever had slow Gin was a couple of years ago in Manchester when I did the Manchester gentle I think that was before I was blogging I thought the Festiva has slowed gin and I think it might be more of an English thing than anywhere else but it’s delicious something a little bit different so here we have the lamb shank with a selection of vegetables and a red wine sauce I think it was and then a gammon steak which is a very very typical British pub food with chips on a fried egg and it always comes with pineapple looks good we’re gonna share the two of them so after that delicious meal and seriously that lamb shank was one of the best dishes I’ve ever had in England it was amazing I’m so happy the moment I shared it we went and hopped back on the train and headed back into central London now to be honest I did fall asleep for the entire train ride clearly not the best travel companion so it was up to my mom to make sure that we got off at the right stop which we managed to good job mum with us how I spent an afternoon in Windsor and eaten you ever been to Windsor Eton or do you have any recommendations for other day trips from London make sure to leave them in the comments

Oman Travel

good morning from the  grand mosque this is the biggest mosque in Muscat it’s one of the top things to see here in the capital city of Amman and it is absolutely gorgeous it has a very different feel to the one I went to in Abu Dhabi it feels a lot more open there’s a lot fewer people here for sure so I definitely have more space to walk around also it has the most stunning garden flowers everywhere actually that’s one of the main things that I’ve noticed about Oman is there are flowers everywhere and everybody just smells so good got a new outfit on today I’m going to explore the mosque a little bit       kinda messed up uh bus stopped and we ended up missing the stop and then the next stop was literally a ten minute drive away so we’re in the middle of nowhere but we’ve seen this other loss we’re gonna go and check that out     living to place go into the next place   please No   yeah waiting for one reality we’ve come to the airport to pick up a rental car I was totally supposed to get one yesterday but I messed up when I was doing the booking and got the day is wrong and accidentally booked it to start today instead of yesterday so I lost a day on my road trip but it worked out well because now I have a new friend who is joining me on the road trip I’ll introduce you to him later so we’ve come to the airport to pick it up and then get going except it’s already 5:00 p.m. and the singing trips at 5:30 so we’ve sort of missed today driving as well but whatever   you think we still managed to see the sunset seriously under coffee seriously yeah you really know how to travel cheap like all I bought is just a coffee across the car maybe they’re waiting for us let’s go with my first ever rental car this is so exciting and the best part about it is that I got a Ford so I did my road trip this summer and a Ford and now I’m driving my Fords cousin in Oman it’s gonna be a great time I know it going back home because someone thought Oh God close the door you   [Applause]   now am I going on yet yes   where’s Sonia especially two days ago   you’re under gummy does hey no in convoy yeah why not let’s go it’s tomorrow I’ll call you tonight I need to do some stuff   I survived how did you feel with me driving I almost done sir he’s lying I’m an amazing driver she’s such a bug head car accident he did tell me to slow down look there’s no way do you think you did tell me to slow down at one point but I bought from that I’m a perfect driver the Omani people really like flashing lights so look at the outside of this supermarket it is so bright and so lit up your favorite food where’s the teens is not Quijas I changes for food no hippity he’s not a deal no no it’s not to do this is like breakfast I guess okay here that here the team okay maybe I got a you know the character see I haven’t had it so I should have it yeah to cut and I dunno I’ve never had character or what character party as I thought it’s a special stir I’ll start with the basic correct because of you know he’s our families opponent for my cornflakes Nutella holiday should be crazy it is the weekend every day that we got a friend look we don’t know what it’s safari know for example the gun gets up you don’t know it is yeah yeah I don’t really want you tell out on community okay just to try yeah I like I like trying and one celeb no finished cappuccino this one of all X which is the most beautiful display no they’re excited to drink