Paris Main Attractions in One Day

good morning today I’m gonna be showing you how to enjoy all of Paris in just a day well as much of Paris as you can’t enjoy in a day I’ve done this before well sort of where I showed you how you can do all of the sights in Paris like all the big attractions in just a few hours today we’re gonna get something similar probably a few more but also I’d like an enjoyable pace instead of a sprint so if we go into some fun places for coffee drinks you know whatever we feel like a long a day today’s gonna be challenging potentially for a couple reasons one to finally froze here in Paris very cold right now – it’s supposed to rain later even colder even though it’s very sunny right now which is deceptive but always bring your rain jacket with you whenever you’re in Paris or an umbrella if you prefer and three it’s Saturday and lately Saturdays have been busy thanks to the deshita jahna which they shouldn’t be too big of a problem but they did close down a couple metro stops on line one so that could make for a couple of challenges I’m not too worried about it we’re gonna go pick up my friends Kody and Laura I went to high school with Kody they’re gonna be joining me it’s the first time in Paris so I figured hey I’ll just blitz you guys through on your first day so you can relax the rest of your time and we’ll go from there thankfully they’re staying one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city so gonna be able to start with one of the best bakeries in all of Paris and I’m definitely ready for that so let’s get them and let’s go I definitely was not kidding about how cold it is actually much colder than I thought it was gonna be today kind of wishing that I found my bigger jacket anyways I’m ready for these guys and then we’re gonna go around the corner to get croissant kind of chuckle off it so seriously one of the one of the best bakeries in town it’s amazing and then the debate is gonna be whether we get coffee immediately which is kinda what I’m hoping for at Fringe or if we end up going all the way to the pellets on because we’re gonna be walking that way and the amount of walking we do today is gonna be determined probably by how cold we are but that’s not that big of a deal it’s more about when it starts to rain and then walking is probably gonna be less of a desirable way of getting around town I’ll be sure to create a map and post a link to it below and this is actually going to be integrated into the game leader somehow someway we’re gonna figure out how this works it means I’m just gonna stand here and freeze a little bit   found them just in time TVs I dharman okay sir do you guys have you’ve never had one of these before not here I was gonna say no pressure I guess I’m just delicious and buttery hmm can I have mine now whirring sissy boy that way now we get more me my broken screen yeah coffee me please we’re getting a coffee and then we’ll head to note your dumb first things were always start in the morning and then keep from there   we’re starting with no Troodon because it’s right in the center why not and it’s also kind of hard to between Notre DOM and the Louvre it’s actually kind of hard to get started with what we’re doing just being central but we’ll loop around as we go one of the things to do for sure is to come to the back of the church though most people skip this part and this is where we’re starting but if you just go to the front of the church you’re gonna miss out on one of the more beautiful views of the church despite the scaffolding right now so make sure you come to this park in the back we’ll go around now and go inside though Cheers what’s that that’s all hospital right there so we’re walking from we went just went to Notre Dame we’re gonna walk across the island towards the Louvre but before we do the Palais de justice is here there’s a lot of stuff you can see if you walk along the way but of course you have to be quick take the metro then skip some stuff but there’s a metro stop right here to hop on if you don’t be afraid to stop and grab a souvenir along the way obviously she got a bag at magnet tastiest magnet around promised to Duluth and then my plan is to go to the Opera from there hopefully lunch around there somewhere I’m not gonna take pictures you’re good not with that I’ve ever the coke eye is closed off today unfortunately so we’re gonna have to walk around but this is the section that louis xiv built it’s beautiful on the inside too if you ever enter the Louvre which should we’re not going to today though tempting because we’re cold Oh we’ll walk around and then we’ll head towards the upper huh you can see the Arc de Triomphe all the way up there so we’re we’re in the Louvre right now and you can actually keep going on the Tuileries or and go see Concorde where that obelisk is and then all the way at the Sean’s Alizee to the Arc de trip we’re gonna try and get there for tree up although there may be protests up they were not sure where they are right now so we’ll play it by ear as we go but from here we’re gonna hop on line seven and go straight to the Opera check out the Opera House maybe find lunch there but we might also make it all the way up towards Big Al all that area see sacre coeur and then get lunch it’s about 1 o’clock now we’re almost at one o’clock