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good morning everyone this morning I’m up so early and I’ve gotten up the entire trip I woke up at 9 a.m. because I had to check out its room by 10 a.m. actually I just went down to the lobby one of my computer and booked another night here because we’re gonna stay and saw some another like are having really fun and like it here I’m having really fun that doesn’t make sense having so much fun oh yeah but early just booked another night like 20 minutes ago and it was so awesome because it costs $20 for a bed that’s it staying at something that’s 20 dollars a night it makes it just guilt like we didn’t even booked any travel to Oslo yeah we definitely they’re going to fly our train I think we’re gonna take the train tomorrow but we have to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to go on it which it’s gonna be miserable but yeah this morning is packing up all my stuff and all my clothes are dirty I just can’t handle it so I’m gonna do laundry this morning that is the biggest goal so far even in stockroom how much longer is every part oh of November that’s these case right there it has a bunch of clean laundry in it oh yeah I know you don’t need to know that but it did it comes now but yeah when I was in London I met a girl from Portugal and a girl from Australia we all talked for a while it took like two hours to do all our laundry and they’re traveling alone which was like obviously really inspiring a lot of people here are travelling alone I meet a lot more people at this hostel versus an answer and and really need people so I’m headed to my neighbor room if it’s a mixed room male roommates with me interesting oh yeah let’s go Oh why’d you not work here we have our new room but it’s five and six there’s like new beds so I’m gonna get ready for the day here we have my clean laundry oh praise what should I wear today okay successfully woke up early packed everything up switched rooms unpacked things got ready did laundry and now I’m ready to go for the day Vanessa had a bit of a wild night last night it included tequila so I think she’s laying low today and I’m just gonna go out and explore on my own I’m gonna go to an espresso house first and grab some food and some coffee because you might not be able to see because concealer is magical but the dark circles under my eyes this morning work they were gnarly let’s go on a solo adventure   I got some try to drink mark to you lately and percent sandwich doesn’t actually look that filling but it’ll like each idea a little bit I decided to take a left out of my hotel and just keep walking straight or as long as I could and it took me to Old Town and it’s very pretty as you can see yeah so I’m just walking through this alleyway this is a kind of a random one but don’t those houses just look so pretty I went into this shop and yeah we’re in gamla stan’ and I got a raincoat which I’m actually really excited about I don’t want to just buy things to buy things for no reason you know and I didn’t buy any items in Amsterdam and for the most part I don’t buy any items here but I wanted to get something you know something that I could have to commemorate the whole trip to be like oh yeah I got that you know in Sweden while I was on that trip you know I wanted something locally made so I went into the store and it was a bunch of locally made Swedish goods and I saw these raincoats and I do this thing where I talked myself out of buying anything always and it’s kind of it’s actually a really good trait so then I don’t buy that much stuff because I was talking stuff out of it but the sales lady she was pretty persistent and she was like you should try it all and you know it was like okay sure I’ll try it on and actually ended up really liking it and it’s a raincoat which is good because I’m living in Seattle now and it rains a lot the guy who makes the coats actually lives on this street just in gamla stan’ in sweden and so i thought that was really unique and cool as well so yeah I’m super excited it’s all packaged up it’s literally millennial pink it’s by the brand stutter hime so I’m not gonna buy anything else because I don’t need anything I don’t even know how I’m gonna fit this in my suitcase it’s really gonna be a struggle I’m throwing a Swedish cinnamon roll and a chai latte at this coffee shop but I found I just went into this in Norway shop because my family like my my grandma and my uncle they always talk about these like good Norwegian sweaters so I was like I will check them out for myself I also got some socks at happy socks which is from Sweden actually now I have stumble across this building with the beautiful archways and I don’t know what it is update that was the Parliament probably should have known that Parliament is a beautiful word also a really nice word tapestry another nice word quintessential in that good quintessential actually I write down words that I think sound nice sometimes cuz I’m a loser antiquate comment below words that you think should be used more and sound beautiful   the Sun is now setting so you guys might have a soft more Sweden goods they gave me this sticker I’m gonna put it on my laptop I got these socks then I got thingies then I got these and these ones I think the girls are my favorite lastly I got these I got these ones because rock-and-roll you know I tried to pick prints that reminded me of Sweden and I think I did a pretty good job these are really fun I wonder how Vanessa’s doing also just this background it’s more beautiful than I could ever hope to be like I’m ruining the photo just do you see that I’m gonna go back to the hostel now and check on Vanessa we’re gonna go to the ice bar I’ve never been to an ice bar ice bars are like made completely of ice you wear these big jackets that they give you and you got a drink that’s in ice and it just looks like a really fun experience I mean it’s not just a Sweden thing but I don’t think they have one in Seattle or in LA but yeah it just looks really fun   okay I am back with Vanessa hello what’d you do today but took public transit by myself I was so proud of myself for not getting lost good job and now we are walking to go get dinner we are vultures browsing through Yelp and we found a place called the artisan looks really really good I don’t know it was both in like randomly really picky and vintage right now I feel like yeah we’re both just like I don’t know what I want but I don’t want that or that but we finally settled on the artisan and you’re kneading so unhealthy but when I get back I’m gonna be back on my leg grind of just health which will be nice I’m excited for that but I also have been joined even everyone I’ve been seeing these around they’re like candles and lit on the ground you do not have those in America all right we have made it it looks really cool I see a lady with a glass of wine that’s my vibe this place is so I’m very excited with this choice so here they have something I’ve never tried before it’s a sparkling red wine I don’t think it’s something that I would get into like sparkling red wines but it’s fun to try so we’re discussing how tomorrow we’re taking the train to Oslo and it leaves at 5:40 a.m. we have not look at that early yet you just got our princess look amazing this is margarita and this is potato and mushroom we’ve had a lot of really good food I think but I think this is gonna be my favorite so far I just want to say whoever decided to put potatoes on pizza you are the real MVP because it’s it’s the best thing ever just finished our food it was amazing now we are walking as if it isn’t cold enough

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