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hello guys welcome to traveller generation in brain generation of Cheil and we’re going to talk about some stuff from how to move in the city tips how to survive in this agitated senior with cherries all right all year long so welcome to this blog and we are Francesca I’m Rodrigo 1460 and this is my girlfriend Francesca Italian so we’re gonna talk about everything do you have to know about the city number one don’t spend money from water you can find some fountains or not so fun so much fun turns in all wrong every color has your own fountain where you can get fresh water so if you are carrying a bottle just feel it there and it’s for free number two don’t spend money on pizzerias where you can get the rounded pizza because of course it’s going to be much more expensive just go in a pizza value as we say it here in Rome but it’s a cap pizza that you can get by walking you’ll just walk in the pizzeria get a square of pizza and you eat it or inside the pizza the pizzeria but standing up or you can go walking or you can just go enjoy it in a street you have to try the pizza and this one believe it or not has rabbit on it trace one of the other activities the most beautiful is walking around Rome because Rome is such a beautiful city so there’s two main Barrios where you can walk and you can enjoy can’t even get up here and see it on the stats so enjoy your day you can listen music they are pretty good and also you can enjoy a coffee around there’s churches where you can get in siding and little shopping go vintage shopping especially Monte there are two places that are really great for vintage shopping one of them is king-size the other one is pfm oh I will write them in the past at least this video in the description and you can check like where are they in the streets and their number four oh no matter of Quattro of course if you’re in Italy and especially Rome you’re gonna get coffee in the morning our typical espresso one tip that I can give you is not to take it sit down at the table and do it as Roman stood pointing wrong just stand on the counter and as for a confident for us is espresso and it’s just a shot of coffee and if you take it standing up at the counter you will just pay like ninety cents one euro but if you go sit down you can pay double or even more so if you want cappuccino or coffee or all this kind of stuff that you can take in the morning just take them standing up in the in the counter and you will be like people catch the money by I guess places around there are too many places I guess wrong where you can see all the city but especially – one is Giardino the Ranchi it was this apart with this is Mall one which is really beautiful and nearby this one is no it’s like a palace it’s a Content or something and what is a gate and indicate has this hole where you can see through it and at the end of this hall you can see some and it’s really beautiful and the other one is called Sparky Pinchot and no matter say number six if you want to enjoy a meal but not spent too much money in a restaurant as we already told you you can go in a element re that for us is like a delicatessen is this kind of place where you would find hanging like a ham ham prosciutto or cheese and all these kinds of mozzarella and you can get inside and you can actually ask them to make paneer there’s a sandwich so they will cut a piece of bread they would put inside prosciutto or mozzarella or mortadella it’s very delicious he loves it and you can just enjoy in the stairs of a fuckton or walking around and just don’t spend money get a fatty yes of it there’s how many places in Rome where you can go for free and there is like attractions museums churches buildings historic all spots and it’s perfectly enjoyed but if you’re walking on the street you find this place you can enter for free and this is the name karamaneh foro romano you can actually not enter for free you can just see it for free no matter opto 8 and when you go in wrong if you don’t of course there’s a lot of history of Rome and you will want to know about it but if you don’t want to spend money on guys and on mic like books about Rome stuff like this where it is at present in 16 you can get just information from internet to still internet and you just take the information from there you just print it or you save it on your phone and when you’re there you just then you will save a lot of money on just two dollars yeah Therese kite Hey hello guys this is me again and travelers generation and we are just outside the beautiful Vatican City and as you can see there is the beautiful and amazing and greatest collosseum of the Patti channel but the only thing the difference between Hollywood and the real life is that the Vatican City is not as you think it is in fact the Pope is not outside of those windows from the Vatican actually this guy is outside of those great buildings not a fasiq or a pope but yeah it is my nothing there’s a place every Sunday here in Rome is a market really old and it’s called porta potti see in this place you can find really antic stuff like dishes like books clothes souvenirs special editions of vintage stuff actually I don’t know clothes whatever you want to do what to get and if you stay longer than a week you can go there is only in the mornings probably since the nine or early anymore even earlier like from 7:00 in the morning yeah I got a meter and also there you can you can find electronics everything storage I didn’t record this but it’s very nice and there is a you can guess I showed you get up an inner there from porchetta and the pocket that is really delicious these are patches so yours number 10 no matter get you simply one as a Roman the best tip that I can give you is just get lost you’re wrong just go out there take your feet and just walk walk walk don’t take a lot of busses metro or taxis just walk and you will get lost and I’m sure you will enjoy it because even me them 26 years old sometimes I take another sweet taken and this is things that are just amazing such as get lost beakers and explore Oh be careful with the nothing don’t worry no thanks for watching guys I hope you liked this video it’s a fish first one as you can see we’re not that professional but we’re good yeah yeah you can’t give your opinion down below the video in the comment section so and this is my beautiful amazing Italian girlfriend Francesca hi and I am Mexican my name is Rodrigo my dog give us a like share whatever I’ll know what was yes important commands Tygra whatever you want to do do it that video below is a links Facebook Instagram Twitter and if you have some tips if you need some tips or if you have some tips for us please ask us and at the same time please give give people some help and we will leave in the description all the information about the pieces that we’ll film in this video why you’re laughing but so you can like have more information on where to go where to go vintage shopping where are those where is Monty what is just a bidet and all this kind of stuff and just follow us where it covers travelers generation we are young couple traveling around and please subscribe to our channel towards social media such as me social media yeah yeah and yeah give us some tips we’ll give you some tips and let’s have fun together and keep loving life and keeps traveling

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