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while on day one let’s go visit the piazza navona and the pantheon you were taking a little orientation walk this is our first day we’ve just arrived and heading to one of the great spots in the city the Piazza Navona with its picture postcard perfect Sun Tanya’s a church by Bora Meany and the stunning fountain of the four rivers by Bernini two artists that you will encounter several more times in Rome Bernini and Bora Meany as they were the greatest of baroque architects and sculptors this centrally located Piazza is considered one of the most beautiful and lively outdoor spaces in the world and you will probably return here several times for it is interesting night and day originally built as a racetrack by the ancient roman emperor Domitian it still retains the original oval shape that gives it a unique appearance climb with restaurants and palaces the Piazza Navona is enclosed by faded pastel facades all around that produce our rich feeling of antiquity well you probably don’t want to have a meal sitting here at the Piazza Navona because these restaurants are notoriously touristic it’s not a bad place though to just sit and have a drink or certainly hang out in the center you’ll notice lots of artists have set up their easels they can do a quick sketch of you maybe you’d like caricature of yourself make yourself look kind of goofy it could be done in a pastel or in a charcoal black and white you can talk with the artist and negotiate the price and discuss the style or perhaps just a straightforward portrait to make yourself look better than a photograph and there are many other kinds of arts that you can purchase here there’s watercolours there’s oil paintings and the wonderful thing is these are original works of art and you’re buying it directly from the artist there is no middleman involved often when we’re traveling we want to shop and buy something special well what could be more special than an original painting of the city that you’re visiting especially when it’s a city as beautiful as Rome this neighborhood just behind the Piazza Navona keeps going you can wander for another couple hours in that direction you know we often run into these furniture restoration fellows and back into our little alleys carrying on with our walk which leads us to the Castel Sant’Angelo with a nice view across the Tiber River looking to st. Peter’s pump the sant angelo the beautiful bridge of the angels crossing the Tiber and lined with Bernie’s divine marble statues of angels the bridge is foundations of an ancient Roman bridge and it’s a good place to do a little shopping they’ve always got the sidewalk merchants there well now we’re going to amble along some of the wonderful back lanes in the historic center of Rome passing by the pantheon the great nearly 2,000 year old temple to all the gods we’ll have another look at the Pantheon later for now we’re just admiring it briefly and then walking along through more of these terrific bag lanes you’ll find some street entertainment some musicians playing glasses perhaps or fiddles or accordions here’s a cheap meal sit down at a bench outside of pizzeria eat a slice or SiC at a nice restaurant at a sidewalk location take your pick there’s so many choices here while walking through these little back streets is certainly one of the great joys of visiting Rome and just two block over from the Pantheon you’ll come across this ancient looking temple actually the columns date back to the time of the Emperor Hadrian were in the Piazza de piedra this was the stock exchange in the nineteenth century and now it’s an occasional art gallery while continuing our amble along these very pleasant little pedestrian lanes we’re about to cross over the busy Via del Corso and just on the other side you come across this row of kiosks selling all manner of tourist souvenirs there’s prints and posters postcards books little bits of sculpture and some fine art and all kinds of wonderful things to take a browse at now we’re continuing up the Via del Corso this is the main shopping street of the city and it’s a little odd you have to watch out for the shopping here notice the pedestrians just crossing right amidst the cars there’s no crosswalks there but everybody just does it so follow the locals and along the Corso you can walk in the street carefully or up on the sidewalk and then turning into some of these wonderful nearby shopping lanes there’s in particular the Via del Croce this is a perfect Street pedestrian oriented there’s sidewalk restaurants bicycles going by locals are hanging out you can go into a wine bar or cafe and there’s various shops along the way here and it’s in a terrific part of town that’s generally called spun yeah we’re near the Spanish Steps and this via della Croce has got everything and it leads right over to the Piazza dysphonia and the Magnificent Spanish Steps what a staircase this is another one of the great gathering spots of Rome there are a handful of these places in the city there’s piazza navona there’s company Fiore and certainly the Spanish Steps one of the great places to hang out and do some people watching will come back here later on in the program and show you a little bit more of it but for now we’re continuing our walk along these lovely little back streets returning over to the Corso as it’s getting dark it’s about 8:30 9 o’clock now some shops are still open along the Corso since it’s the busiest shopping street of the city but most of the shops have closed now and people are heading for the restaurants or maybe into this Galleria a newly reopened and refurbished brand structure or over to the trevi fountain this is the other great gathering spot of the city and nighttime daytime there are hundreds if not thousands of people here at Trevi all the time it’s one of the truly greatest fountains in the world it looks like natural bedrock but of course it was all sculpted by the artist Nicholas Alvey and here’s some young lovers they think they’ve got a little secluded niche there but there’s so many hundreds of people out nobody seems to care anyway everybody wants to get their photographs at the Trevi and throw their coins in the fountain one coin for a wish and a second coin for a return to Rome that’s the ritual here at Trevi meanwhile this couple thinks they’re in the dark but Oh hundreds of people could be watching the show if anybody care to but public passion is part of everyday life in this romantic city the steps here at trevi make a great little amphitheater for watching the show checking out the people getting their pictures taken and your camera off to a trusted stranger perhaps and they’ll snap it for you and then we continue our walk along more of these lovely pedestrian streets all emanating out from the center here passing again that shopping kiosk and for the sidewalk restaurants well now we’re back over at piazza di pietro with those old columns from the days of Hadrian just passing through passing the Pantheon again this is a evening wander we’re just ambling around rattling around on these little pedestrian streets in the heart of Rome you might consider having dinner in front of the Pantheon at night there are about five restaurants and some of them really do seem to cater to the locals so I’m sure you could find some decent food and a wonderful atmosphere here sitting in the piazza della rotunda in the evening what could be better than this a building that’s 2,000 years old and perfect condition or keep walking the alleys are inviting they’re very safe quite a few shops stay open late beyond the normal 8 p.m. closing time now we’re walking along Via dei jus Benari this is a wonderful little shopping Lane mostly the shops here do closed down about 8:00 p.m. so you want to pay attention to the timing if you want to buy something or maybe there’ll be a sidewalk guy set up and do Benari leads right into the company Fiore which is another one of the most spectacular of the evening gathering spots in the heart of Rome you’ve got wine shops and bakeries and delis and especially the sidewalk cafes here at the company Fiore in the morning it’s a vegetable market and at midday you can have lunch at the restaurants and the evening of course you can have dinner or just sit back and have some drinks and then keep walking the streets all around this neighborhood of the comedy Fiore are perfect for that evening stroll the aimless stroll maybe stop and get some gelato along the way or just grab a slice of pizza a simple sandwich or a wonderful meal

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