Visiting Edinburgh in April

we’re in Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh not Edinburgh we’ve been joking around I’m gonna I’m gonna get a lot of trouble cuz they keep joking around that is Edinburgh we’re an Enzo thanks to Rachel we have a bunch of different suggestions for coffee all apparently owned by the same people but that is alright the place we’re going to go this morning to start is called artisan roast Stockbridge which I’m gonna show until puppies get there yeah but it sounds good right Xue Shan Shan just got out of the shower and apparently so ma become a toast ha oh that’s pretty close to us actually this Airbnb is amazing it’s ridiculous     we’re done at some point but for now are you a coffee me get out Sonny it’s like the sunniest day in Scotland’s history we had a few   [Applause] coffee was really good apparently this is the most popular coffee roaster in Scotland and see why it’s really tasty rushan rated the brazil coffee come on Deven anyways I’ve got to agree I gotta get to the airport to pick up our car okay having driven let’s see in probably six months and I haven’t driven on the left side of the road and much longer than that   I hope I’m getting a car like that basically ordered the smallest car possible this little to her Fiat cadet   so it turns out the company that I rented the car from is like the super budget boys it’s not even on site they’re like 10 minutes that way but the enterprise guy is being really nice and trying to hook me up with a lift to get there because uber driver I told the uber driver I needed to be dropped off over there and he was like no the rental place is over here to his credit this is technically the rental place so the adventure is afoot hopefully they have a car for me he said he said they have a very bad reputation and then they screw people over all the time so I might be back here either way we’ll see how this goes oh so nice of them thank you Andrew and Shan Shan’s the guy that just drove me over here Andrews the manager over at Enterprise over there nice nice guys thank you so much for caring I will see how this experience goes returns only excuse me do you know the Green motion guys are there across the road from here this is this is already pseudo sketchy see how this goes   I think I came with the latest plate   about 45 minutes in and I can actually see into the office so I think steps away hopefully just hope I get a tiny overtime really actually for a tiny little two-door Fiat that’s what I want just the smallest car possible if they gave me a motorcycle I’d be even happier the ladies were really friendly I was a nice way to spend a few hours I may have forgotten my driver’s license in France I never carried my wallet because I never drive and while that space is you know valuable anyways I feel kind of like an idiot but I don’t actually I’m not like that I was a mistake for sure this is a point because it’s so freakin sunny and now we won’t have a car to go into the Highland so ladies really nice they actually gave me some hints on how to make sure to get a good reservation and come back if who Sean wants to be the driver because he should I think he has his driver’s license with him we’ll discuss it over lunch dang it but anyways that’s an hour and a half so far of my life gone and still have another like 20 minute ride back into town from here I am ready for lunch and my calves are so tired I was crying and filled to rent a car so I have to take the drive of shame back in someone else’s car thank you for picking me up happy to have my ride of shame with you let’s find out came back to pick up your Sean relive my shame we’ve agreed that this actually works out well because it’s a good enjoy end for a more thoroughly I still feel like a little bit of an idiot so although I’m disappointed I just was looking forward to driving there’s anything there on the drones in the car and it’s going for it should be flying rather reclining at your home or just fine so we’re gonna we’re gonna try and sneak some drone footage here today but first we gotta go get lunch we’re gonna go to a place called assume I’ve been to once in London they have one here we are always fans of the Indian food grab some dish room for lunch and then we’ll go to the castle and then we’ll figure it out from there   got a walkthrough of the the bonuses of Scottish independence on that read it’s gonna be some interesting political discussions over here in the meantime I’m really ready for lunch got a got to overcome the whole disappointment or not having your car here coffee just to stay on my feet cuz I’m I after standing in line to get that car for an hour and a half I’m actually kind of tired well it’s not just that but it definitely brought out the tiredness we’re gonna get some coffee then we’re gonna hike up to see the castle and then we’re probably going to do a little bit of a pub crawl I’ll just see what happens from there   it’s coffee at the Wellington how do you like yours actually I didn’t ask only is espresso only which Stacy I had a flat white also very good we’re gonna try and get up see the castle discover what we can from there and then we’re swinging it at this point so   amazing but heavily backlit like I’m sure I am right now we’re just taking some random photos and stuff I think we’re gonna try and get over to I think it’s too far away from here we’re gonna try and find the volcano from here but I think that that’s a little bit too far away this place is amazing it’s beautiful the buildings are incredible just the different shades and textures it’s it’s amazing and walking into that that was the school of divinity that we walked into the courtyard with the steps and everything unbelievable really beautiful it’s really cool architecture very like a lot of Gothic architecture and that’s where I’ll stop trying to explain architecture because I’m obviously not an expert on it but it’s pretty incredible we’re not gonna go to the castle because we didn’t really wanna spend the money and we didn’t really want spend the money or the time on it and we’ll just see what goes from here I’m really struggling for content we hmm yeah that’s basically it we’re gonna wander back down the hill a different route see what we discover take some more photos and then probably go back and drop our gear off maybe get a little work done and then head out for the evening down about right   rashon have exact change he ended up making up the difference for my overpaying   whoo Sean’s about to fly his drone we’ll see how this goes it’s a dubious legality hey push on we’re gonna go to a pub now the last we’re going to last drop so we’re going to last drop which we’ve been told is the okay fine I’ll tell you when we get there so apparently this is the square where they used to actually do hangings execution by hanging in the last drop the name comes from the idea that you’ve got your last drop they give you one last shot of whiskey before they hung you so we’re told today before the last   get it yeah anyways we’re gonna go to beer and probably leave it at this tonight I hope you enjoyed the vlog today as usual if you did please do subscribe and we’ll see a little bit more of Edinburgh Marcus we’re not leaving Edinburgh now that somebody forgot to get a car

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