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good morning it’s Friday which means it’s time for French Friday today I’m gonna be showing you some freaking or really cheap stuff you can do in Paris because the Paris of course is notoriously not cheap although dressed like this fun that’s right here but there are a lot for free around here or at least for cheap – it costs transportation – feeding yourself I can’t help you with but I can’t with some ideas but to do with your time while you’re here and thank number one is going to be go see RG to see Eiffel Tower in the shop behind it you have lazing about leave you have the Pantheon you have a lot of really tall pretty structures you can go look at from the outside and be like not all of them are free to go into like Lizzie at least I’m about eat or there’s an invalid I always mispronounce it because mixing languages but they somebody is not free to go into but super worth it there are a lot of things like that but to go walk around it get some photos of it it’s absolutely free and highly recommended I’ll leave links to a lot of different random things that I’m mentioning below so you can go ahead and check those out you can find them on Google Maps the other thing that’s really nice to do wow this is really slippery it’s snowy   now assuming that you come when it’s a little bit warmer I mean if you’re brave you can enjoy the parks there are a lot of amazing parks around the city some are big some are small some have benches like this with fantastic views some of them have benches with crappy views but are still quiet and enjoyable now they can you sit but if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money on food that necessary thing that you should be spending money on anyways because you’re human you just sit back relax have a picnic and enjoy and enjoy the styling of French gardens but it’s freezing and I don’t want to do this I’m not I don’t hide this is not my thing right now they’re always scavenger hunts to be had like how many awkward naked statues can you find in a day need so many space invaders you can find and of course the app for that is free flash invaders linked below and one of my favorites one of the more difficult ones how many statues of Liberty can you find   the metro is not free but it is cheap it’s only a gyro 90 per trip and if you buy multiple tickets like a packet of ten you get a discount and the weekly passes if you get them on in one day really good like really that’s it that’s where the real deal is that I have links to how to use the metro and stuff to check that out but for the moment I actually don’t need to use the metro   you always enjoy some music in the metro I didn’t have any cash on me though that’s the thing that’s not for either well it could be for your enjoying it’s free but I wanted to film them and since I don’t have any change I didn’t want to but they’re really fun they’re really cool band it’s like eight dudes all of instruments also exercise the Metro is free you want to catch a train that pulls in before you can get to it   you know you got to run some time then when it’s snowy outside you’re not gonna do it outside   now like I said there are a lot of beautiful buildings in the city free to hang out outside of hotels developing it’s also free to go inside the post office that’s in here but this outdoor area I’m walking through when it’s warmer often has exhibitions different events performers so it’s a fun spot to come and you can just be here for free as well as other things like Moulin Rouge you can get a photo in front of Moulin Rouge for free or the Arc de Triomphe is free to walk around as well now all the Arc de Triomphe is not free to go up to the top it is free to walk around it all day you can even go out underneath it you know and then just hang out over there speaking of free monuments to walk around in the Louvre you could walk around here for hours places here’s even if they’re not free to go up or in at least they’re free to look at and get your photos and getting photos is always a good way to spend some time     also these toilets are free doesn’t mean you really want to go in one have you ever seen this at one of these things before yeah you get what you pay for also be careful because if somebody’s in there and they walk out let the door closed it’s gonna go through a cleaning cycle and then open and then go in because if you go in during the cleaning cycle good chance to end up with wet ankles seen happen   well there are a bunch of monuments and buildings that are free to look up and not free to go in one guarantee difference is going to be churches like the Cathedral these guys are free all the way around although you have to pay to go to the top of Notre Dame but you don’t pay too much it’ll think well worth it and if there’s a line here which they’re not is not when the weather is kind of like it is today even if there’s a line here at most it’ll be 15 minutes to get in Univ is a really long line   you   beautiful you can spend a long time in there actually doing laps the Rose windows are gorgeous the whole thing in cred highly recommend it notre dam is totally totally worth it it’s just a beautiful church I think it’s my favorite in the city of course you have a lot of other churches like sacre coeur some little piece small Chapelle is not free but also worth it if you want to check that out and st. Genevieve is Church just to the side of the Pantheon is also amazing so that’s a – for right there you can go into the Pantheon and then around to the left and into st. Genevieve Church then you’re set there also right next to the Jardin du