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I am up early I stand up it’s a like – something the money editing just not what I intended to do at all I actually want to go to bed earlier last night it’s not bad wait I guess we didn’t start till almost midnight which is what we do I didn’t expect it my plan was to get up early I’m still up really early it’s like 7:30 or what 7:30 when I got up so 7 49 right now I just want to go out and try to explore the city before you know it’s super busy because it’s high season and the senator probably supposed to be really busy right now so I can get up early go down go for a walk you’re coming some of the main stuff see a while there’s nobody around and I hope that there’s nobody around we’ll find out how well this theory was I should have gotten up even earlier really because the Sun is up here at like five or something like that it’s not there any further south – really farther east but still in the same time zone little things that I learned last night my new friends here were very very instructive they taught me a lot of things so without further ado let’s go let’s go wander the city come on computer   courtyard system here is very different as well they told me that it was they were bigger I didn’t tell me that they were a part of actual like walking paths like just walking through large groups of buildings and malls and stuff to get around very different interesting and Google Maps is not 100% accurate on where your entry points are for these but you know we’re figuring out     first DJ decided that was a good time to release a firmware update for my controller so I stood there for 25 minutes with it doesn’t beeping as loudly as it could you love this square just waiting waiting waiting for it to update I was not my favorite thing in the world not cool yeah now how do we get to this bridge   you have to pay to get in that church and I haven’t got any money yet one of the tricks that they told me last night was not to trust the exchange rate the ATMs give you bread away they’ll ask you if you want to accept the exchange rate and you say no and apparently you say no a couple of times until they allow your bank to determine the exchange rate and that’s how you get a good exchange rate so be aware of that if you’re in Prague I just got to find the ATM that she just sent me to something else to be aware of the very first amount to these amounts that it’s giving me here it’s like the equivalent of like 500 euros that’s too much another amount is getting more reasonable like a thousand euros is about 30 bucks so I’m gonna go back in correct oh here we go it’s about 70 euros okay Wow but this is a really bad exchange rate it should be about 77 euros something like that they give you the initiative twenty three two one stand right so didn’t dick fly   150 versions about conversion let’s see what they gave you free exchange rate it doesn’t say the exchange rate in here we gotten screwed I don’t know I’m to report back on what the final exchange rate on that was once I see it I guess I got I’ll go look at my bank statement I hit here and find out hopefully I mean that’s that’s not good so definitely double check your exchange rates when you’re withdrawing money here okay now let’s go to this church   okay I’m gonna time to see a couple more things before I head off to sit down and get some work done I’m just gonna go up to the top here and check out the castle on top of the hill is a little village on top of the hill the downside of course to being up early is that half the world is in shadow right now we’re very heavily backlit so I’ll have to do some more evening shooting later scenery I haven’t eaten anything and a lot of stairs to go here all of a sudden show you some M&Ms; that’s not what I wanted but that’s all she had so anywho you know stairs   I’m not sure how I got here I mean I just kind of kept going up which is it one of my favorite that’s like I think a general rule go against the flow of water wherever it would be going and you’ll find yourself somewhere interesting those guys are that was a treat I had no idea those guys were coming anyways I’m up at the like top I’m gonna wander around up here a little bit and then I think it’s time to you know actually go sit down and work for a little bit this is good early morning I’m glad I got up even if I’ve only got five hours of sleep I shouldn’t have stayed in bed this is a good decision   also I’m not a proponent of Starbucks but this has to be the coolest Starbucks location I’ve ever seen   concerning to anyone else at the entrance to this place depicts like two murders happening on either side of the gate no just me okay let’s check the square out and then let’s get to work duty calls   I ran coffee time I think I found a good specialty coffee shop it’s got a lot of good ratings on Google and I zoomed in on some pictures and saw a couple of these 60s so I think I should be good the only problem is that the uber that I’m waiting for cuz it’s all the way across town keeps dropping me I’ve been dropped like twice Gerber’s and then the the wait time only gets bigger which is not great but that’s just the way it goes sometimes the nice thing is that it is dirt cheap like the most I think I’m gonna end up paying for an uber around here it’s gonna be like before euros maybe so I might spoil myself this week and just use ubers when I’m not walking I’m gonna do a lot more walking lots of walking the only reason not walking there right now is because I’ve been walking for like the last two hours and I haven’t eaten anything and I want coffee and those are my excuses at least and uh yeah just fast-forward to the coffee part   four hours later caffeine in food   oh man I needed that so badly I worked for a while on the guide I’ve been there for three hours or so I’m just writing the content for right now just chugging away what is this I need to find lunch they’re gonna try and edit it a little bit of this and then I’m gonna meet Margo go for a walk through a park find a beer garden that sounds like a good plan for the afternoon so yeah cram a little bit more working here but I need something first I have lunch and worked up now they earlier this morning technically been texting back and forth about that apparently they’re gonna come fix it tomorrow weird I mean it’s fine either they didn’t but you know whatever anyways Margo is on her way here to pick me up Margo’s Laura’s sister who I saw last night and she’s gonna show me around a little bit so we’re gonna walk out of here I think we’re gonna see a park I’m hoping to fly this get a little bit more savvy charging the batteries here and they’re fully charged now which is nice I’m going to put these back in the bag and then yeah we’ll go do that otherwise probably just gonna try and show this evening I haven’t very early starts of the day and I would like to go to bed early tonight as well but do want to go partake of the famous Czech beer the Czechs are famous for their beer if not for how good it is definitely for how cheap it is it’s supposed to be like a euro per pint so it’s summer let’s go find a park and have a drink   three years for two beers in this view is not so bad   time to catch the sunset if you enjoy it a little bit of Prague hopefully I get some more product tomorrow thanks to this one for taking me for beers this is a great spot I marked it on maps Europe if you have the maps from your going to Prague and I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning for a little bit more exploration a little bit more boring work time and you know I’m just life in general

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