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so guys right now we’re gonna check out two spots they’re right next to each other one behind me is the wawel royal castle and then there’s the Wawel Cathedral we’re gonna check out as well so let’s see what they’re all about so guys we made it to wawel royal castle Kelley it’s so cool it’s like really really really cool here I think you’ll enjoy it if you ever get to check this place out yeah they do it right here awesome so guys I just went inside the Wawel Cathedral home man it was amazing unfortunately they did not let me or anyone bring cameras and do filming whatever but it was one of the coolest cathedrals or churches I’ve ever been like just amazing so if you’re up here definitely check it out now I’m in the courtyard and look at this this is should’ve been in every movie ever [Applause] love this bus   so here in Krakow even though it’s a rainy misty day I am loving it the history the architecture it’s really cool you know some people don’t like to walk around in while it’s winter but I love it not a lot of tourists to kind of ruin the environment and definitely having a good day so let’s check out some more no trip to Krakow it would be complete without taking a day to go see the ash whit’s Birkenau memorial takes about hour and a half to get there each way probably spend four hours there you have to get a guided tour or I highly recommend it and it is by far one of the most memorable things I’ve ever experienced very intense day very somber but I think it’s an absolute must if you’re anywhere near Krakow go you will not be disappointed the history uh turley devastating but you will go away enlightened and I cannot say enough that you should definitely check it out if you ever have the chance you you so guys the sun’s out it’s a gorgeous day in Krakow we’re gonna check out some other neighborhood today go across this really cool footbridge and sooo we can find guys one thing cool thing about Krakow is that it’s a super walkable town so I know Old Town is really really gorgeous but get out because then a 20 30 minute walking distance there’s like so many cool neighborhoods you can discover some cool spots like the cathedral behind me and yeah it’s all walkable so don’t stay in Old Town [Applause] so right now walking through the old Jewish quarter which is really great spot some cool little restaurants great cocktail joints cafes it’s really really laid-back unlike the old town city centre and I’ll show you a few spots the old town in krakow city square is amazing i mean check this place out ridiculous it’s like the architectures so cool people great and you know what I think we’re gonna have an amazing time so let’s keep wandering around see we got   so guys in the Jewish quarter cracked out in this Corpus Christi basilica and oh man you can’t you don’t allowed to film or take any pictures inside but my god there’s this huge ornate massive structure behind the main place where they do the prayers it’s like guess made of gold and it’s one of the most mind-blowing structures I’ve ever seen in the planet like when it comes to like churches and cathedrals if you have to check out Corpus Christi basilica in Krakow incredible it’s free admission so definitely check it out and now to one of my favorite topics where to eat guys do yourself a favor follow this girl’s Instagram she’s super cool she gave me amazing recommendations but she knows the layout and it’s incredible what’s going on in Krakow now this place is that can never pronounce Mitzie mia foul hua is amazing they have this breakfast deal that if you buy a coffee for the cost of maybe two three bucks you get an entire breakfast I couldn’t believe it and guess what the breakfast is incredible it’s huge this place is packed you have to go at night it turns a sexy crowd awesome cocktails but this breakfast deal we didn’t think it was true and let me tell you it’s true we got their big breakfast sandwich but everything I saw on everyone’s I looked amazing go you won’t be disappointed two bucks Oh another place we love for breakfast was alchemy of kitchen in Casimir is the kind of old Jewish quarter so delicious lots of tasty options we actually went there twice and those are my pancakes and they were incredible now the top and the best of the best thing was these food trucks in chasm eras that we went to 20 twice for both lunch and dinner separate occasions and guys there’s this food truck there that has the most amazing meat sandwich I’ll talk about in a little bit but these food trucks are great it’s a good stop head out there for lunch it’s easy to find you simply google Andres food truck and all these others lots of great options obviously we’re there in the winter but this food truck guys I’m not lying oh and by the way there’s the worst truck for their curry Wurst look at this bad boy it was incredible probably the best sausage I’ve ever had ever so guys I’m about to have the Andrus food truck in the Jewish quarter and crack out and this sandwich they have is the best sandwich I have ever and I had had to come here twice it’s crazy it’s a huge meat sandwich just pulled pork sauce bacon I’m gonna show you it it is the best sandwich I’ve ever had in any place in the planet food truck pack out check it out so hey guys yeah we brought this sandwiches back to the Airbnb which is just across the street from the let’s do this now keep in mind guys cracka has a lot more than just Polish food we went to this place for Spanish cuisine also recommended from that Instagram account Wow really really delicious stuff super friendly service and outstanding and the prices were incredibly good so branch out Polish food is amazing but there’s a lot going on another place that we went to again was a character if I’m pronouncing it correctly and they had lots of offal dishes I had sweetbreads there I had also steak tartare the wines there’s so many a really good and again the prices were so good definitely check it out we got there little on early side so it wasn’t busy but the place gets packed here’s my steak tartare next to follows the sweetbreads probably one of the best dishes I had the summon a hook me up with some orange wine man I love this place and you got to have dessert I mean that would just be sacrilegious so artistic cakes in the old Jewish quarter Casimir is please stop by my buddy got this one dessert that you pump this thing full of syrup into the pastry incredible show you guys that’s it bull crack off it’s a great town waffle town very beautiful I would definitely give it three four days and the food is amazing everyone’s super friendly you’re gonna really gonna love it so hope you enjoyed until our next adventure and to my subscribers I say thank you until next time guys

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