Summer at Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

honestly I could spend months here in this valley I’m not a poet unfortunately I can’t in words describe to you how amazing and beautiful this valley is   now this is the Trump of Bach Falls per person to get in no dogs are allowed after four in less amount of hiking trails it’s truly a hikers paradise especially if you take my younger brother Ryan suicide   if you’re not in hiking how about biking loop lots of trails I underestimated the biking and the Alps bicycles tired needless to say we got lost I think we are lost I just want to apologize to my wife to make her back up the mountain with an electric bike to see a beautiful view I’m sorry I know you were mad life’s troubles it was worth it not in hiking how about some kind of air sports you can go tandem paragliding you could go skydiving a lot of people were BASE jumping to launch any outdoor activity you can do it but if you’re not into the green you can also find the snow where we’re going today top of Europe slash Mike   they’re above the clouds yes we are in a big way we’re at the top of Europe   Europe’s largest glacier up here visit a highly recommended for all ages just be really careful it’s over 11,000 feet there was a few people that were getting at altitude separatists of their great great place and there is Swiss chocolate I do not recommend law in person what do you I see boys shame publish best of memories now we’re gonna head back down the mountain you to a little town to have lunch beautiful table yea-ah we’re well we’re not in the top of Europe but I don’t know how to say the town : Klein’s ruining   again more hiking trails up here you you can’t throw a rock without hitting a hiking trail games always hungry for more that’s just how I was born didn’t somewhere we hop back on the train and headed back down to the bottom of the valley   you could spend all day just taking the train up to the top and back down   many more cowbell definitely work out well breathtaking beauty everywhere you looked   mr. Benoit I myself was definitely a happy place for us if you ever go to Switzerland definitely put this on the list but I just love to play always hungry for more that’s what I was born take me somewhere I don’t know give me your freedom   adhi down like this     anyway it’s nicknamed the ballet was 72 waterfalls check this out   and where we’re staying tonight in the van is right next to it

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