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this morning I thought I would answer the question of whether or not Versailles  is worth it because I think a lot of people are wondering is it worth it if you’re done in any research you know going out to Versailles is at least a half day thing if not an all-day thing and so you really probably want to know especially if you only have a little bit of time whether or not going out to see it is worth it   [Applause] I think Versailles the hole is totally worth it and actually I’ll link to the video that I already made if you want to see what the like visiting Versailles but it looks like I’ve got a couple videos out here but as far as whether or not it’s worth coming out here it depends on how you want to do it and what you’re into allas itself is pretty amazing it’s about as big and policy as they come there’s not really anything that can compete with it but it can’t be pretty overwhelming and it’s quite the visit overall a little bit overkill sometimes   here is about 30 minutes from the center of Paris easy to got here now if you’re gonna come out really the best way to do this is by bike that might sound self-serving but it’s on 2,000 acres so it’s a lot of space if you don’t you’re gonna do it by foot don’t come out first thing in the morning because everybody comes up first thing in the morning and it is insane the crowds and the lines tend to be way way longer right away in the morning you only take 45 minutes to get through the Chateau so go do something else first and then go to the Chateau the market is definitely one of the best parts of their site it’s an amazing market unfortunately the outdoor portion is only open on Tuesdays Fridays and Sundays the rest of the time it’s just the indoor market it’s just so good still very tasty the food out here is very very good but if you come on one of those days you need a lot more bang for your buck and I highly recommend coming to the market before going into the castle get a snack enjoy yourself wander around buy some stuff just see what’s going on and then go into the castle the market here definitely worth it   personally I’ve been to the I think you have to go to the chateau of Versailles once in your life I think you definitely need to see it lots of great history great paintings some pretty amazing things to see but it is a little bit I’m just yeah I’m not super interested in it anymore myself however if you come out and spend a day in the grounds that is worth it especially if you’ve been in Paris for a while I’ve been travelling for a while maybe you need a little bit of greenery or goats and if you need some goats then this is the place to come to it’s really nice to spend the day just biking around seeing the sights and today the weather is perfect absolutely perfect it’s wonderful day so I think that Versailles is very much worth it as a Chateau once in your life is kind of like Eiffel Tower you got to do it you got to see it it’s worth it but after that it’s kind of nice to see from a distance and you come out here enjoy the grounds for free you can just come out here it’s a it’s a free park so what I’m doing right now where I’m riding right now free to get into it’s just that the actual like Marie Antoinette’s house the Chateau the Grand Trianon those things you do have to pay to get into those they’re worth it definitely worth seeing as well but if you’re gonna do varisai you’re gonna do the whole thing and you want to do it by bike probably because then you can get around very quickly there’s a lot of space between things and if you really want to see it you got to do this so my suggestion would be if you want to make it worthwhile come out of the morning go to the market get a crepe buy some snacks come out of here have a picnic on the grounds see the things there are to see and just kind of enjoy yourself in a casual way instead of lining up immediately at the castle and going in I would say going to the castle in the afternoon because the lines are bound to be shorter and then you’ve already kind of gotten a feel for the grandiosity of the place whereas if you go into the castle first I think it kind of overwhelms you and often robs you have the energy to do anything else so yeah I’ll see if I think of anything else but overall is very sight worth it absolutely it’s all in how you do it and when you do it.

another thing that a lot of people actually aren’t aware of when it comes to expectations when coming to Versailles is that the fountains are not always on during peak season they’re on three days out of the week and only for a total of four hours each day and right now they’re only under in the weekends so we’re out of peak season they’re only on during the weekends so if you come during the week like today no fountains and that’s because it’s a really old system that they don’t want to break and after a completely replace and then also because it’s a huge waste of water it’s a lot of water that is pumped through so they try to minimize the water usage as well as the wear and tear on the system .   

we just saw Barry Manilow and then they’re freaking out cuz we’re walking by anyways I don’t really know anything about Barry Manilow but Mary if you see this was nice to see you in Versailles   the temple of love if you can make it out here totally worth it one of my favorite statues in France probably top three easily especially with like the UM the colonnade around us like the via what do you call this a gazebo I guess you could call this it’s. it’s amazing and totally worth it   they walk fair side if you want to but yeah Cassini really as much is a lot of territory our if you notice miles and miles walking is so much better to be on a bike kick in and then just come have a picnic enjoy the space enjoy the trees enjoy being out of the city for a little bit and it’s definitely worth it this week definitely got away from me on the sleeping thing like I got two days of like decent sleep in the name last night was back to no sleep and I burned myself making popcorn I’m hot plate thank you both Carla and Rob for that combination I made some delicious popcorn last night and burned myself in the process just because it was a little careless so that made editing a little bit less fun anyways hoping to get back on the Sleep Train here soon but tonight I need to verify the translation that I did for the voice acting tomorrow I know you get top of this video that I’m making as well all should be well and by publishing installed I mean Richard and working with Richard just you know Gustav and Richard that’s who I’m making it for so anywho well right out of here and I’ll send these guys off from the castle and then go home and get back to work it does not look sketchy at all.

we’re gonna put lights on the window here so that as it gets darker as winter approaches we’ll be able to illuminate my face a little bit better hopefully without you know real lights will see all words I have no idea if it’s gonna work or not anyways I’m gonna unpack here go for a run and then get to my translations I forgot that I need to do my laundry I’m wiped so we might be just moving on to tomorrow I was gonna be her friend. picked over   duh I hope that works, gonna have to make some modification of this at some point but for now I can’t see what you consider you know hopefully works anyways good day Islander say I was super super wiped by the end of the day so that is a no run for me today hopefully maybe tomorrow.  tomorrow’s also gonna be a full day tomorrow I’m gonna go do some voice after you CNRS and then I’m also going to the YouTube space with Cheryl then she’ll be pretty exciting so I haven’t got an official confirmation on that yet so I’m just gonna show up all see it happens but Friday adventures tomorrow ladies and gentleman but I hope that today was helpful and if you were uncertain about whether or not Purcell was worth it hopefully that helped to some degree as well I will see you again tomorrow please do like this video subscribe and comment I don’t hear from you and yeah if you haven’t subscribed yet I don’t know maybe give it a try it’ll be great. I didn’t know what to do at the end bit here but uh we’ll get that figured out eventually

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