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this is the  Krakows main train station  Krakow company this is the main arrival point for most people in and out of the city even if you come by plane from bolita Airport the trains are coming into the main station and when you get off the train you go downstairs into a sort of subterranean labyrinth where passages connect to the bus station also you have to follow the passage up this ramp to get out of the train station I end up here you see plenty of tramps and vagrants and veronik cellars it’s not as greedy as it used to be it’s been cleaned up a bit pretty much everyone arriving in Krakov is going to end up right here this beautiful square this beautiful sight behind me glare Kousaka was pretty controversial when it was first built because it’s one of the first things people see when they enter the city and it’s the city that’s known for its beautiful architecture now we have this extremely modern building which is the first thing you see but I think people start to accept it as part of the geographic landscape of the city you’ll find a taxi rank right here where you can hop on a taxi but honestly if you’re just trying to see  Krakows you can walk everywhere you walk this way towards the planty and the Floriade ski gate and it’s kind of an extension of the Royal route that Kings used to take on their way into the city and just following this way you’ll end up you’ll be in the center of the old town within minutes come out of the tramway underpass here and you end up directly in the plot see which is one of Krakens many green spaces it actually forms a ring around the old town here the city centre in the old town because crack was a medieval city actually used to be medieval walls all surrounding the plan see here which lead down to Volvo castle which you can see on the map down here where the plenty is today where this green sort of perimeter around the centre is actually used to be a moat and the city walls were just on the other side the Austrians before World War one during austrian occupation they actually filled in the river and they gave us this park which I think we can pack them for just minutes from the train station this area here is actually the official beginning of the Royal route into  Krakow you might know  Krakow used to be the capital Poland the Kings all the pageantry and pop you start here the Kings would walk down through this entranceway which is called the floor you’d see a gate it’s actually the only medieval city gate left in the city here you have some medieval fortifications the city wall it’s all that’s left unfortunately the Austrians destroyed most of the rest of the fortifications around the center of crack wolf at the end of the nineteenth century behind this is the Barbican which is sort of which is the most intact part of the medieval fortifications that’s left was added in the 15th century it’s a circular fortress you can visit it as a tourist now starting on elites employee idea now it’s one of the most commercial streets in Krakov the main thoroughfare into the Riddick on the street and find lots of a very commercial franchises lots of shops selling touristy Kitsch lots of restaurants McDonald’s and lots of really dodgy clubs tons of kebab stands at night this place is just mobbed full of very sloppy people we’re now on breakfast main markets where the Rena critical of nets God originally laid out in 1257 13th century the Market Square is and was the largest medieval square in Europe measures 200 meters square today it’s lined with cafes all the community the townhouses bordering it have been faithfully restored behind me is a Adam it’s cabbage monument Poland’s famous national bard here’s the Sookie needs of the cloth all this goes back to the 13th century I believe as well and this is basically one of the first shopping malls in Europe cracker was that sort of an intersection of major trade routes and merchants would come here and sell their wares and that tradition continues today if you take a walk inside the cloth hall it’s just lined with a tourist stalls merchants selling you know pottery glass and bur jewelry kitsch crap you name it it’s all in there it’s probably the best place to go shopping and actually as touristy as it is the prices are pretty competitive and you don’t really have to feel ashamed about shopping there behind it it’s the town hall tower they just actually be a town hall here the towers all that remains of it the rest of it got demolished but we still have the tower the clock and also tourists can go up to the top then you get a view which isn’t really that great on one corner of Krakow’s rinic is Marriott Sukie Cathedral or cultural Marriott Sookie st. Mary’s Basilica has a few names this is one of the most important cathedrals in Poland definitely a crack of probably coming second just after Volvo Cathedral for being one of the like most important spiritual centers in the country inside the main feature is read stone shows altarpieces the largest Gothic altarpiece in here every day every hour on the hour the firemen of crack will play a bugle from the wind from the windows masky Cathedral from this second tower on the left here the tune is played in the four cardinal directions you can pretty much hear it all over the center of town it’s also played on polish radio brennick wolf knee crack was main market square is actually like the basically the cultural center of the entire country crack was known as being the cultural capital of Poland it always has been sorry versa but it’s true KB finds you know tons of cafes tons of restaurants hotels hostels pigeons buskers human monuments it’s a place of all kinds of all the city’s major events major celebrations festivals are happening here all the time it’s just bustling with activity 24 hours a day basically dai graduates slightly from elite the girls go run Willie to Kenan each now now it’s one of the most picturesque streets in crack north behind me you can see viable Castle Street leads right to it the street is known well behind me is the building where the Pope lived for many years in  Krakow when he was the Bishop of  Krakow Carlton the other side of the street is the John Paul the second Center so poopin Pope enthusiast will want to flock to the street just like the bubble though first thing you see when you get inside where we are now sexual Castle complex is a the queue to get tickets there are tons of exhibits inside Volvo castle all the royal collections are here the armory the Cathedral there’s all kinds of stuff to see you can spend oh you know almost an entire day looking at exhibits tickets are timed you get a queue for tickets and you get a specific time when you’re loud because