Walking Around in Edinburgh, Scotland

I just got in last night a little past midnight so I haven’t seen anything yet and it’s 10:00 in the morning now so I think I’m gonna get going I’ve sang this cutesy little apartment and see how Scotty should looks outside oh you can’t see anything can you see there see how Scottish it looks outside my window oh my god I wanted to visit Scotland for so long and now finally doing it let’s go I am ready and dressed for Scotland it’s actually not raining right now how cute is this oh my goodness how Scottish is this I’m so turistic so I’ve been walking around for like 3 minutes I’m on my way into the city and there’s this guy who comes up to me and says sorry can I ask you where anywhere I could station isn’t unlike I have no idea I’m not from here but then I drew this I don’t like but it’s right there so I just helped someone consider I’ve been in for like two minutes it’s great think I’m gonna like it here I’ve literally been walking around for 15 minutes and I’m already so in love with Scotland it is just how it’s amazing and everything looked so Scottish and I know it sounds so stupid when I say that but did you know the feeling when you get to a new place and it just looks like all your fantasies about that place and see up here of where there is Edinburgh Castle and for now I’m just walking around I’m not looking at the map I’m just walking and it’s amazing oh I’m so glad I did this so here indeed next edinburgh castle there is a parish church st. Cuthbert welcome so I’m gonna walk in here oh my god   how amazing is this     beautiful and there’s snow on here weird well it’s a Monday morning so I guess it’s not that so beautiful I mean here I don’t know if you can see it or if I’ll have to carry you have to carry you see have edinburgh castle up here and then the cemetery down here this face is beautiful and it is so quiet and I was just walking around thinking like oh how amazing that it’s muddy and rainy and I’ve never thought that in my entire life that I think it’s just something about being in Scotland it feels more real if the weather is not amazing as long as it is not raining it’s actually kind of perfect because everything looks except yes it’s supposed to I don’t know if that sounds really really stupid but can you follow me follow me and see he’s at church   a lot of the tombstones here are really old there look for like 39:18 I think I saw some overhears that are firmly 17:70 or something it’s like out later times accuse tell me you’ve read or watched Outlander and I love that show oh it wasn’t from 1770 he was born in 1770 it’s also a while ago check these out they are huge   walking around at Edinburgh bit like walking around on a film set it is so beautiful and so surreal I really   see what I mean   it’s right in the center of the city great fryers or something   so it’s about noon I still have my breakfast and I’m looking at the space cult let me eat it’s really really nice and very very affordable but I also want to check out the big Culture Club which right okay   [Applause] so that was my first time ever eating alone in a restaurant I chose to go to the place called let me eat because they had this roasted / she in pninas that look amazing which it was so that was a good choice I really want to go to swing by the hula place but one of the days maybe yeah so now I’m going to go find try to find the shopping area because I need an SD card for my other camera take some pictures and yeah I think I’m gonna swing by the writers Museum on the way there small free museum that I really would like to season is like three famous Scottish writers so yeah that’s what I’m gonna do now   [Applause]   this beautiful beautiful Street is called Victoria Street and I think I’m not quite sure what inspired JK rowling when she diagonally why it is so pretty and so magical it is Wow so a thing about traveling by myself is that getting those Instagram photos is not easy but I think I met it here I really wanted to get from from the other end but everyone was standing there and I didn’t really have a face of it my try but I think I found a here like a trash can but you know whatever works so I’m gonna insert it right here my first syllable travel Instagram pictures oh but check this out open the bus the National Library of I want to see what that is about so the main exhibition was   so I finally found the right as we see him looks like it’s open rather loose team’s anything that’s embarrassing something just come check it out let’s go down here   [Applause]   so that we say about the students and and upstairs birds and furniture Scotsman the chickens Caetano museum ready [Applause]     I fell in the Primark trap and Scotland this very cold which is why I’m looking like this it’s actually not very cold is like 8 degrees but I’m just always very cold now it is about 8:00 in the evening and I’m going to go out and get some food and maybe a beer if I can find a pub that I’d like I’ve never gone out to eat all by myself before so I think it’s a little bit weird and I think that’s probably also why it’s 8:00 because I can’t really I can’t really push myself out the door but out now I’m trying I found this cool little Greek place that looks really nice and that has some vegan options so I’m gonna go there and then maybe I will fill maybe I will not let’s see   my horrible what is higher go you’ll find out I will find out in two minutes what it’s fireball it’s really nice

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