Visit Austria in 3 Days

we’re in Hall stop for the day it’s about thirty minutes from where we’re staying and it’s so darling so crowded so darling I’m so crowded just the one view that everyone chose to look at is all the way to this town from America just listen up I I like this and as we get further I’m gonna really like it what I know actually there’s okay there’s actually something that happens when you come to a place when you’re listening to it you know or something similar if you don’t keep it real can you go somewhere but if fish you know what only news and control just .  came all the way from there what was the bear over there about on this triple diamond because they just want you to like you’re so far in the mountains that there could be bears   [Applause] Ronnie took me up what’s supposed to be the easiest well on the map it said it was easy not the easiest let me tell you it’s far from drenched and nervous sweat we’re doing great scary beautiful [Laughter] we’re headed to breakfast and we’re gonna try something called kaiserschmarrn crazy I’m just not gonna try but it’s basically I’m told chunks of pancake with a bunch of toppings so I’m not mad super sore from being which is just lovely and perfect there’s just a ball ball fun right now we’re heading in to have Carson Russian   what even possible cause your heart and it is it’s like it’s a – baby like Iggy undercooked way with like crystallized sugar and then   and blue to take a little syllabus reduced food games on top whoa dude breakfast was way good so we got a bunch of lunch because they weren’t doing my jokes but then they were doing the pancakes so the kaiserschmarrn was really good it’s like an egg pancake with raisin and then like a plum sauce to the side and then but I really liked this shiron I think which is like a curd pancake made with like a creamy cheese probably like a ricotta type then with like whoa dude was way way good way good the coffee was good you should go here we’re headed to Bad Gastein and then we’re excited and it’s gonna be fun see you later everyone needed to come to this town bad Kasane always need to break bread think about the way that you can feel it can’t be said jokes on   mounted well that she had to choose only     one of the biggest things that sets this apart is that it’s just weeds through the city they just built around it which I’ve never seen so there’s just buildings on either side of the waterfall as it makes its way down and then hikes to go up and around it and it so beautiful this is a must-see if you’re out here I think it’s my favorite     here anything better there’s this hotel that looks straight out of the grand budapest hotel wes anderson and i want to go inside we’ve just walked in and it’s totally empty there’s no one anywhere in sight the front desk is totally empty I want to explore Thursday baby bring it overhead birthday baby bring it over here if it’s worth it this is weird man like the nicest coolest looking hotel have ever seen and it’s like just totally quiet she bought me quick and mixing up the different products new surroundings and then my liquor bottle in general like to make a gender generalize the women that I’m sitting at goober spit oh my god I seen him on my side but I like it y’all like but I like my night is not there’s this old taxidermy model that is just falling apart I thought it was a part I thought it was like this story like the stag was like dead the stag has just styrofoam that landed on it because because no one up keeps this place what’s the worst that’s gonna happen we’re going up

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