Things To Do in Florence Italy

buongiorno and welcome to Florence come with me as I show you how to spin the perfect day in this amazing city Florence is said to be the birthplace of the Renaissance and you’ll quickly confirm this by just a quick walk around the city center start off in Piazza del Duomo and see the city’s main church cathedral of st. Mary of the flower the exterior of the Basilica is faced with polychrome marble panels and various shades of green and pink bordered in white also you’ll notice the massive dome it’s the biggest brick dome ever constructed after observing this truly unique structure head over to the piazza della signoria to see the palazzo vecchio in front you will notice the famous Michelangelo sculpture David however this is not the original sculpture but when the original was created this is where they put it adjacent the Palazzo Vecchio you won’t want to miss the loggia dei lanzi a free open-air sculpture gallery with antique Renaissance statues including the Medici Lions if you’re an art lover you won’t want to miss the Uffizi gallery filled with works of art from several of the major Italian artists my favorite thing about the Uffizi gallery is the way they’ve set up the exhibit they’re all chronologically in order which shows you the evolution of the painting styles from the 1300s all the way to the end of the Renaissance not far from the gallery you will want to see the pulp vecchio another iconic symbol of Florence here you will see great views of the Arno River as well as some antique and modern jewelry stores would the perfect day in Florence be without trying some typical food but let’s take it a step further and let’s learn how to make it so I signed up for a pizza and gelato preparation class Oh hungry the moment we’ve all been waiting for well da ultimately let’s finish our perfect day with a beautiful sunset view of florence from piazzale michelangelo and from here you can see breathtaking views of the entire city well that ends our perfect day in Florence I hope you had a great time I had a fabulous time if you need help planning your next trip to forums or possibly a day trip outside of Florence check out the get your guy website until next time arrivederci

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