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morning it is Monday and I got to get out of here now today it’s going to be kind of a long travel day not because the travel itself is gonna be long but because I don’t fly out until later in the afternoon which means that it’s gonna be dark by the time I get there because the Sun sets earlier in Venice than it does here but I never see Venice before so I can see if I night will be one way to start off the trip and then we’ll see the rest as we’re there but I thought today that I would tell you a little bit about Italy and me me and Italy if you didn’t know Italy is the first country ever lived in in Europe if you want to consider it living it was definitely six or seven weeks spend the summer there in college and I always kind of feel like you know very comfortable very much like I’m going home when they go to Italy it’s a different kind of comfort a different kind of home than being in Paris for sure but there’s just something usually welcoming we’ll see if Venice is the same way of giving Venice is gonna be different in a lot of ways but you know no rest for the wicked I’ve got to go down and give a little bit of work done give lyrica her key back which when you double checks in my bag and we’re starting at camera six camera five is developed and I just need to get on top of making postcards so if you wanted to get those postcards make sure you get in on it soon I think I’ll and you set a deadline how about arbitrarily say for now September 10th is when I’ll quarter the postcards and that’ll set up a limit for how many there are and if we’re over the top and they’ll set how many more people can get them out for that so different now that we’re figuring this out I just made probably already get back from Venice in the meantime let’s go   my acid wash jeans are starting to fall apart a little bit but I figured I’m going to Italy like I can’t wear those regular black ones I got to wear something a little bit schnazzy err Italy is one of those interesting places that is just beautiful relax their bureaucracies actually somehow worse than the French the people are generally very friendly and lovely I’ve never been to Venice though so we’ll see how the Venetians are be because Italy definitely has maintained its sense of like city statehood a little bit it’s a pretty young Western democracy and people still identify themselves by the city that they live in more than being Italian so they’re Venetian in the Roman or Florentine I lived in Siena for a summer I’m not gonna identify myself with Sienna but it definitely gave me a real appreciation or maybe a beginner’s appreciation of Italy there’s so much more to learn I really don’t know that much let’s be honest but very excited to go explore a new Italian city and see the canals especially because supposedly the city is in grave danger of going underwater and I kind of feel like my travels right now should be dedicated a lot more towards seeing friends like visiting friends are travelling with friends or going to places that could very well end up underwater in the next decade and this would be one of them so that’s really kind of depressing to think about but I want to take advantage of the fact that I can see them while they’re still visible I got a lot of thoughts about that but we’re just getting it on the metro   I also like almost got sleep but then hangout like six hours of sleep you know woken up early by the dude with the leaf blower who just shows up and leaf blows like two beeps once a week okay anyways Santa’s a really cool City because I’m like Paris it actually is like what 850 years old something like that I remember how old exactly but a lot of people think Paris is ancient right all the buildings here is super old but the reality is that most of the buildings here are like 150 years old ish awesome Indian architecture a lot of the restructuring of the streets that kind of stuff a lot of it not all of it but a lot of it was redone under Napoleon the third and so there’s actually a lot of build there are a lot of buildings in the city that are hundreds of years old Hotel de Ville behind me no sir Dom those are 850 some years old there’s a house over here in the Marais that’s also around that age but the majority of the buildings here aren’t that old they look cool they’re very different it’s very nice I love it I love Paris this is not a knock comparison it’s just not generally quite as old as it’s given credit for by a lot of people that come through standing on the other hand is like pretty much preserved because it lost his economic war with Florence and so there’s there are a number of really funny stories that we heard while we were living there but basically this the city kind of steadily dwindled down in population cantatas the neighborhood’s condensed or consolidated and eventually the city just kind of went to very sleepy phase and by the time they started growing again they decided to leave everything the way that it was because they had the opportunity to it’s basically a medieval city that’s never been altered really cool city talking about it because that’s my first Italian experience I know we’re going to Florence and you’re like why are we talking about Siena where we’re not going to Florence we’re going to Venice honey coffee and food I didn’t sleep and I got asphyxiated out of sleep well I got yep I got choked out of sleep by you know exhaust fumes enough excuses let’s kiss   right okay the opposite that occurs all right yep and then you gotta eat it quick huh all right   oh is it really so the Tim Tams Thank You Roxanne for dropping these off by the way all the Australians in the cafe have been going nuts over these and I just need to have a segment about my coffee throw it like a straw if you weren’t I don’t have not fit   Pat join me for a quick lunch before I head to the airport it’s good because she’s leaving soon which is tragic   all right got a little bit more work done squared away ready for this trip my flights already delayed so I’m gonna go sit with mark have one beer because he’s trying to get me to come and have a beer with them and I’m not gonna see them for a while so I figure I’ll go sit down have a beer and then head to the airport and then Venice which I’ve been forewarned that the food in Venice isn’t very good but the pictures are gonna be nice so you guys won’t suffer at all we’ll figure it out I put up a food poll if you want to vote on a food Paul it’s a public food poll do you want to put a link below to it if you go to patreon you don’t have to be a patron of mine to vote in it although I think you do have to sign up for an account but that’s free so don’t worry about it and then sign up and then vote and you can decide it’s very very dramatically on point but yeah I’m gonna grab a beer   as you go catch me one beer and two small delays later on my flight headed the airport I’m gonna try and go through re RB this time never successfully ganda orally through re RB before because it’s always sounded kind of scarily complicated but I think I should be able to manage it just fine today the cool things that I was in Siena was a patio which is a really cool medieval horse race basically racing around the central square of the city that was neat that’s a very different experience to recreate anywhere else because pretty much the only place it happened I know we’re bouncing around a lot of different subjects here but our ERP goes straight to Charlotte Eaglehawk like there’s an end of lines that go straight into it we release the little confusing cuz it actually switches over to a shuttle like another metro line that goes there I’ve always been a little bit intimidated to try it but today you have to get off it Anthony there supposedly there’s a train from Anthony to the airport let you know this goes that’s a good sign   so the Navigant work here sacrifice effort in you so that cost me 930 where my navigator Eddie paid for got me here and would have covered me all the way there on the early bus only unknown oh well the early bus sucks so it’s like 9:30 do not beat cram it into that thing or get crammed into that thing I’m not sure I deal about this not sure which one I would prefer I’ll let you know when it’s all over I guess I will say a 6-minute straight shot there is pretty nice   and then that was pretty easy between our er be in the bus we’ve got 9:30 to spare this is yeah this is worth it   let’s get out of here   welcome to Venice kind of kind of humid actually all right I gotta find my way to the boat that’s gonna take me at home but you know hope water scenes and stuff   and up and ended round-trip ticket to take the boat there and bring it back this isn’t backfire somehow down the line 27   a 10-minute walk in tour this is gonna be intense I thought it said a kilometer earlier now I’m by it it’s very nice all right time to see what Italian I remember grazie prego cake Pat a is a perfect bari is that Spanish or farming or said canto custody she found Caracas II probably shouldn’t say that out loud it’s enough to give me bias totally see me started Adams really very busy   good thing I skipped that couple on the escalator   should only take a scenario we’re almost there   there goes the taxi we are officially in Venice as far as we think of Venice now just got to actually figure out where we’re going from here   this doesn’t seem sketchy at all made it it is dark out there I don’t think we’re gonna see much more tonight a Venice but I might try to find something to eat it’s a good thing I ate in the airport otherwise I’d be miserable right now that took a long time I’m gonna wrap it up here I welcome to Venice sorry you couldn’t see much there’s not a lot of light out there but I won’t show you more tomorrow bright and early just yet I’ll see you tomorrow morning

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