Visit 3 Greek’s Islands in a Day

we are going to take this in both I’m going to see and we see three different islands I don’t know the name of the islands but I know they are in Greece that’s what’s what I know it’s so tricky to remember all of the Greek name you know some of them they are so popular you learned them like Santorini McConnell on it but some of them you don’t hear it often and that’s why it’s so hard to remember them but I will learn it   the best I mean time we are going to sneeze eat Piedra yeah yes yeah this is our first stop the FAQ about this ayah is there is no car in this toilet and the only transport you can use these donkeys and I love them and here we gonna see a lot of donkeys and cat I am so looking forward to see down here [Applause]       [Applause]   we should rush back to our cruise this is like when you want to visit 3i like in the same day that’s why you just rushed it it is good to come here for one night or two night maybe become we are coming back     now we are in the second island apparently there are two islands in Greece one is forests bunnies furrows and reinforce behind me it’s irregular yeah it’s a mainland and this one is the island let’s go to explore because we have just 1 hour 40 minutes and see here all the cache of graves different type of cats we are on the top of the island   we don’t have time to do a lot in this island but if you don’t follow me on   we just arrived in that’s her toilet recognize the name of this island and this island is popular because of its statues and we are going to try to buy the statute to see how it is and I will let you know funny yummy yummy what is this Ron is that suspect I’m from Iran we have a good purchase – I don’t know to be honest I think Iranian pistachios wins I think it’s a fresh pistachio surprising with the Cheesecake it’s good to sit down here after visiting two different island I mean this is the third one yeah just we need a peaceful moment I keep enjoying we are heading back to our times now and we are going to get ready for next trip to Mykonos I’m going to see you in next video in Mykonos thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more travel with you

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