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these sections in the city I always found a really hilarious I’d like to say beautiful burners on them but you never actually   a mixture of stuff and then aiding and hoping anyway I’ll take you around     it was like 45 degrees super sweaty and today it’s funny phrasing anyway we are now walking into Piazza Navona and we have come here specifically because our Moen hairdresser named his salon after this Piazza so Rocco you better be watching we’re on our way am I just kind of falling urban think [Applause] this is a very official to Oprah I don’t have you know   yeah we just stopped in for like I wonder if you can guess where we are now it doesn’t matter how many times I say this until super excited and amazed every time I do so we’re getting afro wonder around and then depending on what time it closes we’ll see if we can go the wait time to get a ticket what’s actually that fun really I think the Colosseum was at half an hour but considering that it’s only for another hour and we really went to wait so we might come back on our last day so but sorry yeah now we’re just gonna sit in the Sun and chill   so we’ve done so much walking today we just walked all the way back to our hotel from the Coliseum I’m still trying to find a couple of places that I still lost and it went this is really like super famous size but we’re really nice straight so we’ll hopefully wander down some of them tomorrow but yeah we are have had such an awesome day we’ve seen so many so many of their like iconic sides but our feet are so tired so we think we’re gonna have a bit of a chill in our hotel room and then head out for dinner and get some pasta in an hour or so I really   so guess where we’re going today so we’ve got we got ourselves like free book tickets to the Vatican the audio guide and I thought I think nearly two hours before our time slot is to go in so we just gotta have a wonder around this area and maybe get some lunch so we can enjoy the Vatican without being angry but yeah I’m pretty excited I’ve actually been before with my mom and it’s I’m not Catholic but it’s amazing now that’s the one if ever I saw a line it’s really sunny so we just got out of the Sistine so sunny so we just got out of the Sistine Chapel which was amazing I like it’s always super impressive even if you’ve seen it a couple of times before but yeah so now we are just chilling in the Sun and the gun is at the Vatican and then we’re gonna head home and Gary gets lunch somewhere I just thought I would mention so if you want to skip like the few our cue to get me in you should always book your tickets online and then they give you like a time that you can come in so ounces 1 p.m. so you kind of just half an hour 15 minutes before jump in and you can kind of skip the line and walk straight in and everything cuz you I think for Europe booking fee which is definitely better than like four hours of queues so unless for us even worth four years we’re on the chairs trail below it so we’ve made it into the pants in and just like a warning that’s always really big flying out of the front but it doesn’t take very long when there’s a lot of free curves then ever all kind of comes in pretty quickly and this is one of my favorite buildings in my room it’s amazing it’s so big and so beautiful and then when you think that it’s just nearly 2,000 years old then it’s even more amazing so it’s actually the refill like the freezer version which is nearly 2,000 years old and Emperor Hadrian rebuilt it because the original one by a creeper actually burned down but it still all says like constructed and built by a group of so like any is on offer yeah this is a super cool building and it’s there it’s free and the only nothing is free in Rome so I would definitely recommend coming up on our way back we ended up with a giant bag lingerie I don’t even know how it happened we went in morning guys it was our last day and we were up to a very slow so so they’re all sorted now but yeah so now we’re just hoping for a puppy are they gonna move might be jumping and wandering days and we gonna go first off I think yes that’s tough to our mom’s favorability and but yeah mom shout out the mom they’re doing this to just be I don’t think really nice I think potato we just as delicious lunch with really really really service at no left and now we’ve decided instead of him you copy their beginning at a coffee and said opposite mum’s favorite building another shout out didn’t realize you [Laughter]   so we decided to get a fancy I was gonna set the lunch so that we can continue to shop very tired and without going we think we’re in France actually not really booked at all we just walked and walked off to walk they went into a million shops and actually had a pretty unsuccessful shopping day like it was fun but we didn’t fight that much but they did buy an awesome pair of boots and I think I’ll probably do a whole and if I do I’ll link it up here everything that I got in Italy anyway we’re just getting to dinner now and I’m really hungry

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