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room a giant Museum City stage room is all about the museums and the churches there’s just no way get around that if you’re going to Rome thinking that you’re going to find some authentic Italian experience that’s not the place to experience Italian culture they’re good in the back the bad I’ll get that out of the way it’s this shopping is not good the shopping is that the idea of customer service is Rome tell me what you want and give me your money and then go away there’s a not not much more to it than that don’t go to Rome to go shopping the taxicab drivers are Oran I mean if you don’t want to get the only way not to get screwed is to have your phone in Maps mode have your map open on your phone GPS on and following the route that you want to take in the driver’s seat of the taxi cab otherwise you’re gonna get screwed if they think that you don’t know how much the ride is supposed to be or how long it’s supposed to get to there they will drive you in the circles and hope that you’re just not gonna notice that the fare is all of a sudden 30 years so the good the food in Rome in hit-or-miss in the same vicinity you can go to you know 20 feet from each other you can find a halfway decent restaurant which will serve authentic ish Italian food and then 20 feet away you can find a restaurant that serves the worst food you’ve ever had on the planet and they’re charging you 20 euros for the best thing to do for food when in Rome’s is go to a grocery store the grocery store has deals there that’s the place to go in Rome if you want really good food for a fraction of the price of what you would get in the restaurant I mean that’s true in most places but in Rome it’s even more so because you know a plate of olives in a bad restaurant is gonna they’re gonna charge you 12 euros and the olives are gonna be horrible but then if you go to a grocery store you have some of the most amazing olives you know really good delicious Italian olives I picked up a big container of olives at the grocery store for was 4 euros and some change the same grocery store I picked up a 7 year old bottle of Prosecco that was some of the best per second of her having a life you know took that and some other snacks back to the hotel room had an amazing meal in my hotel room the gelato that was the one thing I found in that was rather consistently good was the gelato everywhere was amazing I found this place that was rather close to my hotel which was not really I mean still in from you know it’s close to the Vatican City but it was not in a touristy place the guys who ran it were actually really nice they were willing to answer any questions I had and they were really cool with me taking pictures because not everybody is [Music] I’m not gonna lie I have fun being a cheesy tourist in Rome the Vatican the Vatican Vatican City is I’m particularly religious I did enjoy vatican city simply from the perspective of one who appreciates art I did enjoy vatican city a great deal there are works of art here that you will not find anywhere else and they are on a level that is beyond compare I did see the Sistine Chapel the Sistine Chapel was from what I saw and from the limited time that I was there because it was just having wall-to-wall tours I mean you couldn’t I mean you could barely move any time I had what I wanted to get anywhere I was just you know like see the excuse me excuse me sorry sorry excuse me excuse me you know that’s that’s the kind of that’s what you’re gonna be dealing with in Rome in general I mean they have also ancient art too it’s not just concentration of Renaissance art but I mean it’s just so much art they have ancient statues you know Caesars of emperors they have Hercules Heracles they have so many they have Julius Caesar they have so many figures from the past they have a statue of Athena definitely go through the Vatican Museum it is worth every penny st. Peter’s Basilica I is an absolute must see it’s really really on a scale that you can’t really imagine and so you’re actually there so much so that I had a really hard time photographing it so a lot of the photos I have that are obscene peter’s basillica are merged photos where I took multiple photos and I have a merge them together to make one cohesive image but the artwork in st. Peter’s Basilica is on par with any museum that you’ll ever see I mean there’s Bernini is the how there’s Botticelli that you know it’s just every major Renaissance painter has has something that they’ve contributed to here Michelangelo obviously from the perspective art and design community the st. Peter’s Basilica is a masterpiece of architecture design and sculpture OH st. Peter’s Basilica climbing the stairs to the Coppola is to the top that’s the st. Peter’s Basilica the very top of the Coppola is you know I think it was worth it it was a fun experience you know you’re climbing stairs after stairs after stairs after stairs after stairs then more stairs and then when you get out and you think okay well this is it huh no there’s more stairs and oh wait wait you guess what more stairs you you decline it’s a workout it really is I mean I’m I should advocate for the st. Peter’s Basilica stair climb it’s really it’s it’s a hard workout yeah but the views at the top from the Coppola our problem is probably the I would say maybe the second best you’ll ever you’ll see at Rome yeah this the best views in Rome that I saw while I was there we’re from the altar of the fatherland around the back of the the altar which is designed by Michelangelo so in itself is a masterpiece so you should definitely go see it it’s just north of the forum so I mean if you’re in if you’re visiting the Colosseum it just makes sense to go from the Colosseum walking through the forum up to the altar of the fatherland and you know up to the Basilica the Santa Maria in Audra Whaley yeah and go up to the roof of the altar of the fatherland and there you have probably the best views in Rome the Colosseum the Roman Colosseum pay for the tour it is really really worth it they explain so much about it they tell you what’s going on you get to see a lot of the things that you know if you just went in the average on the average ticket it would be fun it wouldn’t you know you wouldn’t be able to see it you don’t feel well you won’t be able to go down on the actual floor of the Colosseum unless you see unless you take the tour so it’s definitely worth it and the tour guide is actually the tour guide I had was very knowledgeable and very helpful he also had some very good suggestions about what to do afterwards the Roman Forum I think is probably the highlight of my trip to Rome because you really I mean it’s not mmm you know a lot of the things that you are going to go pay to see in Rome a lot of the museums everything you know there they’ve been touched up you know they’ve been fixed over the centuries you know a lot of the statues that you know a lot of the Greek statues that they say are thousands of years old well you know they were repaired two or three times by various artists over the centuries you know it’s not truly old it’s not truly ancient yeah the Roman Forum is the closest that you’re going to get to the actual ruins of Rome everything else has been built up on top of obviously most of the current structures in Rome cannibalized the previous structures in the world I was really really excited about going to the Pantheon I mean it’s really the only structure that has survived it’s been there for 2,000 years and it’s still standing the dome is the original dome that was there 2,000 years ago and I got to say I was overwhelmed I really wish I would have seen it with the original Roman statues in it it would have been interesting surprising I am surprised that I didn’t get in trouble for this because I was just you know I was trying to get a good picture of the trevi fountain but there’s too many tourists around it and so what I ended up doing is I ended up going to the second floor of the heat United Colors of Benetton across the street and opening up a window and taking some pictures there and I got a halfway decent picture of the of the trevi fountain within walking distance from plaza de espana and the charging fountain is the National Gallery of Art in Barberini Palace to me I think it’s probably the what what second-best museum I went to in Rome it has the largest collection of Caravaggio that I’ve seen anywhere and it’s not as can drive of course the people always to take as many photos as you could possibly want there are statues the you know carvings and marble there that are just as good if not better than the Bernie knees at the morgue easy my number one Museum choice in Rome is Palazzo Massimo la therm a National Museum of classical Roman art here you can get a better feel for what classical Roman life was like because most of the other places have been turned into churches they have a really great collection of sculpture really a huge collection of sculpture and that is my experience in Rome

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