we started at like 10:00 so we’ve been going at this for about 3 hours I’ve been with coffee along the way lunch should be good though the stairs to get into the lyric work would wait through the carousel right over here I have a whole video about how to get to live how do you quickly which I’ll link to above I also have it pumped in at all but I have a guide to the city all the places we’re gonna go today are in my guide as well as my map stir which I can leave links to below these are also like a second plugin attended the game but if you’re watching this before the game is ready there won’t be anything on that yeah in the links club but I’ll be sure to link to it in the near future so double check the description for all the links to get to all the goods   we hopped into the Starbucks right here opera because well bathrooms are hard to find we got one of those and also something warm to drink and I love how they it’s amazing I didn’t know you changed your name I do depending on where I’m at anyways there’s a really good coffee spot around the corner on my master as well if you want to go there instead but this is right here warm and you know sugar sounds good I’m gonna drink all these oh they’re all here yeah all right that’s you yeah you guys came all the way from America have Starbucks how is it it’s really good if you want to go in you can get tours of the Opera I had never talked about the Opera though I should but instead of getting a tour or the even the self-guided tour just get last-minute tickets you can buy them the day hub go to a show get there half an hour hour early wander around check the place out wander more an intermission it’s close it’s a really really really nice built it’s a beautiful building on the inside I think it’s more beautiful than Versailles definitely check out the Opera we’re gonna up on the Metro here go north a little bit see sacre-coeur and then hopeful   decided to stop first for lunch because it’s like 2:30 we haven’t eaten yet I’m hoping we can go to my favorite Indian restaurant one of my favorite Indian restaurant is my favorite Indian restaurant and I’ve been craving Indians since I got back from India so here’s hoping that they’re hoping it’s a little bit late for lunch   I was just gonna ask if you wanted like a close-up shot and right when I do I missed that I think I might have gotten that actually I might have gotten that I was filming so it’s very possible all right fed back on the road nice picture nice nailed it   that’s two three fours in two days I think I’m on a roll there yeah there you go you got it how many’d you get just like you had the ten points yeah but keep doing it because they’re three there’s three separate ones Wow yeah but if it gives me that much trouble again come on oh there you go see you got it BAM just one more   it’s lovely let’s gotta windy in here as a fantastic view of the city it’s a little bit obscured right now our clear days turn into misty mess but definitely worth coming up here it’s amazing she’s gonna get out she’s got it you know try I’ll take a picture of you doing that was quite the effort motion motion   [Applause]   nicely done gotta throw a move on tradition therefore Lord because this is top vocation to get to we’re gonna hop on the metro finally we have been on the Metro we’ve been a venture like once yeah what’s so far we’re gonna off on the metro and get all the way to the Arc de Triomphe to see if it’s open right now hopefully it is and then we’ll go from there are two shrimp you can see some yellow best behind me okay not very many you guys this protester really dying down the buzz has died down significantly you I just rolling yeah you’re throwing out there you know that’s that’s all Cody Cody with a K so hi I’m Corey so anyways this is Derrick Trump you know what it is where this is the second to last stop we’re gonna end one more stopover but figured we’d come check this guy out maybe walk for a minute except Laura looks like she’s dying so we might get back on the Metro right away and raining a Trocadero with probably the most famous to the Eiffel Tower which I’m gonna show sparingly because I can’t show it but I can show you other things in front of it so you can see it because the the tower yeah like like lovely friends hold on there you go it is copyrighted in the French French the French copyright law is ridiculous because you can actually pop great architectural works and so the light display is considered a you can’t show it you can take pictures of it I’ve just got to be careful because you can’t use it for commercial purposes and it’s a vlog so it’s not really commercial is it any hope great time I don’t what do you guys think how was your day wandering around oh yeah your time yeah I’m just gonna leave it here that was a good time walking around everything that you saw today the restaurants you went to and all the places are all on either my map stir or in my guide and both and then of course we’re looking below for links to how to do all of this stuff and I’ll try to put together a map for you as well just in case you need to know it’ll be kind of an updated map of my last one anyway I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for whatever it is that happens here on a Sunday

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