Luxembourg above Gardens of Luxembourg which is a wonderful place to go sit and have lunch provided it’s not freezing cold of course this is not this is not picnic weather and unless you’re Canadian in which case I’m sure this is perfect but for the rest of us too cold   remember that ladies with these fake clipboards also scam so beware be fully aware of that no no oh wow there’s a whole bunch of them so do be careful they may pretend that they don’t speak they may pretend they’re deaf and dumb they’re dumb that’s for sure but do watch out and when there’s a bunch of them very likely pickpocketing so this came up during my Eiffel Tower video if you want to go up the Eiffel Tower sometime but basically what they do is they shove clipboards in your face try to get you to sign up for stuff that you don’t understand and then start demanding donations for something you don’t understand they’re very persuasive in really awkward ways and if there are more than one of them watch your pockets because it might just be distracting you to pick your pockets to be careful now one of the other things you gotta remember when you come to notre-dame in particular is to come around behind it because the view is equally free and incredibly gorgeous this doubles as a park win win see lots of good stuff great building and a park your set to another point and that’s general exploration oh yeah and if you want to turn this into a three-fer Park Cathedral Space Invader yeah generally exploring is also free the city is beautiful easy to walk wander I mean if you get really tired you can always hop in the Metro which is not free but close enough and yeah just walking around like this makes it nice and easy the nice thing is you never know when you’re gonna see something that you’ve never seen before from a distance and then go after it like might be like what is that Tower why is it there how come I’ve never seen it from up close let’s go find out and that right there my friends cost you a whole whopping 399 so take advantage of those moments I love it I love walking through this city seeing a spire or a tower or a building like way down there I mean like what the heck I’ve never seen that what is that and then halfway there you spot three other things you want to go investigate and before you know it you’re lost and happy getting lost like that is a good way to do it   speaking of wonderful free places to have a picnic anywhere along the river or the canal pretty much it’s gonna be a great spot to come sit you sit down along the bank all the way over there as well grab a bottle of wine some cheese some meat some bread have a little picnic it’s wonderful we spend a lot of time on the river when it’s warmer and no time right now because it’s too cold   can always go for a stroll around that’s free it’s huge – its miles long so well it’s pulled it up but seriously if you wanted to go from like the depths of the Louvre in the car carry over there all the way through the Tuileries and up the champs-elysees wonderful walk lots of beautiful architecture to look at and 100% for you   of course the Opera is beautiful it’s like a work of art it’s free to walk all around it enjoy the music so usually they’re musicians hanging out in front there aren’t any today unfortunately but this is some free music from the operas not so bad   one more thing you can do for free in Paris is get a nice view of the city they’re actually a whole bunch of listen you can go via the city for free I made a whole video about it throw a link to but one of the most famous spots to go for a free view even though pretty much nothing else about this place is free boundary Lafayette do you try to avoid buying like that eight hundred thousand euro watch while you’re inside but you can dodge that and you should be fine just gonna take that skaters all the way to the top now one other thing you don’t want to miss out on the view of the interior this place is also free and also very nice   double bonus you get an even better view of the oppor from here well a different view at least   no you can’t even see sacre-coeur from here up on the top of the hill there which is another spot for a really nice free view of the city you just go up to the front of sacre coeur it’s really good there’s even a better view from the place next door called Prince Hall just that there the roof has been closed for a while let’s don’t link to it you can give it a try but this will do in a pinch   I wasn’t kidding these watches are insanely expensive the one that wasn’t marked I asked him three hundred thousand euros for a watch different world all together   and as that for some free stuff to do parks monuments churches museums oh there was one more thing I wanted to go see actually dang it there’s one more thing that I’ve been meaning to go do that’s free that I’ve never done before that I thought today would be the day and I totally slipped my mind and that is Victor Hugo’s house you could actually go in and see Victor Hugo’s house at plasty Vosges for free when it’s open but it’s closing at 6 p.m. and it’s fairly 5:30 p.m. and just to give you an idea for how easy was for me to get around today I’ve done all this showing you all these things while still taking the middle portion of my day like getting four or five hours to get a lot of work done I stabbed the pellets on for a while and visited the scripts it worked on my Kickstarter and blah blah blah bunch of other stuff but the point is really easy to get around the city and when it’s warmer you can do a lot more walking and you can do walking while it’s called I don’t

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