Rome Landmarks, Italy on a budget

as soon as that we got out of the airport there’s a bus stall and we got tickets for five years straight through our station maybe it’s the so cool [Music] the process goes directly to termini station just like the Central Station this is what you need when you go to Rome connect just open his booklet and it has a card this is called the Roma pass and it’s about for 72 hours gives you unlimited access to any subway and bus station you can also get two free entrance in any museums in your own Plus cut the lines the long lines is right now it’s somewhere here in your speak season so I have you recommend for you guys to get this it also comes with a city map and a guide to plus 39 euros are you exciting [Music] I am more excited of the food pasta pizza and of course gelato starving can’t wait to eat [Music] and [Music] Henrik’s carrying my luggage one hour later now that we have checked a time eat dinner and our host recommended that restaurant said it’s good and cheap are you hungry I always see the live way before I [Music] always see the end baby for I’ve been shining and things going on is over everyone told me this morning I’m not feeling well well since yesterday so we had to take a nap for a few more hours to energize ourselves and get ready start today before we tour around Rome so let’s go [Music] so we have arrived here at the famous Spanish step but it’s being renovated so disappointing well you can still see the steps but there’s a freaking fence in front of it [Music] so just a few blocks from the Spanish Steps is the Trevi Fountain but before we head over to the Trevi Fountain we have to get to July so from the peak Larry how’s the water they said if they’re three if you want to get married dual line you love in one if you want to go back so why did you just there one because you took all the money we don’t have more times usually there’s just a lot of people here it’s so hard to take contribute picture everybody take photo like be Henry a nice view struggle is weakened real picture so one dude just asking me how my little beckon Chinese woman to you there’s a difference between Malaysia and Filipinos Chinese Koreans Japanese it’s not just me home yeah we are almost there at the Coliseum and we are trying to look for the pylon Dean and entrance because as I’ve seen from other blogs and blogs that it has the shortest cube by the way if ever a chance you get to a supermarket go buy a what this cost less than one year of some of the food stalls and restaurants one bottle of this cost around four years to 10 euros it’s so hot right now but I didn’t put any sunscreen on the line is insane all right so since the line for the Coliseum is pretty long you’re going to try out the one in palentine hill I don’t know how to pronounce it right you have to show the Roma hospital [Music] requires a lot of walking and a lot of stairs better make sure to wear comfy shoes so Heinrichs gonna fill up his water bottle with water using the fountain right here so Henrik just washed his face on that fountain I wish I could do the same but it’s gone so nice amazing well you guys this view is really really amazing can you believe that this has been doing so nice it’s been pretty awesome so far it was like walking in a different era they actually preserved it do you even realize how many hurricanes how many earthquakes how many dictators has already passed but it’s still alive and standing the walls still solid look at the statues even if its head is missing it’s still there [Music] hey guys it’s not that interesting all the Kiki stuff I’m having then I’m the one who I just showed him to know just joined of love always mean we stopped I’m not just a pretty face I’m also Kiki oh yes propylene pretty fascia yeah about whole genome okay yeah we’re in the Colosseum ancient gladiator arena arena for all kind of things in the startx even had boat races here but it could fill up the water and then they have their boat fight but it was only for 100 years there’s a lot of things that broke them down so like the fall spectators for stuff like this so in here was like more like the terms then crooks I’m up but I have tickets and they hyperspace and they can come in and out ten minutes like we see it nowadays they even have like lips I like yeah exactly like we see modern stadiums nowadays just 2,000 years ago so this is an example of what the Colosseum looked like before some people are drinking some people are cheering so quiet day so you’ve seen some of the statues that I showed you earlier the Palatine Hill some of them are beheaded some people stole it

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