there’s so many people going that they have to sort of stagger the times only let’s start a mountain at a time but just to go in and walk around the courtyards which is what we’re gonna do is completely free and can be visited whenever you want behind me is Volvo Cathedral it’s the spiritual seat of the entire country this is the view you get because unfortunately we can’t film inside the interior of the cathedral is visually stunning it may not be the most beautiful in Poland but it’s absolutely absolutely the most historical and it’s just packed full of history information about all the kings all the tombs you know all the history of all the rulers of Poland there were 35 different Kings who were crowned in this very Cathedral chicken also visit the tower see st. Sigmund’s Belle which is very famous and important site the external site above Volvo castle is a hodgepodge of architectural styles Romanesque Renaissance gothic it’s been you know updated for many centuries most of it dates from the 13th to 15th centuries we’re inside the inner courtyard now an architectural masterpiece here you have access to all the main exhibitions inside Volvo Cathedral or Volvo Castle excuse me there’s the armoury you know the Royal armoury you can see the hussar wings it’s impressive it doesn’t sound that great but it’s truly stunning this royal apartments and state rooms filled with royal treasures in the corner here is the shocker stone supposedly there are a couple legends associated with Volvo castle one of them has to do with this wall behind me the legend goes the Hindu god Shiva through seven sacred stones across the war of the world and one of them landed in  Krakows apparently and now psychics psychic mediums enthusiasts scholars have chased the reverberations of the stone to here inside Volvo castle and this wall in particular you can see the dark stains on the wall are primarily from the oil from people’s hands and touching the site built on a hill bauble overlooks the Wisla Vistula in English River it’s the largest river in Poland’s it runs from Troy miasto up in gdansk in the Baltic Sea through Warsaw all the way down to Krakow in Krakov it’s incredibly dirty so don’t even think about swimming in it in the view here you can see copies coasters your way off in the distance on the sill that’s a burial mounds made for Poland’s famous freedom fighter today’s coasters go also you see boats along the river here these are tourist boats you can take a ride down the river to the famous tinted sanctuary or just paddle around wherever you like you can eat drink have a good time we’ve just gone through the Dragon’s cave which is a limestone cave beneath Bobble castle legend goes that obviously the dragon was doing with dragons do eating villagers livestock and virgins as they do and the king stuffed a sheep full of sulphur a sheep carcass pull of sulphur fed it to the dragon that’s how the dragon was finally defeated now we have this monument which is very popular with kids we’re currently standing in scale Co which is a Cathedral for the patron saint stamp st. stanislav he was martyred at this site actually on the steps of the cathedral standing on the steps where state santa swamp was martyred the sword that he was beheaded with is actually inside next to the altar you can still see if they’re worth mentioning is the Crypt which is directly below here it’s open to visitors it’s the second most important crypt in Poland many famous artists and statesmen are buried there including Nobel Prize winner just warm you Walsh and status welcomed experience again maybe with the spring behind me is drinkable visitors can come it’s a popular site with pilgrims the water tastes terrible but it’s supposed to have miraculous properties the square behind me was designed recently basically after Saint stanislav was beheaded or assassinated as a where poland was partitioned and there was a lot of superstition that because of the king’s act against the patron saint that’s why polish statehood sort of fell into hard times and poland was actually wiped off the map soon there afterwards so in order to pay tribute and to sort of right the wrong that was committed the kings came to scale kheh every year to sort of pay the respects to saint stanislav and now we have this new plots for that very occasion kashmir was set up officially in the 14th century by king Kashmir so great for who the district takes its name it was originally sort of an island city that was separate from the rest of krokov and at the very end of the 15th century all the Jews of Krakow over which there were very many were expelled from the old town and relocated in kg minish and for over 500 years cassia mash was the center of Jewish life and corrupted crack as such a fight a lot of synagogues around this area right now we’re standing on Platz Nova which is basically the social center of kg marish it’s lined with cafes and bars at night this place really comes alive it’s known for its very atmospheric cafe is filled with candlelight and antiques and this district has really developed its own sort of aesthetic about ten years ago that this part of  Krakow was really in bad shape then Along Came Steven Spielberg he filmed his very famous internationally acclaimed film Schindler’s List almost all of it was filmed in kg mesh and as a result there was a lot of attention put on the district started to rejuvenate itself and now it’s I mean you see it the way it is today it’s really bustling with activity here you can buy fruits and vegetables in these hatches behind me you can buy the famous is a peacock ax which is a very local sort of drunken street food it’s basically a French bread pizza with whatever toppings you want on top and anyone it comes to crack well if you have to eat one of these it’s great for lining your stomach before you hit the bars just a couple blocks from Platts Novi we’re on we’ll eat so sure oka now this picture of street is another main thoroughfare for tourists it’s lined with really nice restaurants a lot of Jewish restaurants doesn’t necessarily mean they’re kosher but they serve Jewish food you also find to the most important synagogues in Kashmir and in all Poland right on the street one is the ream of Cemetery which is up here on the left and that’s one of the oldest it also has the old jewish cemetery which is very important the other synagogue behind the camera here is the old synagogue this synagogue is actually the oldest example of Jewish architecture in all Poland is built at the end of the 15th century and today it’s no longer working synagogue but you can visit and there’s the exhibition on just Jewish culture and cashmere and all of Poland’s

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